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How to Convert DVD to VOB with DVD Ripper Quickly

Though DVD is popular for media storage, it's incompatible with many portable devices and players. VOB, short for Video Object, is a container format to save the video and audio data on DVD. If you want to play DVD on laptops or PC that don’t have a DVD port or mobile devices that cannot play DVD, it’s recommended that you convert DVD to VOB video and then play the video with media players. In this article, we will show you how to rip VOB from DVD with high quality using the best DVD to VOB converter.

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What is VOB?

VOB file or video object is the standard configuration of your DVD. This format refers to the digital contents of your DVD - video files, audio files, and even subtitles, as well as the DVD menu and information navigation. These contents enable us to stream and play a media file on our DVD players. Also, it has specific file names that start with VTS (Video Title Set) and contain title and section; for example, VTS_01_2.VOB means Title 1, Section 2. VIDEO_TS.VOB. It also includes a MPEG format, which allows you to transfer and copy the files on your PC and the internet using a DVD to VOB converter like AceThinker Video Master Premium. This tool is a free DVD to VOB ripper that you can use to extract your VOB files.

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How to Convert DVD to VOB with DVD Ripper?

One of the best and easiest ways to convert DVD to VOB is AceThinker Video Master Premium. This tool helps me rip VOB from DVD efficiently. Using this, you can also transfer and save your extracted file to your desired external or internal storage, whereas, you can stream and access them anytime and anywhere, even without DVD players. Below are its key features and step by step guide on how to use it as a DVD to VOB converter:

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Step 1 Download and Install DVD to VOB Ripper

To install this converter, click the download button provided above. Then, save the file and after that click it and follow the installation process to run the program. Finally, launch the app and start using it.


Step 2 Insert DVD

Once the app is ready to use leave it for a while to inject disc on your DVD device and start to rip DVD to VOB free. Then, go back to the software and select the "Ripper" button to rip VOB from DVD.

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Step 3 Import File

Next, you will see a "Load DVD" at the top-left corner of the app and a big "+" button on the middle part to import the file. Click either of the two to open the file explorer. Then, look for the external hard drive or file you want to rip. After that, click "Open." Or you can also drag the files to the "+" button.

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Step 4 Select VOB as the Output Format

After importing your files, click on the drop-down menu on the app's top-right corner to expand the list of formats. Next, click on the "Video" tab, and choose the VOB format. From there, you can also select the audio and device formats you want. You can also choose more video and audio formats depending on your liking. Once all set, click the "Rip All" button, and the extraction and conversion will start.

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Step 5 Rip DVD to VOB

Finally, wait for the video ripping conversion to be completed. After a while, click the "Folder" icon so it will bring you to your file location. Then, to play your file, either double-click it or right-click and select "Play".

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Last updated on May 10, 2021

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