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Top 6 Video Editor for Vlogs

featured image video editor vlogsVideo blogs or vlogs are popular nowadays because of their entertaining or educational content that they cater to the netizens. Vlogs' content varies from tutorials, mukbangs, lifestyle, and more. Usually, famous personalities or influencers are the only ones who do this. Because of the emergence of social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, even ordinary people could now share vlogs. One notable element of a vlog is video editing. Adding background sounds, effects, and animations is necessary to catch and retain their subscribers and viewers. Aside from that, vloggers can rake a lot of money if they have millions of followers. For aspiring vloggers, check this post and navigate below to know the best vlog editors to make the vlog more stunning and entertaining.

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AceThinker Video Editor

AceThinker Video Editor is one of the best editing software for vlogs available for both Windows and Mac devices. This video editor provides straightforward editing features like to crop, trim, and merge videos. Additionally, it offers a lot of amazing effects and transitions to make the video more presentable. Aside from that, users could also choose among the preloaded background music it provides. In case users prefer to add on their own, it is possible to download music from the internet and upload it to the software since it accepts almost all audio formats. Lastly, it showcases a very intuitive interface. Even beginners or users with little knowledge in video editing will not have trouble familiarizing their functions. Follow the steps provided below to learn more about this excellent video editor.

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Step 1 Download and Install the Editor

First, save a copy of the software by clicking any of the "Download" buttons provided above. Run and follow the installation process to continue. Once installed, launch it and select your preferred aspect ratio to access its main interface.

install the software

Step 2 Start Editing the Vlog

From its main interface, click the "Import" button to upload the videos that you want to edit. Next, drag the uploaded videos or clips into the "Timeline" to start editing. You can use its editing functions such as adding effects, transitions, text, overlays, and more found on the left part of the interface. Moreover, you can also use the additional icons located above the "Timeline" to add voice-over, split a clip, and more.

edit the video

Step 3 Export the Video

Once you are finished editing the video, click the "Export" button located at the upper portion of the software. A new window will appear, then choose the format and set up the edited video's output settings. Once configured, hit the "Export" button to render the edited video. Once done, open the output folder from your computer to watch the video.

save the video

Windows Photos App

Windows Photos App has become the alternative of the then-famous Windows Movie Maker. One reason Windows users choose this application right now is that the Movie Maker is not available by default for Windows 10 devices. One primary advantage of using Windows Photos App is that users would not have to waste time installing additional software. So, users that have Windows 10 supported devices like PC and mobile are available to install it from Microsoft Store. It also features a neat and user-friendly interface that allows users to import raw video files in an instant. Additionally, users can add 3D effects to videos like butterflies, explosions, and lasers that will enhance it. To know more about this tool, check the steps provided below.

User Guide:

  • Using your computer, go to the search bar and type in "Photos" to find the app. Open it to access its main interface.
  • Next, hit the "Video Projects" tab located upper portion of the app. From here, select the "New video project" to access the editing interface. Then, click the "Add" button to upload all the videos you need to edit.
  • Now, drag the clips you need to edit into the "Timeline" of the app. After that, apply all the effects and elements you need like text, background image, and more.
  • Once you're done editing the video, click the "Finish video" button from the app's top-right corner. A new window will appear, then from here, select the quality you want and click "Export" to render the video file.
  • Wait for a few moments until the render process is finished. Once done, open the output folder of your PC to watch and check the edited video file.

edit the video


Another pre-installed video editing software is iMovie, although this one is only available for macOS devices. This Mac video editor can render the output into 4K resolution, which is necessary for producing a high-quality video. It also provides multiple preset templates that users would not need to download to start editing the vlog. Aside from that, users could directly use iTunes to download background sound or to add audio to the file. One good thing about using iMovie is that it can show a preview of the video even before rendering the file. However, unlike the Windows Photos App, users might take a little time to learn this tool. Read the steps located here to know more about this solution.

User Guide:

  • Using your Mac computer, go to the "Application Finder" to search and launch iMovie. From the software's main interface, click the "Import" button to upload the raw videos you want to edit.
  • Once uploaded, go to the "My Media" tab to access all the videos uploaded. Next, drag the video clips you need to edit to the "Timeline" panel.
  • Now, you can add effects, titles, transitions, and more to the videos to enhance them. Once done, click the "Share" icon located at the top-right corner of the software. From here, select "File" to save it as a video output.
  • Next, set the quality you prefer then hit "Next" to continue. After that, click "Save" to start rendering the video.
  • Once the rendering process finished, open the output folder from your Mac to watch and play the edited video.

save the movie

YouTube Studio

Did you know that YouTube also proposes a built-in and basic video editor to edit vlogs? Yes, you read it right; the editor is called YouTube Studio. This is a free web-based app that allows users to trim or cut the videos quickly. One unique editing feature of the online tool is that it can "Blur" a part of the video. Moreover, it lets users upload the edited vlog to YouTube, which is the most common video-sharing platform for aspiring vloggers. However, using this online video editor will limit users to other essential editing functions like adding background music, texts, and more.

edit the video

VSDC Free Video Editor

The next video editor that is recommendable for vloggers is the VSDC Free Video Editor. This is a powerful editing software that it even allows users to add impressive animation effects to the videos. Additionally, it has a built-in screen recorder in case users want to portray an app or software demo. Moreover, it is equipped with a variety of special effects, filters, transitions, and more. Aside from that, it also allows users to add a voice-over necessary for a vlog. However, users, especially beginners, might get overwhelmed with its main interface since it contains too many buttons. However, VSDC Free Editor is only available for Windows devices currently.

edit the video

OpenShot Video Editor

The last video editing software for vloggers is the OpenShot Video Editor. This is a cross-platform video editing software that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. This editor boasts a feature that can add as many layers as the users want. Regarding this function, users can overlap a clip to a video file without any hassle. Also, it lets users add watermarks to the video if they want to personalize it. One excellent function of the software is that it can render stunning 3D animations effects like flying texts, snow effects, and more. Moreover, it lets users speed up or slow down the video depending on their preference. However, it only produces a limited number of preset effects.

edit the video


Video editing paved the way for vloggers to make their content more entertaining. So, if you are an aspiring vlogger, you can choose among the 6 solutions reviewed above. However, it is still safe to say that the AceThinker Video Editor stands out among the rest due to the noteworthy functions it provides. In case you know other editors we can rely on, feel free to drop your suggestions below. Thank you!

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Last updated on December 20, 2021

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