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CleverGet CW Downloader

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CW Downloader

Download your favorite videos from the CW TV and CW Network using the CleverGet CW Downloader. Enjoy the unlimited and uninterrupted playback of CW videos offline.

  • Unlimited download of videos from CW TV and CW Network.
  • Download CW shows with desired subtitles and audio tracks.
  • Complete meta information embedded in video downloads.
  • Watch CW videos without advertisements offline.

Review of the Best CW Downloader


CleverGet CW Video Downloader

  • Can download in MP4, the most supported video file format.
  • The highest resolution for download is 1080p.
  • Fast optimized download speed.
  • No bulk download yet.
Verdict: Using the CleverGet CW Video Downloader is faster than most CW downloaders and is better than website downloaders. The tool has extra features in the application, such as a built-in media player and more.

If you want to stream CW videos online, you will need a subscription account, a stable internet connection, and the CWTV app or website opened on your device. But what if you don’t have a stable internet connection? Or is your account limited to one device only, and you’re not currently using that device? What can you do? You can download the CW videos to play them offline and copy them on as many devices as possible so you can always watch your favorite shows. This is best done using the CleverGet CW Video Downloader, which can download CW videos in MP4 and MKV format for offline playback. The highest possible download resolution is 1080p, but with the help of the lossless download quality, videos uploaded in 4K Ultra HD can be downloaded in that quality too. Use the CleverGet CW Video Downloader now to download and enjoy the most of your favorite CW shows.

Step 1Open CWTV on the CleverGet Browser

The first step is launching the CleverGet CW Video Downloader on its main interface. After that, you can use the in-app browser to open the CWTV website or CW. Login to your account, then you can now browse for the show you want to download.

choose cw video

Step 2 Save the CW Video

Once you find the CW video or show you want to save on your device, click it to be redirected to the playback page. The download detection will start working and light up once the video is ready for download. Click the download button and customize the settings of your CW video download.

download cw video

Step 3 Find Your Downloaded Video

The download will start after you click the download button again. Once it is done downloading, the video file can be found in the Library tab, Downloaded section. Navigate to the downloaded videos section to manage or play your downloaded CW video.

download library


Y2Mate CW Downloader

  • Supports over 1000 streaming websites for download.
  • You can download CW videos by batch.
  • High audio quality.
  • Slightly slower download speed.
Verdict: The Y2Mate CW Downloader is best used when downloading CW series since it can download all episodes in one session with the help of the bulk download. However, due to the extensively supported websites, downloads have the tendency to lag and be slower compared to other downloaders.

The Y2Mate CW Downloader is a web-based service downloader that can save CW videos in MP4 format. The tool also has software that can be downloaded for more stable downloading. Using Y2Mate CW Downloader to download CW shows will save the output file in MP4 format, with FHD video quality and AAC audio quality. Moreover, the downloader can download the subtitle tracks of the CW videos as a separate SRT file so you can change and remove the subtitles during offline streaming. The metadata of the videos is also retained after the download, so your video data will not be shuffled and confused, especially when downloading multiple video tracks through the bulk download.



KeepStreams CW Downloader

  • The CW Downloader runs smoothly on all Windows OS.
  • The highest video quality download is 1080p.
  • Optimized conversion and download speed.
  • Only runs on Windows.
Verdict: The tool is the best downloader for Windows OS since it is only supported in that system, and the developers focused on refining the app for that platform. However, this advantage also became a disadvantage since it lacks the flexibility to work on other OS.

The third alternative to downloading CW shows is by using the KeepStreams CW Downloader. The downloader supports accessing, converting, and downloading videos from 200+ websites, including CW. KeepStreams CW Downloader also supports downloading in bulk, but the Ultra HD quality is not supported in downloading videos. The download and process of using KeepStreams rarely encounter lag so users can enjoy smooth and fast download and conversion. Users can enjoy unlimited downloads with the KeepStreams CW Downloader and download as many CW shows and episodes as they want every day.


CleverGet CW Video Downloader

Enjoy uninterrupted offline streaming, may it be from ads or lags. Use the CleverGet CW Video Downloader to download MP4 CW video files that can be played on any device and player.

Unlimited Downloads

Some downloaders can be annoying since the daily download is limited. However, with CleverGet CW Video Downloader, you can download as many videos as you want per day, without any additional fee or restrictions. Moreover, users can surely take advantage of the unlimited daily downloads because of the downloader’s optimized download speed. You can download many videos with the fast processing power of the downloader.

Download Subtitle and Audio Tracks

SThere are times when you are watching shows and movies that you prefer to watch without distracting subtitles. Fortunately, the CleverGet CW Video Downloader can download the subtitle tracks separately to play the video with or without the subtitle. The option to download the audio track is also useful in case the show is in another language. You can watch it with the audio track in your local language, so there will be no need for a subtitle.

Embedded Metadata

Although the metadata may seem unimportant, it is useful when managing your downloaded videos. If the videos were renamed and the episodes were shuffled, the metadata would help since the users can arrange them again based on the embedded info. Moreover, users can find similar movies or shows to the shows they liked by looking into the metadata and finding more videos with the same actors or directors.

FAQs About Downloading CW Videos

Is The CWTV free to download?

Yes, the CWTV application is free to download. You can also access the directory for free, but you need a subscription to watch most videos uploaded to the CW website. There are plenty of free shows that they can enjoy, though, on their app or website.

Can you watch CWTV shows while downloading?

It depends on the downloader that you are using. Some downloaders allow streaming while downloading, but the download speed is affected. However, some downloaders like CleverGet CW Video Downloader can do streaming and download simultaneously without affecting the streaming and downloading experience.

What app can I watch CW?

You can watch CW from different websites, such as YouTube, Hulu, and even Live Cable TV. However, there is a dedicated website and app developed by CW for their shows. You can also watch it there directly. Moreover, you can watch CW videos offline by downloading the CW videos.

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