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See what are people talking about AceThinker Video Editor and please tell us what you think about it.

19 Reviews

Another good one

Acethinker usually makes good stuff and this one is also good.
by Ramon | 2021-12-02 10:59:30

Better than anticipated

I can't believe how this Video Editor Pro improved and almost eliminated shakiness found in a video of mine. Wasn't expecting it to be this good.
by Jaylynn | 2021-11-30 12:11:09

For beginners

This is a great program for beginners because you'll learn the ropes. It's not very advanced but well worth the money nonetheless.
by Lizbeth | 2021-11-16 00:37:57

Pretty good

I've used better buy hey, they were much, much more expensive.
by Eric Marshall | 2021-10-26 12:02:36

Helpful customer support

I like that it supports a few languages and hope they will add more soon. Customer support was also helpful and nice.
by Perry | 2021-10-16 10:22:08

A quality video editing tool.

It was never this easy to edit video clips. A quality video editing tool.
by Tom | 2021-10-11 08:21:49

Easy to use

Can be used by kids or older people because it is easy and straightforward to use.
by Rosalie | 2021-10-09 01:01:30

Happy with the program

I was able to convert a 2D video to 3D video in MP4 format. It wasn't hard and it didn't take very long.
by Tyler G. | 2021-10-02 02:27:10



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