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Best Ways to Convert DVD to DivX with HD Quality

featured-image-convert-dvd-to-divxNowadays, there are tons of famous video codecs that can be used online; most of them are DivX and Xvid. Basically, Divx consists of three DivX codecs; these include Divx HEVC ultra HD codec, MPEG-4 DivX codec, and MPEG-4 AVC, wherein you can play them on different devices like Android. Likewise, DivX can compress a DVD video or movies to fit on a CD. Besides, if you have a collection of films and other videos on DVD and you want them to preview using a DivX compatible player, then you have to look for the best and simple DVD to DivX converter. So with that, we will provide you the best tool to use to convert DVD to DivX together with the difference between them. Just keep reading this article.

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How to Convert DVD to DivX or Xvid with High Quality

When it comes to a video converter, Acethinker Video Master Premium is one of the best. It is an all-in-one solution that enables you to convert multiple videos to different files, including DivX, without changing the original video's quality. It is perfect to use, especially if you want to convert DVD videos and watch them on different media players like VLC. Aside from that, it supports many video and audio formats, including MPV, AVI, MP4, WMV, MPEG, 3GP, and a lot more. Also, one of the reasons why this DVD to DivX converter is perfect is because it works well on different types of DVDs such as DVD-R, regional DVD, homemade DVD, etc. Meanwhile, besides conversion, you have an option to customize your videos using its default editings function such as adding effects, trim, rotate, remove unwanted images, annoying borders, and more. In connection to this, it has a video compressor wherein you can compress your videos to save the memory space on your devices. So for you to learn the process to convert DVD to DivX using this converter, follow the detailed steps written below.

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Step 1 Save the tool on your pc

The first thing to do is to save the software on your computer. Click one of the “Download” buttons that we provided above and launch it to see the installation guidelines. Follow them to save it on your PC. After that, open the tool to get familiar with its interface.

vm main interface

Step 2 Set-up the settings of the tool

Once the DivX DVD ripper is installed, hit the “Triple-line” icon located at the upper right part of the interface and select “Preferences” to see all the settings options. From here, you can set-up the settings of the tool according to your preferences.

vmpremium settings ripper

Step 3 Start importing DVD file

Once the tool is completely set-up, select the “Ripper” option located at the upper part of the interface and click the “Load DVD” button that you can see from the interface's upper left corner and browse a DVD file on your PC and import a DVD file.

vmp load dvd

Step 4 Start converting a DVD to DivX

From here, click the “drop-down” menu beside the “Rip All to” icon that you can see at the upper right portion of the interface to see all the available video file formats. Then, select "DivX". After that, click the “Rip All” button at the bottom right corner of the tool to start the process.

vmp select divx

Step 5 Preview the converted DivX video

Lastly, click the “Converted” option located at the upper part of the interface to see all the converted video. Then, hit the “Folder” button beside the filename and right-click it to play the converted video.

vmp play the converted divx

Extra Tips and Knowledge about the DivX and Xvid Format

1. What are the differences between DivX and Xvid?

DivX and Xvid are popular video codecs and are known for compressing audio and video files without affecting the original file quality. Besides, DivX is an old video rental system developed by Circuit City Stores using custom DVDs and players. It also became the first video codec suitable for Windows AVI container format that consists of a strong compression and a good quality picture. On the other hand, Xvid is available under the General Public License for free. And it can be used on all different types of OS like Windows and Mac as the platform wherein there is an option to compile a source code. Additionally, Xvid codec can compress a feature-length and DVD quality movie to make it on one or two CDs without changing the image quality. But all in all, both DivX and Xvid are good, but Xvid has its good conversion speed, unlike DivX.

xvid vs divx

2. How to Watch DivX or Xvid Video on Mobile Devices?

In case you want to play a DivX or Xvid video on your mobile devices, you have to convert DVD to Xvid because Xvid and DivX are not compatible on mobile devices. Also, you have to install an additional media player on your mobile devices such as VLC media player to watch DivX and Xvid videos on your mobile phones. That being said, we recommend you to use the Acethinker Video Master Premium to convert videos to DivX or Xvid. This DVD to DivX ripper freeware helps you to convert numerous DVD videos to DivX or Xvid without any limitations. It is also supported on different platforms such as Android, iPhone, iPads, and even Windows and Mac. Besides, this converter has fast conversion features wherein you can get the converted videos very fast.

divx mobile device

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Last updated on April 26, 2021

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