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Overall, an excellent product.

I have the pro license, for now it meets my requirements.
by Lennox | 2022-05-07 04:12:55

For productivity fans this is golden

Good video editor that goes above and beyond to improve productivity.
by Vincenzo | 2022-05-04 08:58:46

5 out of 5 stars

Happy with the program. After using it for almost a month I can say this is the easier and most streamline video editing software I’ve installed.
by Rebekah | 2022-04-18 08:43:22

Aspiring blogger

I either convert or trim videos with it. Works either way.
by Charlee | 2022-04-15 13:07:01

Pro version

Went pro but this makes it worth my money. Plus, my laptop doesn’t freeze because of it which is a rare occurrence.
by Kymani | 2022-04-11 03:05:34

Multi-use program

A multi-platform tool designed both for those who want to easily perform minor tweaks or those who want to go the long way and fully personalize their videos. I’m in the first team, it never disappointed me.
by Jamie | 2022-04-09 05:36:09

5 stars for sure

This makes video editing a piece of cake! Easy and effective!
by Lamar | 2022-04-06 07:02:41

Suitable for older devices too

I still have windows 7 installed on my laptop - which is a pretty old one - so I was on the hunt for something that won’t take up much disk space while also allowing me to easily edit a video without having to deal with frozen tabs.
by Memphis | 2022-03-30 11:10:30



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