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Best Way to Play DVD on iPad

convert dvd to ipadAs we know, playing DVDs on an iPad is possible as long as you are using an internal or external drive connected to a computer and make sure that your computer is connected via Wifi. But why can't we watch the DVD directly on the iPad? It is because the iPad does not support a DVD file format wherein you will have to convert some videos that you wish to watch on your iPad. Well, that is possible, there are so many converters that you can search online. But of course, you will have to choose the best one. So with that, we will show you some of the perfect converters that will help you play DVD on iPad. See them below.

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Convert DVD to iPad Supported Video Formats on Win/Mac

When you want to watch DVDs on the iPad but don’t have a converter to turn the file into supported formats, use the Acethinker Video Master Premium. This tool allows you to convert videos into several file formats, including video formats that are supported on iPad like M4V, MP4, and more. Besides, it has a speed conversion wherein you can convert multiple videos without buffering. With the use of this converter, you can now watch videos on iPad with up to 4K Quality. To teach you the process of how this tool works, see the detailed steps written below.

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Step 1 Download and install the Video Master Premium

First, click one of the "Download" buttons above. Then, launch the installer, and follow the steps on installing the tool to your PC. Once done, run the app and click the "Gear" icon at the bottom part of its interface, and go to the “Ripper” section. From there, you can change the default output folder, task schedule, and subtitles. Then, press the “OK” button to apply the changes.

play dvd to ipad vmp step 1

Step 2 Load the DVD You Want to Play on iPad

Next, insert the DVD to your computer’s disc drive, and go to the "Ripper" tab of Video Master Premium. From there, click the "Inject DVD" button at the middle part of its interface to open the DVD that you want to convert.

play dvd to ipad vmp step 2

Step 3 Start to Convert DVD to iPad Compatible Video Formats

To start, click the "Rip All to" drop-down button at the upper right part of the tool. Then, go to the "Device" category, choose "Apple", and select "iPad". After that, click the "Rip All" button at the left corner of the tool to begin converting the DVD.

play dvd to ipad vmp step 3

Step 4 Transfer the DVD Video to iPad

Once done, launch your iTunes to your PC, connect your iPad to your computer via lightning cable for iTunes to detect it. Then, go to File, select “Add to Library,” choose the DVD video, and click “Open.” You can find the video at the left pane in iTunes under “Devices.” You can easily drag the clip from your iTunes Library to your iPad to copy it. After that, you can then play the DVD video on your iPad device.

play dvd to ipad vmp step 4

FAQs About Watching DVD on iPad

Are there any DVD players for iPad?

There is no way that you can play DVDs directly on an iPad because the device is a table and doesn't have a disc drive. You can only play digital videos on the iPad by uploading them via iTunes. Movies and TV shows downloaded via iTunes are also playable on iPad devices. In fact, Apple company lets users who purchased iTunes movies and TV series to store them to an external Wireless WiFi-enabled, exclusive USB Flash drives, and portable hard drive. However, you can only keep videos on the said devices. Still, you can never play them unless you transfer them again to your iPad. Another thing is you need to use the drive maker's app to use these devices.

Is it legal to convert DVD to iPad playable video?

It is never legal to rip a DVD, especially if it has a copyright. It is because each DVD has Digital Rights Management protection. Thanks to this protection, iTunes will not tolerate ripping DVDs for pirating purposes. But, if the DVD that you want to pull is yours, then you can override its copyright protection and make it rippable for you. So, if you're going to rip a DVD and play it on your iPad, you have to convert it into a compatible format with an iPad. And that being said, you can use the AceThinker Video Master Premium for ripping and converting DVDs that have been discussed above.

Additional Tips to Watch DVD on iPad

DVDs don't have slots on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, but it's not easy to play your DVDs on these devices or record them to play on your computer without needing the DVDs again. This is similar to iTunes, wherein it lets you record all the CDs into your PC, so you never need to juggle your discs again. It is better to keep many DVDs on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch at all times to play anytime you want. Once you do this, you can directly play DVDs without any menus between you and the movie. You can play them with one click.

watch dvd on ipad

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Last updated on January 19, 2021

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