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Best 5 MP4 Video Editor for Windows and Mac

feature free mp4 editor MP4 is a file name extension of a multimedia file that supports both audio and video data. MP4 format is marked for being useful in compressing the size of media files with high visual quality. The good thing about MP4 format is you can play it with any other media devices available. With that being said, MP4 has become one of the most popular video file extensions nowadays. So, vloggers or video editors often use MP4 video files for their content. Also, we all know that editing is an important element in producing a sensational video. In this case, we will briefly discuss the most efficient MP4 editor for free. Each distinctive feature will help you edit and produce a stunning video.

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AceThinker Video Editor

If you are looking for a reliable and excellent MP4 video editor, then the AceThinker Video Editor is your best choice. It is a full-featured desktop multimedia editor that is available on both Windows and Mac computers. This tool is useful for editing videos in formats like AVI, MOV, MP3, and more. Besides, it has a user-friendly interface that will help new users to edit a video with a few simple steps. Meanwhile, this tool also allows you to add subtitles, effects, put overlays, transitions, and many more. Read on to learn more about its main features and even on how to use the said video editor.

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Step 1 Download and Install the Software

To install the software, you may click the "Download" button above according to the platform that you are using. After the downloading process, run the installer and follow the simple steps to install the software to your computer successfully. Then launch the software and select one of the aspect ratios from 9:16 (Portrait), 16:9 (Widescreen), to 4:3 (Traditional) to access the main interface of the tool.


Step 2 Edit the MP4 Video

Next, click the "Import" button to import the raw MP4 video that you want to edit. Then, drag and drop the imported video to the "Timeline" pane to start writing the video. To add text, add effects, put overlays, put transitions, and more, you may use the editing tools on the left side of the tool's main interface.

importing media files

Step 3 Export the Edited Video

To save the video, click the "Export" button above the timeline pane. Then a window will appear, then select the MP4 format on the left part of the window. You may also rename the edited video and select the "Output folder" where you've placed the edited video. Lastly, click the "Export" button to render the video successfully.



  • Drag and drop feature
  • There is no duration limit exporting videos
  • Can export 1080p Videos

  • Licensed required

Windows Movie Maker

One of the most efficient video editors that will help you to edit MP4 videos is the Windows Movie Maker. It is a great built-in video editing software designed for the Windows platform that can be found on the Windows app store. For first-timers, this is a great video editing software alternative that they can use. It allows users to customize the visual effects of the video, where they can apply different effects to the video. Furthermore, you may add some text, transition, and put overlay to the video using this tool. Meanwhile, this software offers lots of background music, themes, 3D effects, and more.

movie maker interface

User Guide:

  • To start, download the Windows Movie Maker by going to this link.
  • Next, to launch Windows Movie Maker, on the upper right part of the Photos interface, click the "New Video" tab and select the "New video project" button.
  • After clicking the button, a window will appear where you type the name of the video you want to edit.
  • Click the "Add" button on the media library to import files from your computer then drag to the "Storyboard" of the software to start editing the video. You may select from different editing functions where you can split and trim the video, add texts, put a motion, add 3D effects, and more below the preview screen.
  • After editing the video, click the "Finish Video" button and then click the "Dropdown" menu to select from different video quality. Then, click the "Export" button to choose a folder where you want to save and open it to obtain the edited video on your computer.

  • Composed of a simple interface
  • Can export multiple multimedia formats

  • Limited editing functions


If you are looking for a free video editor like Windows Movie Maker, here is Shotcut. This editor is an open-source, free editing program composed of a smooth interface that let's use it easily. It is available on both Windows and Mac computers. Furthermore, this software also offers various editing tools that you may use in editing MP4 videos. This software allows you to import different kinds of files, including 4K videos and images supported by FFmpeg. Furthermore, this tool updates every month to add the latest and special features of the tool. The software also offers numerous sets of filters and multiple layers that allow users to add more tracks or videos in the project.

shotcut interface2

User Guide

  • Open your web browser and visit the official website of Shotcut, and download the installer to obtain the video editing software successfully.
  • After the installing process, launch the tool to start accessing the tool's main interface. Then fill up the project name and select the output folder where you want to save the edited video
  • Next, click the "Open File" button to import the MP4 video you want to edit. Then, drag the uploaded video to the "Timeline" and click the "Filters" tab on the main interface of the tool then select the "+" icon on the left side of the tab to add visual effects, transition, and text.
  • Lastly, you may click the "Export" tab to select the "Export File" button. After that, a window will appear, then click the "Save" button to keep the video on your PC.

shotcut interface


  • Allows users to export in numerous kinds of formats
  • Offers various video and audio filters
  • Doesn't contain adds

  • Doesn't allow you to preview the effects in real-time.


Lightworks is composed of high-end and professional video editing functions that can help you render the video in numerous formats like 2K and 4K resolution. This software is used by famous video editors from Hollywood and helped to make classic films like Pulp Fiction, The Cure, The Wolf of Wall Street, and many more. Moreover, for the advanced users of the software allows enhancing the visual effect more precisely. Furthermore, you can use this tool to export videos to formats compatible with popular video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. However, there is a time limit in exporting the project video on its free version. To eliminate those said limits in exporting videos, you need to buy its premium pack.

lightworks interface


  • Advanced multicam editing
  • The ability to import a wide range of file types

  • Not applicable for the beginners

Filmora 9

Filmora 9 comes with a lot of new features and development in its update compared to the last version of the software. Using this software may lead you to a fast and easy editing period. The software is well organized. The editing tabs like Transitions, Titles, and Effect are located on the upper part of the tool. Furthermore, it is capable of importing videos from Facebook and Instagram directly. Besides that, you may use the software to record directly from your computer screen or use a webcam. However, there is a watermark on the edited video with its free trial version. Still, this tool is considered as one of the best MP4 editors in 2020.

filmora interface


  • Faster import and export files
  • Previews in 4K resolution
  • Offers more visible audio waveforms

  • Required license to use the full feature of the software.
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