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How to Play DVD Movie on HP Laptop

play dvd on hp laptopDVD is a disc where you can store different file formats like MPEG-2, MP3, MP4, JPG, PNG, and more. You can play DVD on DVD players, console gaming devices, and computers like Mac and Windows. People used to play DVD on HP laptop well. However, there are raising questions playing a dvd on HP laptop. That's because the computer keeps on improving its hardware parts, some of the newest DVD player not working on HP laptop. Is there any feasible way to watch a DVD movie on an HP laptop? On that note, we’re going to show you how do you play a DVD on a HP laptop.

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Play DVD on HP Laptop with Windows XP/Vista/7

Distinctive feature: Its sole purpose is to play DVD on Windows laptops and computers.

The older versions of Windows like XP, Vista, and 7 mostly have DVD drivers in them, especially on HP laptops. With this hardware device, you can play DVDs on HP laptops easily. As long as you have a video player app, you can play any DVD videos on your computer as much as you like. You can also open local videos that have been stored on a DVD as much as MP3 files and photos. To know how to play DVD on HP laptop, you can follow the steps below.

hp dvd windows7

User guide

  • First, go to the "Start" menu of your HP laptop, and open its Windows Explorer.
  • Then, right-click the "DVD drive" on the left side of the folder. You can also find the "DVD drive" within the Computer section.
  • After that, choose "Eject" from the list to open the DVD drive of your HP laptop.
  • Lastly, insert the DVD into the ejected DVD drive and push it back to close it. Your HP laptop will automatically read the DVD and make it playable for you.

  • Older versions of HP laptops in Windows XP/Vista/7 have a built-in DVD drive.
  • It is easy to play DVDs on Windows' older version than the newest.

  • Windows's older OS version has an issue of blue screen error.

Play DVD on HP Laptop with Windows 10/8

Distinctive feature: This tool is perfect for turning DVDs into digital format, edit them, make multiple files into one, and even add subtitles to a movie.

We will now discuss how to play DVD on HP laptop with Windows 10. Since some of the latest laptops and PC builds don't have a built-in DVD drive, most users tend to use an external DVD driver. It hassles to plug in and out an external device to play a video from a DVD. That is why we recommend you to use the AceThinker Video Master Premium to rip and convert DVDs to MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, MP3, WAV, OGG, and more on a computer that has the DVD drive and then play the ripped video on HP laptop. Not just turning and ripping DVDs, but this tool can also edit the video by adding filters and effects, watermarks, subtitles, and audio before converting. You may follow the steps below to start using this tool.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Install the AceThinker Video Master Premium

First of all, get the tool's installer by clicking one of the "Download" buttons above. Then, launch it and proceed to follow the setup wizard to install the software to your computer completely. Once done, open it to get used to its interface.

hp dvd vmp step1

Step 2 Insert the DVD

Next, insert the DVD into your HP laptop's DVD drive. Once read, go to the "Ripper" section of the Video Master Premium, and click the "+" icon to open the DVD. You can also drag the DVD file to the tool to open it immediately.

hp dvd vmp step2

Step 3 Start Ripping DVD for HP Laptop

Once ready, click the "Rip All to" drop-down button at the upper leftmost part of the "Ripper" section and choose your preferred format and quality. You can also click the "Folder" icon to select your desired folder location. Then, click the "Rip All" button at the lower part to start ripping it.

hp dvd vmp step3

Step 4 Play and Watch the Ripped DVD on HP Laptop

When finished, go to the "Converted" section to find the ripped DVD. Select the video and click the "Play" button on its thumbnail to play it. You can also double-click on the video to watch it quickly.

hp dvd vmp step4


  • This tool can add or delete a segment of a video.
  • It can merge multiple videos into one file.

  • It can only convert video within 5 minutes length on its free trial.

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