Solutions to Amazon Prime Sound Issues When Streaming

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amazon prime no sound Amazon Prime Video is a paid video streaming service like Netflix. It has unlimited movies and TV shows you can watch on your computer, phone, or streaming device. It's available anywhere there is an internet connection. If you love to watch movies on Amazon Prime, you undoubtedly face issues like a black screen, no sound, etc. One of the issues we discussed today is the audio problems with Amazon Prime. On Amazon Forum, you can see that most users are complaining about this issue. They said the video is playing, but there is no sound when streaming movies or TV shows. Continue reading this article to bring back the sound of Amazon Prime Video.

Why is there No Audio on Amazon Prime?

There is no specific cause for Amazon Prime Audio not working. However, there are several possible reasons behind this. These issues are:

  • HDMI Cable. The first possible reason Amazon Prime has no sound is the HDMI Cable. If the cable is not connected correctly, or the cord is damaged or malfunctioning, it can cause a loss of audio when streaming movies on Amazon Prime.
  • Incompatible Device. The device you use to stream movies or TV shows is not fully compatible with the Amazon Prime app or website.
  • Volume Settings. Another possible cause of this issue is the volume settings. It means that the device you use to watch Amazon Prime content is set in low volume, or is it on mute.
  • Internet Connectivity. A poor or unstable internet connection can also cause no sound on Amazon Prime video.

How to Fix Amazon Prime No Sound Problem?

Experiencing sound issues on the Amazon Prime app can be frustrating, especially when you are trying to watch TV shows or movies with your family or friends. Suppose you encounter this problem; let's fix this with the techniques listed below.

1. Double Check the Cables

Remember that incorrect HDMI cable connections cause this issue. Using the wrong cables can cause not only sound problems but can also affect your display. Try to use HDMI 2.0 or better, which supports 4K and 2K video.

2. Troubleshoot Network Speed

Check your network speed. Visit to see if it is stable because a poor and unstable connection can also cause sound disturbances while watching Amazon Prime content. Also, you can disconnect some of your devices to have a speed connection.

3. Check Your Device Volume

You need to check your device volume first and ensure that it is turned on and not muted. Suppose your volume needs to be higher. You can install a volume booster on your device to increase the volume.

4. Restart Your Device

Restarting your device can also help and always solve unexpected problems. After restarting your device, relaunch the Amazon Prime Video app and see if the sound is back.

5. Check your Speaker or Headphones

In some cases, Amazon Prime video, no sound can be caused by the device or audio output you are using, such as speakers and headphones. Check the output device to see if they are plugged in correctly.

6. Check Amazon Prime Servers

Since Amazon Prime is an online service, it relies on the servers to function correctly and deliver content. We suggest you check the Amazon Prime servers when encountering problems like this. You check the Downdetector site to view the current status of Amazon Prime servers.

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7. Update Amazon Prime App

Suppose you are using the Amazon Prime app on your mobile devices. Please check your app to see if it is still updated. If not, go to the App Store or Play Store and install the latest version of the Amazon Prime app.

8. Install and Uninstall the Amazon Prime App

Suppose that the given solutions above are not worked for you. The last solution we provide to solve Amazon Prime video no sound is reinstalling the app. It should ensure you have the latest working version of the Amazon Prime app.

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This article is all about Amazon Prime sound issues. It tackles the causes of this issue and the solutions to fix Amazon prime no sound. Try all the answers above and discover why you are experiencing this problem. Also, in case the sound is not back, we suggest you download the movie you want to watch using CleverGet. Moreover, visit this link if you also experienced the black screen issue on your Amazon Prime App.

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