Review of the Best CTV Downloader


CleverGet CTV Downloader

A simple and ad-free tool that allows you to capture any content you want from various streaming platforms

Best for: Efficient downloading process to save your favorite CTV videos anytime.

Top Feature: It supports downloads from various video streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many more.

CTV is famous for its wide range of TV shows and series people enjoy. Although it has a great library of TV series, CTV requires a monthly subscription to stream the series. You may need the best CTV video downloader to save your favorite CTV series. The CleverGet CTV Downloader will help you save your favorite CTV videos for offline viewing. ClverGet is an all-in-one downloader tool accessible even to less tech-savvy users because of its intuitive interface. Moreover, it ensures quick, smooth, uninterrupted downloads, saving users valuable time without compromising video quality. It also supports both Windows and Mac, allowing users to download CTV videos with various file format options.



A solution for capturing content from a multitude of streaming platforms.

Best for: Wide range of available output file formats.

Top Feature: Allows users to queue up multiple downloads simultaneously.

Allavsoft is a powerful tool that can download CTV news video or series with robust download speed. Because of its batch download feature, users looking to build a library of content efficiently are suited to this tool. Moreover, it has stable performance and consistently delivers smooth and uninterrupted downloads without compromising quality.



A professional video downloader that can save CTV video with one one-step

Best for: Simple and straightforward interface.

Top Feature: It can download CTV videos with HD quality in various format.

Bigasoft is a video downloader tool that also acts as a converter. It allows downloaded CTV videos to be converted into different formats in one click, such as MP4, AVI, WMV, and WTV. The download process is simple, which is suitable for users who hate complicated processes. Also, it has a unique ability to extract audio from downloaded videos.

What Makes CleverGet the Best CTV Downloader?

Absolutely Ads-Free

Downloading videos with many ads can be so annoying that it is sometimes unbearable. Unlike other downloading sites that have many annoying pop-up and click-on ads that will just start popping up on your screen the moment you open the site, CleverGet CTV Downloader will ensure you enjoy downloading your CTV videos without bothersome ads, providing a smooth downloading process for the best streaming experience.

Supports Batch Download

Most CTV videos are series, and most series contain many episodes to stream for each season. The CleverGet CTV Downloader can save CTV video in one go, saving you time by downloading a whole season in one click without being bothered to download every single episode one at a time. Just click the download, and the whole series will download.

User Friendly Interface

A complicated interface usually makes a tool difficult to use and sometimes needs to be clarified for users. The CleverGet CTV Downloader ensures that it provides an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface without any complicated features that are hard to navigate, which allows even less tech-savvy users to use the tool and enjoy downloading their favorite CTV series without any inconvenience.

How to Download Videos from CTV

Detailed User Manual of CleverGet

Step 1

Find the CTV Video

Locate the CTV video or series that you want to download and copy the URL, or you can directly visit the CTV website with CleVerGet and look for the video to download.
Step 2

Download the CTV Video

Once you have finalized the videos you want to download, click the download button located at the bottom right of the screen. Select output and click the download button.
Step 3

Finalize the Download

To check the download process, you can click the download icon. Once the download process is completed, you can access the downloaded library to watch the downloaded CTV videos.

System Requirements

  • At Least Windows 7 and higher version / macOS 10.10 and later
  • A minimum of 512 RAM
  • 5GB minimum Hard Disk Space available required
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 and higher versions
  • Stable and fast internet connection

Feedbacks on CleverGet CTV Downloader

I'm really surprised by how user-friendly and intuitive the software is. I'm not very tech-savvy, but I learned how to use the software and download CTV video I want to watch during my leisure time on my farm. It's great for someone like me who's not very knowledgeable about computers.


CleverGet CTV Downloader blew me away with how fast it works. It could download the series I was planning to watch with lightning speed, saving me too much time by not waiting for hours to watch my favorite series. I really appreciate this tool so much.


I have tried many other video downloaders in the past, but nothing beats the CleverGet CTV downloader. Its functionality is really ahead of that of other downloaders because of its advanced features and great download speed, which allow me to enjoy my favorite shows.


I can’t believe I just found this game-changer. CleverGet CTV Downloader made me realize that I no longer have to worry about not being able to watch my favorite series and movies, even if they won’t be available on online platforms in the future, since I can simply save them offline and enjoy watching them.


Frequently Asked Questions About CTV Downloader

Can I watch on CTV even without a subscription?

Yes, some content on CTV is free. However, to fully enjoy and access its content, you need to have a subscription. Without a subscription, you may have limited access to the platform's contents.

Is downloading from CTV legal?

It is important to only download and access content from legitimate sources to avoid legal consequences because, without proper authorization, it is illegal and a violation of copyright law to download content from CTV

Are CTV videos available for download?

CTV doesn't have a direct download feature. However, this CleverGet CTV Downloader will help you download your favorite CTV videos with great speed and quality.