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How to Play DVD on Laptop

play dvd on laptop featureBefore different music and video streaming platforms took place, DVDs were the portable storage we used to watch movies and listen to music with DVD players' help. But today, DVD players are slowly phasing out, and it leaves our DVDs unused. This change is a big deal for movie collectors and sentimental people out there. If your laptop or computer has a DVD port, DVDs can still be useful. However, if it doesn't have, don't worry because there are convenient ways to play DVDs on laptops with the advent of technology. You can use a third-party player or rip these discs with a reliable DVD ripper available online. With that, this article will let you know how to play DVD on a laptop efficiently - in three easy working ways.

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Play DVD on Laptop with DVD Drive

Most laptops usually don't have a built-in DVD player anymore. But the good thing is that developers understand that online activities require DVDs, including formatting and installing software. Although we have flash drives and external drives, we all know how vulnerable these storages are to viruses.

Meanwhile, famous brands, like Lenovo, Acer, HP, and Dell, made their laptops DVD-ready this 2020. That brings back the old way of streaming videos, but this time it's with a computer. So, it's time to stop asking yourself, "how do I play a DVD on my laptop" if you cannot play a DVD on laptop, because below are the steps on how you can play a DVD on a laptop with its built-in DVD drive.

play dvd on laptop with dvd drive

  • Prepare your DVD and laptop. Next, as laptops now have two ways to insert DVDs, a tray-type or slot-type porter. On a tray-type, push the "Eject/Insert" button and wait for the disc rack to come out, then put the disc after that. Meanwhile, for the slot-type, insert the DVD inside and let the laptop grabs it.
  • To close the DVD drive, click on the "Eject/Insert" button again for the tray type. And for the slot-type, gently push the disc. Then, wait for the laptop to read and play your DVD.
  • In most cases, DVDs containing video and audio auto-detect and play the files instantly after reading. On the other hand, you may click on your "My PC" or "My Computer" if you are to access different types of files.
Make sure that you wipe them clean before using to avoid problems like DVD won't play on laptop.

Play DVD on Laptop with a Third-Party Player

There are instances wherein the DVD does not play on laptop. If it's not because with the DVD and DVD porter themselves, it may be due to the region codes that serve as copyright protection of data saved on DVDs and CDs. But that restriction should not be a problem anymore since there are third-party apps available in the market now, like VLC player, a below 100MB tool, but best in video viewing.

Besides watching movies, it also supports standard audio formats, including OGG, MP3, WAV, WMA, and more. Also, it lets you preview other more files stored on your DVDs. This player is also compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, making streaming easier. Additionally, you can also extract video subtitles here, which make your video streaming worthwhile and hassle-free. And if you're not familiar with this app, don't worry because below are the listed steps you should do to kickstart your VLC-streaming experience.

dvd on laptop with vlc

  • To play your DVD using VLC, first you have to download VLC Player. Then after downloading, click the file to open it and follow the direction to install the program. The app will launch automatically depends on your settings. On the other hand, you can launch it manually by going to the app.
  • After that, insert the DVD on your disc tray or slot-type compartment then, press the "Eject" button or gently push the slot.
  • Next, go back to the VLC app and click "Media," and from there, select "Open Disc" and click "DVD." Finally, tap "Play." and your DVD will start playing shortly with VLC.
Aside from being a video player, you can also take a snapshot using this tool. Just preview the video first, click "Video." Then, select "Take Snapshot" from the list.

Rip DVD to Video for Convenient Playback on Laptop

Once you already tried the two methods above, and you still end up asking, "how to play a DVD on my laptop?" maybe it's about time to try a DVD ripping tool. Another reason to use ripper is that there is a DVD not playing on laptop Windows 10. The built-in player of it doesn't support DVD formats, which calls for conversion and ripping. If you're to ask how to play DVD on a laptop without a drive, DVD ripping is a process you can do, and the best software you must try is the AceThinker Video Master.

This DVD ripping application lets you digitize a copy of your DVDs. And if you're to ask how to play DVD on laptop without drive, DVD ripping is a process you can do. Meanwhile, some people find this solution intimidating. This reason is why AceThinker Video Master Premium made its interface straightforward to make ripping easy as A-B-C. You also don't have to worry about what formats are available since it has various video and audio configurations, including MP4, MOV, MP3, WAV, and more. Indeed, this app is perfect for DVD not playing on laptop. Hereto are the procedures on how to start ripping using this fantastic tool to efficiently playback videos.

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Step 1 Download and Install AceThinker Video Master Premium

Get the tool by clicking the "Download" button provided above. Make sure to choose the appropriate tool for your OS. After that, run the program as directed. Next, open the installer and follow the installation procedure. Lastly, launch the app to start using it.

dvd on laptop with vmp

Step 2 Place DVD

Insert your DVD on your laptop's DVD porter. Then, go back to the Video Master Premium app and select the "Ripper" button.

play dvd on laptop 1

Step 3

To import the file, click on the "Load DVD" button. Alternatively, you can also hit the "+" icon. After that, the File Explorer opens, and from there, select the external DVD RW drive detected by your laptop. Next, choose "Select File" to import your video completely.

play dvd on laptop 2

Step 4 Select Video and Audio Preferences

After importing the file, it's time to choose your desired format for your video. To do so, click the drop-down menu beside the "Rip All to:" button. It's at the top-right corner of the app. Then, select your desired video and audio preferences and presets for your output. Here, you can even choose what device you want to play your file exclusively. Finally, once all are okay, click the "Rip All" button.

play dvd on laptop 3

Step 5 Play Your Ripped DVD

When finished ripping, wait for your files to be saved and ready for viewing. And to play your output, open the file location or on its default folder for Video Premium Master output. Click the file so you can view your file.

play dvd on laptop 4

You can have multiple files in single output by utilizing its "Merge into one file" function.
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