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Learn the Ways to Convert and Upload DVD to YouTube

upload to youtube feature image DVDs can store different videos like music videos, concerts, movies, series, and local videos. It can maintain the original quality when you want to have a back-up. On the other hand, there are also methods on how to rip DVDs to YouTube compatible format. By doing this, you can get the video from a DVD and upload DVD to YouTube without any problem. YouTube sometimes won’t allow you to upload videos if the format is not supported. That is why we have searched for the best ways to get videos from DVDs and for you to make sure to upload it on YouTube. Keep on reading below to see the tools.

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Best Tool to Rip a Video from DVD to YouTube

AceThinker Video Master Premium is a tool that can convert DVD to YouTube compatible format like MP4, MOV, FLV, and more. It can quickly turn any videos for you to upload on YouTube because of its video format presets. Besides, you can choose supported formats of Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, and more within its presets list. Another unique feature of this tool is its built-in DVD ripper. With this feature, you can save any video from a DVD to your computer. For you to know how to use this tool, you can follow the steps below.

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Step 1 Download and install the Video Master Premium

First, get the installer of this video converter by clicking one of the “Download” buttons above. After that, launch it and follow the guidelines for installing shown by this tool. Once installed, open the app to get familiar with its user interface.

convert to youtube vmp interface

Step 2 Add the DVD file on the tool

Next, go to the "Ripper" tab, and click the "Insert DVD" at the middle part of its interface to add the DVD that you want to convert. You can click the "Gear" button at the bottom part of the tool's settings. You can select the audio and subtitle language, enable the GPU Acceleration, and more. Then, press the "OK" button to apply the changes.

convert to youtube vmp settings

Step 3 Choose YouTube format to start ripping DVD

To start, go to the “Rip All to” list at the upper rightmost part of the Ripper tab. Scroll-down at the leftmost part of the list and select “YouTube.” Then, click the “Rip All” button at the right corner to start ripping and saving the DVD video to YouTube compatible format.

convert to youtube vmp start

Step 4 Watch the ripped video

Once done, the ripped video will be saved on the default output folder you have set. Go to that folder, and double-click the video for you to play it.

convert to youtube vmp preview

Guideline for Uploading Videos to YouTube

Uploading videos on YouTube is so easy that even a non-techy can do it without any problem. Just take note of the format that YouTube supports. Generally, you can upload MP4 videos on this website. If you got the message “unsupported file format” when you tried uploading a video, your MP4 file might be corrupted. Since we showed you the best DVD to YouTube ripper, we will show you how to upload it on YouTube below.

Step 1 Visit the YouTube website

Go to the YouTube website and log in to your registered account. Then, click the “Create” button and choose the “Upload Video” to start uploading the ripped DVD video.

add video to youtube

Step 2 Start uploading videos

Next, click the “SELECT FILES” button at the center of the interface to select the video from your hard drive. You can add the title of the video, description, and a thumbnail while uploading. Then, you can watch and share the video after uploading it to YouTube.

start uploading on youtube


The guidelines above will teach you how to rip DVDs and save them as YouTube compatible formats. Also, AceThinker Video Master Premium is more than just a DVD ripper and video converter. It can also edit videos like rotating, cropping, adding effects, filters, watermarks, and more.

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Last updated on May 10, 2021

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