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5 Solutions on How to Insert Text in iMovie and its Alternatives

how to add text to imovie feature imageText is a clear and straightforward component of a video, but it can also make the most impact. This is because it conveys information without distracting from the narrative of the video. In digital storytelling and audio-visual representation, text plays the most crucial role in disseminating information. As a matter of fact, most films and movies utilize texts or subtitles that are derived from the screenplay dialogue or transcripts that are located at the bottom of the film. According to the studies conducted in the UK, 80% of people preferred to watch movies with closed-caption to better understand the film's narrative. In line with this, many web developers innovated their editing software to include text annotation on their basic editing features. Below are the curated ways and solutions on how to add text to video iMovie for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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Best Solution to Add Text to iMovie

Price: $4.33/month.
Supported formats: M4V, MP4, MOV, and more.
Hard Drive Installation Space: 690.5 MB

Since we are talking about the great solution on how to add words on iMovie, we will be utilizing the software to insert text on videos compatible with Mac, iPhone, and iPad. iMovie is a video editing program and software developed by Apple for iPadOS, macOS, and iOS. It has a vast number of video editing features such as video color enhancement, crop and rotates function, video stabilization, and a considerable number of video transitions. It also has a green screen feature wherein it uses green/blue screen to cut out unnecessary background subjects and replace them with a different clip. To add more, it can also manipulate and modify the clip's audio by reducing the background noise and enhancing the audio levels of quiet clips. Furthermore, it can insert subtitles, title cards, and even text annotation on the project video.

Underneath are the detailed walkthroughs on how to put text in iMovie

Step 1 Install the iMovie Text Editing Software

First, Install the software on your device; whether it is iPad, iPhone, or Mac, your device’s system will automatically install the editing program. Once done, open the software and familiarize its functionality.

how to add text to imovie

Step 2 Edit and Add Text iMovie iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Import your files and start using its editing features, such as color adjustment, audio denoising, and more. Then, the steps on how to add words to iMovie, go to the Titles panel, which is located at the top of the workspace. It holds a vast number of text styles, text-alignment, text options, and more. Customize the text however you wanted it to be seen on your video.

how to add text to imovie edit

Step 3 Save Changes and Play

Then, save your video once done. Next, go to the output folder and click the video to preview and play it. If you are asking how to add text on iMovie iPhone or iPad? This step works fine on iOS and iPad OS as well.

how to add text to imovie play

Alternative Desktop Tool for iMovie Insert Text

Price: Freemium service. Buying a lifetime license for two computers costs $49.95.
Supported formats: MOV, MP4, WMV, MPEG, and many more.
Hard Drive Installation Space: 57.6MB

If you are not used to on how to add text to iMovie on Mac, AceThinker Video Editor is a suitable solution for you. This tool is an easy video editing software with comprehensive navigation and editing features. Even without a video walkthrough or steps by steps procedure, new users can easily take over its functionalities. It is well-matched with different operating systems such as Windows and Mac. It is equipped with eclectic editing features such as trim and cut, split and combine video clips, rotate and crop aspect ratio, adjust brightness and hue, audio denoise, and more that can enhance the output product of the video. Additionally, it offers various visual effects features that can be utilized to insert on the project video. These are the 40+ video filters, 20+overlays, 50 dynamic transitions, and 60 motion graphic elements. Lastly, users can freely add personalized titles, closed captions, and even text annotation on a specific video clip area.

If you are asking how to add text to video in iMovie alternative, below is the detailed walkthrough on how to do it.

Step 1 Install The iMovie Add Captions Alternative

First, download the AceThinker Video editor to utilize the tool to add text iMovie iPhone multimedia players. Click the download button below to continue, and pass through all the installation wizards. Then, familiarize yourself with its interface and navigation.

Try it for Free

ve interface

Step 2 Configure the Settings

Then, to modify the output settings, click the vertical ellipsis “⋮” located at the upper-right corner of the interface. Click the settings, and a pop-up window will appear. Modify different functionalities according to your preferred output product. Some of these are default duration, aspect ratio, subtitle language, transition duration, and more. Click the OK button to save.

how to add text to imovie ve modify

Step 3 Import and Edit Video

Insert video clips by clicking the import button. You can import single files, entire folders, and even video clips on your mobile phones. Then, utilize different editing features such as video filters, overlays, transitions, and more to enhance your project video.

how to add text to imovie ve edit

Step 4 How to Put Text in iMovie Alternative

Go over to the Text panel to insert text on the video clips. There are a variety of functions or options to choose from, such as subtitle style, title text, text in one row, and more. You can utilize the built-in preview media player to look over the text you inserted on the video clip. To save the video, simply click the export button.

how to add text to imovie ve process

Step 5 Play the Edited Video

For the finale, click the output folder button to locate your video. Then, preview and play it to ensure the best quality playback experience. If you are thinking about how to add text to video on iPhone using this tool? The output video of the walkthroughs above is compatible with different devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, and more. This is possible due to its vast number of supported output formats such as MP4, MOV, etc.

how to add text to imovie ve play

Another List of Solutions on How to Add Words on iMovie

1. WeVideo

Price: Freemium service. Premium service is $4.99/month.
Supported formats: MOV, MP4, WMV, MPEG, MKV, and many more.
Hard Drive Installation Space: No installation needed

WeVideo is a cloud-based editing website that can provide you with a quick solution on how to add text to a video iPhone without using any software or application. It is equipped with fun and fancy filters such as Yellow aurora, Orange glow, etc., that you can experiment to insert on your video presentation. It has three editing modes: Business mode for entrepreneurial video purposes such as video brand demo, Education mode for students, and Life mode for personal use. Additionally, it has a green screen feature that can edit out unnecessary objects or backgrounds on your project video. Moreover, video editors can input text and can master how to change text color on iMovie videos by utilizing this web-based tool.

how to add text to imovie wevideo

2. VideoShow

Price: $29.99/month.
Supported formats: MP4, MPEG, MKV, and many more.
Hard Drive Installation Space: 41MB

VideoShow is mobile editing software that can make a user feel like an expert on how to add text to iMovie on iPad due to its thorough navigation. It is compatible with different mobile devices such as Android, iPhone, and iPad video players. It has a broad spectrum of editing features such as overlays, visual effects, inserting stickers, making GIFs, and even adding text on the project video. Additionally, it contains hundreds of free and licensed music tracks that can be inserted into your clips. More so, it has a variety of text styles, outline color, opacity, and font that you can choose from to highlight the texts you inserted.

how to add text to imovie videoshow

3. Blender

Price: Free and open source video editor.
Supported formats: MOV, MP4, MPEG, MKV, and many more.
Hard Drive Installation Space: 20MB

Blender is video editing software with a video sequence editing feature that enables users to do basic editing actions such as video cuts and splicing. It is well-suited with a variety of operating systems such as Windows and Mac, which is a perfect alternative on how to add text to iMovie on Mac without using iMovie software. Additionally, it offers functional tools such as chroma vectorscope, audio mixing, video transitions, etc., that can enhance the output video. Lastly, if you are thinking about how to add titles in iMovie alternative, it is simple, press “Shift + A” on your keyboard, and a title text will appear.

how to add text to imovie blender

Conclusion and Comparison Table

Above this part, we tackle the best tools to use on how to add text to iMovie on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Below is the comparison chart of these software/applications that can help you choose amongst them.

Software License Version Concerns ad Limitation
iMovie 2.3.2 Only available on MacOS and iOS
AceThinker Video Editor Not available on mobile devices.
WeVideo Web based tool Privacy can sometimes be compromised due to video sharing features.
Blender 2.91 It is a buggy software that can compromise its editing features.
VideoShow 9.2.6 Sometimes the software crashes when editing longer videos.
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