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How to Remove Copy Protection from DVD

featured image remove dvd copy protection DVDs are famous before because they can carry media files, games, and documents efficiently. Although flash drives and external hard drives are more popular nowadays, people still rely on DVDs for file security and safety. Flash drives and external hard drives are more prone to a virus, resulting in file corruption since they are available to plugged-in to almost any device. DVDs can claim it is safer since not all devices are equipped with a disc drive. Another protection that you can rely on DVD is it lets you encrypt the files. However, there are times that we need to remove it. One great instance is that we need to remove the protection to produce copy or back-up the files in it. In that case, this post will teach you how to remove DVD copy protection using the best software.

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How to Remove Copy Protection from DVD

The best way to get a copy or backup of the files inside a DVD is by using AceThinker Video Master Premium. It can rip DVD files as fast as possible since it maximizes your video card's full capacity and processor. The good thing about is it preserves the ripped file's video quality even they are in 4K resolution. You can also copy the protected files with almost 100% accuracy, including the subtitles and audio tracks embedded in the video. Furthermore, it has a built-in DVD player allowing you to preview the video even without ripping or converting it. Follow the steps below to learn how to remove copy protection from DVD.

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Step 1 Install the DVD Copy Protection Removal Software

Click any of the "Download" buttons provided above to acquire the program's installer. Open it to access the installation guide and follow it carefully. After that, launch Video Master Premium on your Windows or Mac computer.

vmp main interface

Step 2 Load the DVD

Get your DVD and insert it on your computer's driver and let it load. Then, go to the "Ripper" tab of Video Master Premium click "Load DVD" to open the file explorer. Browse and it and upload the video you want to remove the protection into the software.

vmp load dvd

Step 3 Select Desired Format

Next, you can choose your preferred file format for copying or ripping the video inside the DVD. Click the "Dropdown" menu and select the format on the list that will appear. You can also choose the quality you want.

vmp rip dvd mp3

Step 4 Remove Copyright from DVD

After that, click the "Rip All" button, and the software will remove the protection and convert it at the same time. Once done, open the output folder, and you can now play the video without any limit.

vmp play the converted video


  • Video Master Premium is equipped with editing tools that can cut, trim, or add effects to the video.
  • It can enhance the video by optimizing the brightness and contrast, removing video noise, and more.

  • Batch conversion is not available if you're only using its trial version.

Most Common Types of DVD Copy Protections

No doubt, AceThinker Video Master Premium is the best DVD removal software. So, just follow the simple guide above to achieve the feat. In the meantime, let us discover the usual types of DVD copy protection.

1. DVD Region Code

These are restrictions embedded on DVDs that only allows the file to be accessible in a particular area. Other DVDs don't have a Region Code or labeled as Region 0 as a term for universal discs. Region Code is based on the location or country wherein the DVD is produced. So, if you're not under the same Region Code, you won't be able to play the DVD without removing it.

dvd region code


DVD CSS, known as the Content Scramble System, is another encryption system that will prohibit you access a DVD. This type of protection is mostly-used by commercial DVD discs to avoid mass copying or piracy. One form of CSS is the player will ask for a key code before you can access the files inside the disc.

dvd css

3. Sony ARrcOS Protection

ARccOS protection or Advanced Regional Copy Control Operating Solution is an encryption system designed by Sony for its DVDs. Usually, it is an added protection for CSS, making it harder to remove. If a disc is protected with this, you'll receive an error when you tried to copy the DVD.

sony arrcos protection

4. Analog Protection System

Another copyright protection program for DVD is Analog Protection System or APS. Even though you can still copy the DVD, the end result would be that the files are corrupted or inaccessible. It works by adding negative pulses to the analog video signals.

analog protection system

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