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Top 8 Final Cut Pro Alternative for Windows

final cut pro x windows feature imageIn this millennium, movie making is much more polished and sleek, making us more fascinated by how they were created. In the film industry, post-production companies primarily use editing software to furnish and embellish the outcome looks of the films. Though the equipment that they are using is much more complicated for us to utilize. Web developers created various editing software that the general public can use. One of these software is Final Cut Pro. This software is a non-linear video editing program developed by Apple. It enables users to use non-destructive editing features and export videos into any QuickTime compatible formats such as MOV. Sad to say, Windows OS users cannot utilize Final Cut Pro to edit their videos. The good thing is, this article assembles and curates the most reliable Final Cut Pro alternative for Windows OS that is perfect for your PC.

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Top 8 Alternative of FCP for Windows

1. AceThinker Video Editor

Supported Formats: AVI, WMV, MP4, MPEG, and more.
Why can it replace Final Cut Pro?: It is compatible with different operating systems. It is equipped with useful editing tools that cannot be seen on different editing software, such as adding customizable logos and watermarks.

AceThinker Video Editor is an all-inclusive and thorough video editing software used as a Final Cut Windows alternative. It enables users to turn project videos into Hollywood-level films with its vast number of video filters. There are more than 40 fascinating filters that users can apply to apply a whole new style to the video. Also, it has over 20 types of overlays that can be utilized to enhance the video effects. Aside from that, it is equipped with an extravagant number of editing features such as trim, cut, merge GIFs and video clips, brightness adjustment, and more that can make the output video look more stunning than before. Lastly, it allows users to insert a soundtrack on the project video to spice it up and make it more professional.

Key Features:

  • It has a real-time preview feature in which users can see the output video before they can export or save it.
  • It enables users to utilize a speed control feature to set the speed of a segment or video clips, whether faster or slower than the original speed.
  • It allows users to import all videos wherever the source is, camcorder, downloaded from sites, or mobile cameras.

Beneath are the detailed steps on how to utilize the Video Editor.

Step 1 Install the Final Cut Windows Alternative

First, download the Video Editor by clicking the download button below. Pass through the installation wizard to continue with the process. Once done, access the software and familiarize its functionality and navigation.

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ve interface

Step 2 Edit Video

To edit videos on this software, click the import button located at the upper left most of the tool. Browse over your device folder and click the Open button to import the video file on the Video Editor. Then, utilize its features such as trim, cut, merge, add filter and effects, and more to enhance the output video.

final cut pro x windows ve step2

Step 3 Save and Play the Video

Finally, once editing is done, click the export button to save the changes you've made on the project video. Then, a pop-up window will appear. Click the file location button to go over the output location. Double click the video to preview and play it.

final cut pro x windows ve step3

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Supported Formats: MP4, MOV, MPEG, and many more.
Why can it replace Final Cut Pro?: Besides its being compatible with different Operating systems, this tool is compatible with different third-party plugins such as Adobe Sensei Ai, Adobe stock, etc., that can help users to enhance their video.

When discussing Final Cut Pro X Windows alternatives, Adobe Premiere Pro is always on the list. With its distinct and excellent features, users can effortlessly edit and create a video in an instant way. It also provides a simple yet powerful color grading feature that helps video enthusiasts to select accurate color saturation on their project video. Aside from that, it can improve the background audio instantly using its essential sound panel to remove background noise and reverb with incredible results. More so, with the help of Adobe Sensei AI, this software can identify the original edit points; thus, it is easier to and faster to input additional adjustments on the project video.

final cut pro x windows adobe premiere pro

Key Features:

  • It supports DNxHD files or lossy high-definition post-production codecs.
  • It can edit footage in different modern quality up to 8K quality and even virtual reality videos.
  • It has auto framing features that help users to modify the aspect ratio of the video to be compatible on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and more.

3. Minitool Movie Maker

Supported Formats: 3gp, .mov, .avi, .flv, .mkv, .mp4, .mpg, .vob, .wmv, .rmvb, and many more.
Why can it replace Final Cut Pro?: It is freeware that enables users to edit videos without leaving a watermar on the output video.

Minitool Movie Maker is one of the great Final Cut Pro free Windows alternatives that are simple and easy to use. Due to its precise and distinct navigation, users can easily take control and make use of this editing software without relying on any walkthroughs. It offers different movie templates including, weddings, birthdays, love, and more, that users can utilize to create their new video. Not only can it split long videos into small clips, but it can also remove the unnecessary parts from the start or end of the project video. More so, it can edit videos with HD resolution without compromising their original quality.

final cut pro x windows minitool movie maker

Key Features:

  • It can change video speed easily as well as reverse video.
  • It can add animated titles, end credits, and subtitles to project videos.
  • It can add soundtracks, mute background noise, and edit music.

4. Vegas Pro

Supported Formats: It supports H. 264 family, including MP4 and AVC/AVCHD, and also supports cutting-edge codecs like HEVC and many more.
Why can it replace Final Cut Pro?: It is one of the few NLE software that can convert other formats to 240P without any help from third-party plugins.

Vegas Pro is another decent alternative for Final Cut Pro for Windows 10 due to its on-point interface and functional feature set. It provides advanced video editing features such as 3D track motion composting and arrangement of visual planes, including the plane intersection. Also, utilizing this editor enables sequences and clips to be copied and pasted between instances. Furthermore, it is one of the non-linear editing software that supports and can edit HDR video quality. Lastly, it has a video stabilization feature that can make shaky footage into a smooth, professional-looking video.

final cut pro x windows vegas pro

Key Features:

  • It has a dynamic storyboard and timeline interaction.
  • It has a denoise filter.
  • It has extensive file backup options.

5. VSDC Free Video Editor

Supported Formats: It supports WebM, AVI, QuickTime File Format, Windows Media, and many more.
Why can it replace Final Cut Pro?: This tool works on the lowest system requirement possible; thus, it works on outdated PCs.

VSDC Free Video Editor, a non-linear video editing software that is one of the reliable Final Cut Pro alternative for Windows due to its all-inclusive editing features. One of its features is the Chroma Key tool, wherein users can remove green backgrounds and replace it with wonderful scenery and settings that can match the project video. Also, it is equipped with essential editing tools like zoom, 360 video editing, color correction, and more that can make a professional-looking output video. More so, it has motion tracking features that can be applied to any object’s movement trajectory.

final cut pro x windows vsdc

Key Features:

  • It has a voice recorder that enables users to input voice tracks on the project video.
  • It syncs video effects to the beat of the background music.
  • It has a masking feature wherein it allows the user to input effects on a specific area of the video clip.

6. Corel VideoStudio

Supported Formats: It supports DVD, AVCHD, HD-DVD and AVI, and many more.
Why can it replace Final Cut Pro?: This tool has a newly added feature that can do facial recognition due to AI technologies.

Corel VideoStudio is video editing software compatible with Windows OS, making it one of the most acceptable alternatives of FCP for Windows. Its essential editing function allows users to utilize both storyboard and timeline-oriented graphic organizers. Aside from that, it consists of several categories of video transitions such as FX, 3D, and Album effects. Users can also overlay a flash animation, text on the video, and even images using its overlays feature. Lastly, the best thing about this tool is, it can edit video by utilizing a 360 degrees editing feature enabling users to have a broad view of the project video.

final cut pro x windows corel

Key Features:

  • It has a motion tracking feature.
  • It has a screen recorder if you want to edit and capture videos on a PC.
  • It can directly share output videos on different video-sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more.

7. PowerDirector

Supported Formats: It supports WMV, WMV HD, MOV, MOD, TOD AVCHD, MPEG-4, and many more.
Why can it replace Final Cut Pro?: It has a prominent video feature which is True Theater Color, that automatically enhances the effects of the video’s colors.

PowerDirector is a video editing software that provides useful functionality and editing features. It is considered an alternative to Final Cut Pro for Windows 10 that can easily upgrade videos with its vast number of cinematic video templates, customizable titles, and annotation designs. It is also equipped with various transition styles to connect every video clip on your project video seamlessly. In addition, it can transform and modify the look of the project video with its extensive video effects and filters such as vintage, black and white, and more. Finally, it has green screen effects that can remove unwanted backgrounds and input special effects on the project video.

final cut pro x windows powerdirector

Key Features:

  • It has thousands of royalty-free video templates.
  • It enables users to access premium tracks, music, and sound clips unlimitedly.
  • It can support 8K video import to edit and export it without compromising the original quality.

8. Lightworks

Supported Formats: It supports WAVI, MOV, XDCAM HD/EX, MPEG-4, and many more.
Why can it replace Final Cut Pro?: It enables users to customize the interface according to their preferred look. It will allow users to speed up their workflow.

A widely used video editor in many Hollywood movie productions; Lightworks, provided significant enhancement and output with well-known movies such as Shutter Island, Hugo, and more. On its interface, there are four tabs for users to utilize, such as the viewer tile, wherein it contains Cue and Metadata markers, the edit view contains project assets, the VFX view helps in the alignment of titles and subtitles, and the audio view assists the audio waveform in controlling Pan settings and helps in meter bar tracking. More so, it is compatible with almost all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Thus, it is the perfect Final Cut Pro alternative for Windows.

final cut pro x windows lightworks

Key Features:

  • It can import unsupported formats without the need for transcoding.
  • It can export ready-made videos compatible with video sharing sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo.
  • It has a fast precision trimming feature.

Comparison Chart

Software Price Target audience and function scope Concerns and Limitations
AceThinker Video Editor $49.95 2PC/Lifetime support. Basic, Prosumer, Professional Not available on mobile devices yet.
Adobe Premiere Pro Free trial for 30 days. Premium access costs $21.72/month Professional Rendering speed is slow compared to other video editing software.
Minitool Movie Maker Free Basic Glitches can sometimes appear while editing a video.
Vegas Pro It costs $600 (£500) to buy outright. Professional Too expensive.
VSDC Free Video Editor Free and $19.99 Pro edition Prosumer No Video Stabilization tool.
Corel VideoStudio $79.99 Trialware Video editing sometimes can be cumbersome
PowerDirector The pricing starts at $19.99 Prosumer Some of the plugin features can be hard to find once installed.
Lightworks $24.99/month Professional The soundtrack from the output video is sometimes out of sync.
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