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How to Rip DVD with the Right Subtitles

Have you ever thought of saving the video from your DVD and the exact subtitles you need? For many, converting and ripping videos is the best solution to this problem. There may be tons of apps you can find over the internet. Thus, not all can provide the option to rip DVDs with subtitles. Hence, it would be best if you had a reliable tool to use. Taking this into consideration, we reviewed one of the best apps that fit this job. Learn how to rip DVD with subtitles using AceThinker Video Master Premium by reading through below.

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How to Rip DVD with Subtitles You Want on Windows/Mac

Acethinker Video Master Premium is a DVD ripper and a converter that is available on Windows and Mac. Not only it can rip DVD with subtitles, but it can also match your devices according to the format it supports. This includes iOS, Android, Xbox, Samsung, PS4, Mac, Windows, Sony, and others. No matter format you may need is in this tool. On top of that, the tool is labeled as one of the best "rippers". More than just ripping you can also edit the video accordingly. You can add effects, filters, and even rotate, remove the border, and a lot more. If you also want to secure the copyright of your video edited, you can add a watermark to it. Also, one great thing about this app is the subtitle. This allows you to rip the current subtitle and change it to a new one. Let's say you prefer a different language for it. This tool nailed it! It has everything you need. So it is safe to say that, it is jampacked and soon to be one of the most recommended rippers. Meanwhile, to know more about the ripper feature of Acethinker Video Master Premium, here is a detailed guide on how you can use it.

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Step 1 Download and install Video Master Premium

Use the download button above to download and install the app on your PC. Make sure to have a stable internet connection to make out of the most from the tool. Follow the installation guide and launch the application. From the main interface, choose "Ripper" among the three tabs. It is the one in the middle.

rip dvd with subtitle step 1

Step 2 Personalize settings according to your need

Before converting, you must set and configure the settings you needed for your video. Click the "gear icon" located at the bottom of the interface. From there, take control of the personalization.

rip dvd with subtitle step2

Step 3 Open file location and Upload

At the center of the interface, click the plus sign icon and locate the folder where the ripped file is located.


Step 4 Rip the DVD File

Once the video is uploaded, eyes on the format section located at the upper right side of the main interface. Click the drop-down and choose the format you need. You can also see the format on the right side of the files for easy access to the formats. After selecting the format, click "Rip all" at the bottom right part of the interface.


Step 5 Test and Play the DVD file

Click the "folder icon" beside the "gear icon." The location will show you where the file is. Double click and play it. The folder where files are being saved is by default on the output folder. You can also change it if you like.

play the video

FAQs About DVD Ripping and Subtitles

1. Can I compress the file after conversion to share it?

It is a common inquiry to those who wanted to send files via email or social media. But many times, the file is too big to share. So, people are betting on compressing the file without the original file being altered. Yes, Video Master can do it. It is an additional feature incorporated in the "toolbox". From there, choose the compressor and follow the rest of the procedure until the video is compressed.

2. Can I edit before ripping the DVD?

Depending on the tool that you are using, editing before ripping may not be available to all. There are tons of applications out there but only a few support this feature. The one recommended above will give you the ability to edit the video prior to ripping.

3. Can I add a subtitle to the video?

Aside from editing and compressing, one common inquiry about the app is adding a subtitle. Fortunately, the tool has one. While you are in the edit interface, you will also have the option to add a subtitle to the video. Just click "subtitle" from the tabs above. Choose the file and click on "add." Then click "Okay" to finish it.

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