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Are There Any Sites Like Shutterstock?

featured sites like shutterstock Shutterstock is a website that provides multiple stock photos, footages, vectors, and music from various categories. Aside from that, the site has an editing function that allows you to enhance the picture's quality. There are many pictures from this website to use in producing an excellent presentation that you may use from school and work. Yet, you need to purchase its license to utilize the full-features, including pictures and other services. There are also strict requirements in uploading your images to Shutterstock like contents should be in JPEG and JIFF formats under 50 MB. So other users tend to look for Shutterstock similar sites where they can upload and gather photographs at a lower price quickly. In this article, we compiled the best free and paid stock photography websites that you can use in the future.

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Distinctive Features: There is a section for the photographers that presents the Top 100 artists joined on this website.

Pixabay is the best and most reliable Shutterstock alternative for looking at stunning stock photographs and videos. It is a community for artists that allows you to share copyright content for free, including images and videos. The website requires you to log in using your Gmail and Facebook account to download royalty-free photos and videos from multiple artists. It has a user-friendly interface and easy navigation that allows you to look for the pictures quickly. The tool also provides free illustrations and vectors that you may use as wallpaper and more.

pixabay webpage

Key Features:

  • It showcases the pictures captured from high-end like Nikon D7200, D3200, and more on its "Cameras" section.
  • There are preset tags that you can help you to navigate easily in looking for the picture that you need.

  • It allows you to download images to different formats like JPG, PNG, PSD, and more.
  • Capable of bookmarking fantastic pictures, and it will compile in the “Favorite” tabs to save them.

  • The website has a trial limit that allows you to upload 10 files in 10 days.


Distinctive Feature: SplitShire is a free stock photo that focuses on the quality of the picture over quantity.

SplitShire another stock photo site like Shutterstock that you can rely on looking for the best picture and video. Most of the fantastic images from this website are taken from motorcycles, cars, and nature. The owner of the SplitShire is the only one who uploads pictures to the website. Furthermore, it allows you to share photos with different social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, and many more. From here, you can ultimately utilize all features of this website for free. However, if you want to download photos and videos in bulk at a time, you need to subscribe to the premium version.

splitshire webpage

Key Features:

  • Aside from images and pictures, SplitShire also provides preset Creative Portfolio Theme.
  • It allows you to filter the images and videos from different categories like Abstract, Animals, and more.

  • This site provides unique stock photos from motorcycles and cars.
  • There are stories created from this website according to the best photos of the tool.

  • The website only provides limited stock pictures and videos.


Distinctive Feature: It has a "Browse By Ideas" section that you can rely on for looking for home decorations created by the expert interior designer.

If you're looking for free stock photos sites similar to Shutterstock. Here is Foter, which provides over 335 million free stock photos from different categories. In connection with this, the website is composed of multiple categories like Education, Sports, Fashion, and many more. The tool's web page allows you to filter the images and videos according to license type, color, and upload date. The good thing with this will enable you to save images. From different sizes without destroying or degrading the quality of the picture.

foter webpage

Key Features:

  • There is an embedded code on the picture that you can use in creating a webpage like HTML.
  • Foter has a Lightbox that is capable of compiling your favorite picture from this site.

  • Unlike Shutterstock, full details of the picture are presented on the webpage like size, quality, and many more.

  • Even there many pictures, the website has limited functions like you can’t share from different social media platforms.


Distinctive Feature: There is a download button attached to the thumbnail of the picture to save it quickly.

Unsplash is an alternative to Shutterstock that allows you to save free high-resolution images. It has a collection tab that will enable you to browse the best pictures available on this website according to category. This website allows the user to upload and share photos to showcase their masterpiece. Usually, this website provides pictures of flowers and nature that you may use as a wallpaper and background. You can rely on this website if you're looking for the best Architectural designs all over the world.

unsplash webpage

Key Features:

  • Unsplash has users feed similar to Instagram, and it allows you to like the photos from uploaded from different users.
  • There are a lot of pictures from multiple categories like current events, film, animals, health, and more.

  • The search bar of the tool gives suggestions according to the images you’re looking for.
  • It allows users to create a collection from different pictures available on the internet.

  • Photographers don’t get much credit, unlike on the other stock photo sites.


Distinctive Feature: Provides photos from different classification, including vegan, healthy, and fresh, that you may follow for your dietary meal plan.

Check this next solution because we got something for the food lovers out there. Here is Foodiesfeed as an alternative to Shutterstock. This website allows you to save more than 1500 pictures of the tastiest recipes from different countries. All trending food photos from different restaurants are on the homepage of the tool. Foodiesfeed provides mouth-watering pictures from different food like pizza, coffee, cake, and more. However, you need to sign-up for an account to upload an image to this photo-sharing sites.

foodiesfeed webpage

Key Features:

  • With Foodiesfeed, it allows you to share pictures from different social sharing sites.
  • There are preset tags to search and look for the picture quickly.

  • This offers various commercial use images in a high-quality definition.
  • The website supports ethical practices.

  • It has a limited category that focuses on food.


Distinctive Feature: Gratisography gives value to the artist who loves to capture the weirdest images.

Gratisography is Shutterstock alternative site that provides the world's unusual and most creative images and photos. The website offers adorable pictures from animals, fashion, food, nature, and many more. You can use some of the photographs for personal and commercial projects. Furthermore, there are many photo collections, including amusing animals, hijinks hands, mischievous men, and whimsical women. Gratisography also shares stunning images and photos on Instagram. The good thing with this site, it doesn't allow users to share criminal, hateful, and immoral images.

gratisography webpage

Key Features:

  • It allows you to download without copyright restrictions.
  • It provides a lot of free high-resolution pictures for free.

  • This site is available to access in multiple web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Gratisography also uploads images to popular social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

  • The stock pictures have a limited selection, unlike the others.

Tips about Selling Photos

Before selling stock photos, make sure that you know that stock photography and artistic photography are different. If you put the wrong image on your portfolio, it might confuse some users looking for a specific stock or creative photos. You should know how to categorize your images for marketing or graphic designing purposes. Here are some tips on selling photos.

tips for selling photos


  • Know what sells most: First of all, you should do some research on what images sell the most. After doing that, you can focus on one category before selling another. It can save lots of time and effort.
  • Act like a Marketing Director: Put yourself in the shoes of a Marketing Director, and evaluate which photos to sell on the market.
  • Clear your concept: Dull and boring photos don’t sell most on the stock image market. You should be quirky and creative when conceptualizing your photos.
  • Take photos naturally: To do this, use the lighting of the sun when taking a photo outdoors. It can make pictures more crisp, focused, and bright.
  • Work like an expert: Make sure you practice photography first before you try to sell your stock photos. Lots of professional photographers also sell their work. Know who are your competition.
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Last updated on August 8, 2020

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