Review of the Best Crackle Video Downloader


CleverGet Crackle Downloader

Price: Free download / $59.97 for the lifetime premium.

Verdict: CleverGet Crackle Movies and Series Downloader is the most convenient and efficient way to watch Crackle shows offline. Aside from having an optimized download speed, the compatibility of output files is also notable. Moreover, the download quality of the downloader is not one to be overlooked.

Crackle is one of the best ways to stream uncut Hollywood movies and series for free. The domain runs only on advertisements so that users can enjoy the selections for free, with only a minor disturbance from the ads. However, users may be unable to bear the annoying advertisements and may want to watch them for free without ads popping up. This is when CleverGet Crackle Movies and Series Downloader come in, for it can download the Crackle shows without the advertisements. Not only will users be able to enjoy undisturbed offline streaming, but they will also enjoy smooth playback since no internet connection is required when watching the downloaded shows offline. Download Crackle shows now in 1080p to Ultra HD quality using the CleverGet Crackle Movies and Series Downloader to save an MP4 file copy of the show to watch anytime, anywhere.

Step 1. Open the Crackle Website on the In-App Browser

The first step to downloading Crackle shows using CleverGet Crackle Downloader is by using the built-in browser to log in to your Crackle account. Once you open Crackle, you can browse the movie selections and choose the movie or series you want to download.

cleverget crackle site

Step 2. Customize the Download

Once you find what Crackle movie or series you want to download, you can play the show and hit the download button on the preview page. You will then be able to choose the desired video quality, format, and download path. You can also choose the subtitle and audio files you want to download with the video.

download crackle cleverget

Step 3. Complete the Crackle Video Download

After customizing the Crackle video download, click the download button again. Finally, the download will start, and once it is complete, it will be shown in the Library tab’s downloaded section. You can manage and play the downloaded Crackle movies and series in this tab.

download crackle cleverget


Price: Free, but the download website has many ads.

Verdict: Using is a good way to download Crackle movies and series in multiple formats without spending a penny. However, the downside is that it is a web application, so it is not as fast and stable as a software downloader.

One alternative method to using CleverGet Crackle Movies and Series Downloader is by using the website. The free download service website is a free-to-access downloader that can download videos from Crackle, Facebook, YouTube, and more video-sharing platforms. supports downloading Crackle videos in MP4, MOV, FLV, and other common video formats. However, unlike using CleverGet, users can’t choose what subtitle and audio file to download along with the video track. Users can only download the audio and subtitle embedded with the Crackle video. To download Crackle videos using, users have to copy the link of the playback from the Crackle website, then paste it back onto the’s website for processing.

savevideo download crackle



Price: It is free to access and download videos, but it is full of ads.

Verdict: The downloader is less potent than the first two since this downloader can only save Crackle videos in MP4 format. However, it is still effective in downloading Crackle movies and shows for free.

YooDownloader is a website-based video downloader that supports downloading from YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, and Crackle. The YooDownloader is simple to use because users only need a browser that supports accessing the website to start downloading Crackle videos. It works by obtaining the link from Crackle’s database, then converting the videos into MP4 formats before downloading them on your computer. Once the Crackle videos are downloaded through YooDownloader on your computer, you can enjoy offline streaming without the annoying advertisements. Although the website contains ads and popups, the website is protected by an antivirus, and no malicious software will come with the video download.

yoodownload download crackle

Key Features of the Crackle Movies and Series Downloader

Download High-Quality Video

CleverGet Crackle Movies and Series Downloader can download videos in 1080p and 720p video quality. The resolution is already high, but it can get higher if the video on Crackle is uploaded in a higher resolution. Since CleverGet can download videos in their original resolution, Crackle movies and shows uploaded in Ultra HD quality will also be saved in Ultra HD resolution.

Download Subtitles and Audios

With just a few clicks, this CleverGet ARD video downloader will download videos and episodes of the ARD Methiathek series in bulk. After parsing a video, it may identify all related films and episodes. You can also add more downloads to the task loading for batch downloading. This ARD video downloader could parse the video while loading, adding the freshly parsed download without interfering with the other activities.

Fast Download Speed

One bad thing with downloading movies and series from any site is that users will have to wait for the download to finish before they can stream them. However, with the optimized download speed of CleverGet, you can shorten that waiting time. Download as many Crackle movies and shows as you want in a short time with the help of CleverGet downloader’s fast download speed.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7/8 and higher / macOS 10,12 and higher are recommended
  • 3GB of RAM is recommended for smooth functionality
  • At least 12OOMB of hard disk space is recommended
  • An uninterrupted internet connection is required

FAQs About Crackle Downloader

Can we download movies from Crackle?

No, Crackle doesn’t have a direct option to download movies and shows for offline streaming. Users can only stream shows in the Crackle app or website. However, if users want to download Crackle shows, they can do so using a third-party downloader.

Is the Crackle app download free?

Yes, just like accessing and watching movies on the Crackle website, downloading the Crackle application is also free.

Is Crackle legal?

Yes, Crackle is actually owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, a prominent entertainment studio. This means that Crackle is completely legal to use, and the constant stream of movies and shows added to Crackle are licensed.