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How to Play DVD on Playstation 4

dvd to mp4 Playstation 4 or PS4, is perhaps the most famous gaming console that belongs in the Sony Computer entertainment family. It truly offers players a unique gaming experience. The device can stream a UHD BD disc to a resolution that reaches 4K. The process of playing a standard DVD is relatively easy. The problem is that several users have reported issues when they play DVD on PS4, which leads us back to the question of whether PS4 can read and play DVD content. This is a YES! PlayStation 4 is not just a typical gaming device. You can also use a media player program for streaming DVD and BD movies and several video content, e.g., 4K videos. You can also play DVD movies right away with it. However, you may come across some pesky playback errors for several common or random reasons. If you wish to prevent such issues, you may convert your DVD to matching video formats supported by your console. In this report, we are about to show everyone how to steam DVDs on their Playstation 4 and how to convert DVD movie files into PS4 supported video formats.

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How to Play DVDs on PS4 Directly

As highlighted before, Playstation 4 can directly play DVD and BD discs from the moment you insert the disc inside.

Step 1. Enter the DVD movie disc that you wish to play.

Step 2. The DVD movie or TV show will be streamed automatically. Otherwise, you may head to the “Video” area as shown in the XMB list and press “X” over the movie name to stream the movie disc.

play dvd to ps4

Once you insert the DVD into the PS4 console, you may easily manage the streaming via the Playstation 4 controller and user interface. It is essential to have a reliable online connection before attempting to connect your console and set it to play DVDs. You also have to upgrade your console to the newest system version. If you own Playstation 4 Slim or Playstation 4 Pro, you should upgrade to 1.50 or later version.

Playing DVDs via PS4 is relatively easy. However, you may occasionally encounter several playback issues that will interfere with the flawless playing process of your DVD movies. Problems with internet connectivity or faulty installation of connectors and other components can be fixed quickly, however, issues from a damaged disc or area-code restrictions can’t be resolved quickly. You may still manage to play these movies from damaged discs or region restrictions by using a dedicated DVDFab DVD ripper to convert your discs to matching video formats and then stream the ripped movies on PS4 without encountering playback issues of any kind.

Better Method to Play DVDs on Playstation 4 (suggested)

Unfortunately, some DVD files are not available to play on PS4. Luckily, AceThinker Video Master Premium is here for you. One of is function is to rip the files contained in the DVD. The good thing about it supports conversion for PS4 compatible formats. Moreover, it ensures that it retains the original quality of the video on the DVD. Furthermore, it promises fast conversion and ripping speed since it utilizes your GPU and CPU altogether. Follow the steps written below to learn how to play DVD on PS4 using Video Master Premium.

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Step 1 Download the DVD to PS4 Ripper

Click the "Download" button provided that suits the operating system of your computer. Open the file and follow the process of installation. Launch it to once installed.

vmp main interface

Step 2 Load the DVD File

Next, get the DVD and insert it on the driver of your computer. Go back to Video Master Premium and go to its "Ripper" tab. Let it load for a while and then upload the media files you want to rip.

vmpremium import file

Step 3 Play Converted DVDs on PS4 via USB

Once uploaded, hit the "Dropdown" menu next to "Rip All to" then choose "Device," then "Games," and select "PS4" from the list. Finally, click "Rip All" to start the process. Once done, you can transfer the file to USB and plug it into the PS4.

vkpremium play dvd ps4

More FAQs About Playing DVDs on PS4

No doubt, the PlayStation series is one of the best innovations for the gaming console industry. In fact, we can tell that this console is not limited to gaming; it can also access other apps and media files. Now, let us check some common questions about PS4 and answer them.

1. Can PS4 play Blu-ray, DVD, or CDs?

As mentioned above, it can access the media files inside Blu-ray and DVD directly. However, you might experience playback errors, so it is better if you can rip and convert them. For CDs, it cannot play any media files in it entirely since these discs are older. However, you can rip the file and convert it to MP3 to play it on PS4.

2. Can PS4 play in 4K resolution?

PS4 can play 4K resolution videos or images. However, 4K is not yet available for games since most of them are only at 1080p full HD for up to 60fps.

3. Can PS4 play MP3 files?

Yes, it can. However, there is a catch. You need a USB before you can play MP3 files since PS4 could not store such files in its local drive. Here, plug-in the USB and play the tracks using the mini music player that will appear.

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Last updated on November 20, 2020

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