Review of the Best Funimation Downloader


CleverGet Funimation Downloader

Unlock the ultimate Funimation-watching experience by downloading your favorite anime episodes and videos in stellar quality

Best for: Anime enthusiasts seeking high-quality, ad-free Funimation content in MP4/MKV formats for offline viewing across all devices.

Top Feature: The software’s advanced video processing tech allows you to effortlessly download entire seasons, ensuring you never miss out on any episode of your favorite series.

The anime community thrives on immersive viewing experiences, and Funimation provides an extensive library of such captivating content. However, the major hitch for many users has been the constant internet requirement and those pesky ads interrupting some of the most intense moments. Enter the CleverGet Funimation Downloader, a groundbreaking solution that amplifies your anime-viewing adventures. This superior Funimation downloader stands out with its ability to offer MP4/MKV downloads at up to 1080P resolution, ensuring a lossless video quality. More than just providing content, the downloader respects the diverse needs of anime fans globally by offering multiple subtitles and audio track download options, catering to everyone regardless of language barriers.


StreamGaGa Funimation Downloader

The prime solution to effortlessly download and enjoy Funimation videos offline

Best for: Extracting videos from Funimation and storing them offline for anytime access across various devices.

Top Feature: The software automatically processes the Funimation video file once the URL is pasted, ensuring easy downloading and offline storage.

Funimation has steadily risen as a major platform, popular for its vast collection of anime series and films. However, watching online can sometimes be cumbersome due to intermittent internet connectivity. StreamGaGa is another premium Funimation downloader that you can use for this purpose. Its user-centric design lets you easily paste Funimation URLs to begin the download, eliminating the hassle of navigating through misleading links or disruptive pop-up ads. One of the distinct advantages is its exceptional customer support, making it helpful for the users if they encounter any problem using the program. The process is not just simple but swift. Say goodbye to tedious waiting times and hello to instant Funimation video access. With PasteDownload, you're not just downloading a video; you're ensuring uninterrupted entertainment.


Allavsoft Funimation Video Downloader

Your go-to solution for seamless Funimation anime video downloads

Best for: Downloading high-quality Funimation anime videos and extracting audio from online music videos or movies.

Top Feature: Ability to convert the extracted audio from videos into popular formats like MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, and AAC.

Anime enthusiasts are well-acquainted with Funimation's treasure trove of series and films. Yet, the web's unpredictability can often mar a perfect binge-watching session. Step in Allavsoft, a robust Funimation video downloader, ensuring you lose no quality while downloading your favorite anime. Apart from videos, Allavsoft excels in extracting audio from them, offering users the luxury to convert these extracts into widely-accepted audio formats. The software's simple interface guarantees a hassle-free user experience, while its support for FLAC and MP3, coupled with rapid download speeds, makes it a top choice for many. However, while the tool brims with functionalities, some users have noted its slightly dated UI design and limited output formats. When it comes to overall performance, Allavsoft stands tall as a reliable choice for Funimation downloads.

What Makes CleverGet the Best Funimation Downloader?

Download Funimation Episodes in Batch

Unlock the full potential of Funimation with CleverGet's advanced bulk video downloading technology. Whether you are interested in a specific episode or the entire series, this downloader ensures you can catch all of them. Quickly list all related Funimation episodes for effortless downloading. Even if you aim to binge-watch a series, the tool allows for entire season downloads or even capturing all seasons, tailoring to every fan's unique needs.

Superior Quality with No Interruptions

CleverGet Funimation Downloader is not just about getting content; it's about ensuring that content is of the highest quality. Download Funimation videos with resolutions up to 720P, providing a crystal-clear viewing experience. Say goodbye to quality degradation or compression woes. Additionally, enhance your viewing pleasure by eliminating those pesky popup ads interrupting the immersive anime experience, ensuring a seamless playback every time.

Versatility in Format and Language

Flexibility is paramount, and CleverGet delivers by allowing downloads in popular formats such as MP4 and MKV. This ensures compatibility across various media players and devices, allowing you to enjoy Funimation videos wherever you go. Additionally, the downloader supports multiple subtitles and audio tracks for the global anime fan. Whether you prefer the original Japanese audio or an English dub, CleverGet ensures you have access to your preference, capturing the essence of every episode in your chosen language.

How to Download Videos from Funimation

Detailed User Manual of CleverGet


Install & Launch CleverGet Funimation Downloader

Begin by installing the CleverGet Funimation Downloader on your device. The intuitive installation process ensures you're set to start your Funimation anime download journey in no time. Once installed, open the software and set the output directory for Funimation downloads.

Browse the Funimation Anime Video

Search for the video or entire series from Funimation and paste its URL into the interface of CleverGet. It will instantly process the pasted link and provide you with the available options for Funimation anime download. The flexibility of CleverGet allows you to convert Funimation to MP4 or any other compatible format effortlessly.

Begin the Downloading Process

The flexibility of CleverGet allows you to convert Funimation to MP4 or any other compatible format effortlessly. With your desired format and quality selected, click on the "Download" button. Watch as the Funimation downloader swiftly captures your chosen episodes, ensuring a high-quality Funimation anime download experience.

System Requirements

  • Compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems
  • DirectX 9.0c or higher for enhanced video playback
  • Multi-core processor for faster download speeds
  • Sound card compatible with latest audio codecs for clear audio playback
  • Broadband LAN or WLAN adapter for online activation and updates

User Review for CleverGet Funimation Downloader

As someone who appreciates tech efficiency, CleverGet Funimation Downloader is a lifesaver! It's intuitive and quick, and the quality-lossless downloads are unmatched. It's a tool every anime lover should have.

Alex ThompsonSoftware Developer

Being on the go often means I need offline entertainment. CleverGet ensures I have my favorite Funimation series in the best quality. The ability to save in MP4/MKV is perfect for all my devices.

Maria GonzalesDigital Artist

Between studies, I love catching up on anime. But with a spotty dorm internet connection, streaming is only sometimes feasible. CleverGet's offline downloads have been a game-changer, especially without those annoying ads!

Karan MehtaUniversity Student

Multiple language subtitles are crucial for my global anime watch parties. CleverGet provides high-quality downloads and retains those essential subtitles—an absolute must-have for me.

Linda O'ConnellFreelance Writer

Frequently Asked Questions About Funimation Downloader

What makes CleverGet the preferred Funimation Downloader?

CleverGet is the ultimate Funimation video downloader due to its advanced video parsing technology. Users can seamlessly download from Funimation, choosing individual episodes or entire seasons. Plus, the intuitive interface makes the whole process straightforward.

Can I convert Funimation videos to MP4 using CleverGet?

Absolutely! CleverGet Funimation Downloader offers the flexibility to download Funimation episodes directly as MP4 or MKV files. This feature ensures that you can watch your favorite Funimation anime download on almost any device or media player without compatibility issues.

Is it possible to download Funimation videos without ads?

Yes, one of the standout features of CleverGet is its ability to remove popup ads from the downloaded Funimation episodes. This means you can enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience offline, even if you're not subscribed.