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How to Fix Xbox One Won't Play DVD Problem

xbox not reading dvdXbox is a gaming console brand that is manufactured by Microsoft. In line with PlayStations, that plays a big part in the gaming community. This console is trendy across the world from kids up to adults. Furthermore, Xbox One doesn't only offer the game, but also a DVD player to watch movies. However, whenever your Xbox One won't play DVD, that's a different story. Imagine a long and tiring day, then you get home and set up everything to relax and watch movies, then suddenly the Xbox won't read the DVD. Isn't it frustrating? Today we're going to discuss possible problems and best solutions to do whenever you encounter issues like Xbox not reading DVDs.

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Xbox One Not Reading Disc? Reasons and Solutions

1. DVD discs Have Been Damaged

This problem will not be possible if you have new discs. Most of the time, this issue happens to older drivers, causing more damage like scratches, dust, and sometimes fingerprints. Some of these scratches make your DVD unplayable. In this matter, what you can do is you can try multiple DVD and look for the defective one. You can also clean the discs with a microfiber cloth if possible. Making your DVD clean can get the drive back to typical performance.

rip probandsol damage dvd

2. Xbox is Not Set Up Properly

This is a common problem or reason why Xbox One won't play DVDs. It is not properly set up. You can do basic troubleshooting like checking on the cables jacks. Check the wires that need to be plugged from one another. Once you have already checked everything and all is fine. Then the optical drive's laser may have the problem of why the console doesn't work correctly. To prevent this from happening, eject the console and make sure that it is placed on a horizontal surface. If the console is tilted, it will not reach the optical laser that reads DVDs. Make sure that the discs reach the proper place for the console to read it.

rip probandsol setup

3. DVDs are not compatible in our Region

There are DVDs from all over the world. And many devices are region-locked, like mobile phones. That only means that if you bought your Xbox One from your country, it would only play discs from the same region. You can also check the number on the DVDs box to see if it has the same serial number as your region. If it doesn't have the same serial number, then that solves the mystery why your Xbox won't play DVDs.

rip probandsol region

Rip DVD to Video for Playing on Xbox One Without Errors

If you are looking for a tool that can help you rip DVDs to digital video formats, Acethinker Video Master Premium is the best tool. With this, you can save more physical storage and store it on a hard drive since you will be using a USB drive instead of the old DVD. Also, the app has a built-in player, you can play the DVD content to check whether it's as you need.

Key Features:

  • Serves as a video editor as it offers features like video compressor, 3d maker, GIF maker, video enhancer, and metadata editor. It will help you with regards to editing videos just in case you need it.
  • Serves as a file converter through a series of formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, WEBM, MKV, MXF, DV, ASF, 3GP, TS, DPG, MTV, MTS. and more.
  • Compatible for bulk downloading.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Get Acethinker Video Master Premium

For first-time users, click the "Download" button above to get the app's installer. Follow the installation process to install the app completely. Once done, launch and run the application, You should see an interface like this picture below.

rip vmp step1

Step 2 Insert the Xbox DVD

Once you have the application, you will see options Converter, Ripper, and Toolbox, please choose the Ripper tab. Then, click the "insert DVD" button at the center part of the interface as you insert the DVD to be ripped.

rip vmp step2

Step 3 Click Rip All Button

Once you have added the DVD, you can choose the format you want by clicking the "rip all to" dropdown selection on the top-right part of the interface. Then, on the bottom-left is the destination folder. Then, click the "Rip All" to begin the process.

rip vmp step3

Step 4 Saved on Destination Folder

After clicking on the "Rip All" button, you need to wait for a few moments to finish the process. Once the process is done, it will be saved on the destination folder you set up on your PC. You can either check it on the window that will pop up or go straight to the computer's folder.

rip vmp step4

Step 5 Copy and Paste the Video

Finally, you can now copy the video file and paste it to your Drive. Then, to play it on your Xbox One. Plugin the flash drive with the data you ripped, then finally, you can enjoy playing the video on your Xbox One. You can now chill after work without any struggles.


  • All in one tool - Video ripper, Converter, Video editor.

  • Needs purchase for full features. (Video Editor features)

Alternative Solution to Rip DVD for Xbox

You can use DVDFab DVD Ripper as an alternative when you are in need to rip DVDs. With this, you can rip any DVD and transform them into the format you need. Moreover, you can also burn the content to a blank DVD if you want to keep a real copy. Here are steps to use it. Also, it serves as a DVD converter and a DVD burner. More features like it can compress videos, video downloader, image converted, and a lot more.

rip dvdfab interface

User Guide:

  • Open the application and go to the Ripper module tab. Insert the Xbox one disc. Next, click the "+" button to convert and load it.
  • Go to the Profile Switcher to select the format you want for the output. Then, select the title, chapter, audio tracks.
  • Go to Advanced Settings to edit and customize your video. Then, clicking the bottom menu will give you the option to change the destination folder.
  • Finally, click the start button to start ripping the DVD.

  • It can record desktop screen activities with real-time voice-over.

  • To expensive compare to other tools with the same functions.

Tips on How to Play Movies with Xbox One

Xbox One is not only for gaming but offers you to use it as a DVD player as well. Here is the step by step guide on how to turn your Xbox One into a DVD player.

rip blu ray interface

User Guide:

  • Press the button with the Xbox logo in the center of the controller to go to the home screen. Then select Store. It's the last option on the top left choices. Press" A" on the controller to select.
  • Select Search. It's the tab that has a magnifying glass at the top of the screen. Then type Blu-ray in the search bar.
  • Press the Menu button in the center-right of the controller. This will display a list of matching apps. Select the Blu-ray Player app and install it.
  • After installing it, whenever you watch DVDs on your Xbox One. Just Insert DVD into Xbox One, and the Blue-ray Player will launch automatically to play the DVD content.
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Last updated on November 17, 2020

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