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Convenient Ways to Copy DVD to Windows and Mac

save dvd to computerDVDs are not the norm as a couple of decades ago. Even if you have some old DVDs in your collection, you may wish to rip DVDs and save DVD to computer (laptop or desktop). and therefore you don’t have to gather large and fragile DVD discs. Clearly, this is one of the many reasons for keeping a DVD on your PC. Extra reasons feature "digitalization" of DVD to ISO picture to make a new DVD and storage on the system’s hard drive to protect against valuable movie libraries, release some space in your home and convert DVDs to electronic form for adaptable playback on PC or smartphone devices. Regardless of the reason, this article will offer the top 2 methods to store your DVD to PC in digital form. Regardless of who and what your needs are, a freeware hunter or special program search.

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Ηοw To Copy DVD to PC using Handbrake

Converting a free movie to your hard disc may appear to be a tad complex, however, it’s actually very easy. You can do this in several ways using several programs but our top suggestion is to use a freeware app like HandBreak. It’s user-friendly and works with all OS systems e.g MS Windows, iOS, Linux, etc. This will rip your homemade video files into supported formats for the respective device or OS. Check the video link above to get familiar with the procedure or follow the steps outlined below.


Go to Handbrake’s homepage and install the freeware in your system as instructed. Handbrake automatically rips unsecured DVDs but the majority of DVDs available for sale come with copyright securities. To pass this step, you will have to download and use libdvdcss. You may install the program files separately depending on your bit level and leave the file’s name as "libdvdcss-2.dll" and place it inside the HandBrake program file. If you are using iOS, install this file and double click to initiate the download. If you are using OS X El Capitan (special iOS version) there a few extra steps that you have to follow--go to the bottom of the article before moving on to a different thing.


Add the DVD file that you wish to covert and enter the Handbrake program. Hit "source" in the top left part of the main screen and select the appropriate DVD drive from the menu. This will initiate the DVD scanning process and will take some minutes. Once completed, go to the "Title" drop-down list in the top left section of the screen to choose which DVD component/file you want to convert. In movie files, that is typically the lengthiest title and therefore select that one. If you are converting TV show videos, these will typically have a time indicator of 22-45 minutes and you’ll have to convert them one by one.


Check the “browse” option on the right panel of the screen and browse the location where you wish to store the movie file and enter a file name in the respective field. Press “OK”. Next, go to the bar on the right that writes “presets”. From there you can pick your desired output format. If you just wish to watch it on your P.C, you may choose the “Normal” or “High” option. However, if you are using a mobile iOS device choose the appropriate preset from the menu.


Press “start” at the top panel. Wait for some minutes as this is not complete in seconds and probably grab a cup of coffee while you wait. Once complete, a pop-alert will appear on your screen. Double click on your DVD file to view it or synchronize it to your chosen device.

How to Install a DVD File to your iOS with Mac OS X

Are you looking for a freeware program to install your DVD files on your iOS device? You should give Mac OS X a try. This solution, however, works exclusively for copying and pasting an unprotected DVD disc and doesn't work on encoded copyright-protected DVDs.

Step 1 Select storage

Add the DVD file that you wish to copy in your iOS device. You can enter the added disk to the desktop of your computer. Then, choose applications-Utilities and launch the Disk Utility. On the left corner, choose the disc from the available menu. There are two indicators for DVD--the one refers to the drive and the other refers to the actual disc. Select one as preferred.

macos step1

Step 2 Click 'New Image'

Choose the “New Image” choice from the home Disk Utility screen, Click the title of the file from the “Save As” screen and also choose the final location that you wish yo keep your disc copy. Make sure that your target spot has enough free memory for storing all your disc materials.

macos step2

Step 3 Finalize output settings

Choose “DVD/CD Master” under the “Save as” screen as a choice for Image format output. The encryption choice cannot be selected on any DVD file. Hit “Save” to finalize all configurations.


Step 4 Return to the Disk Utility Screen

Once the disc is copied to your system at your chosen location, return to the Disk Utility screen. You may view the picture of the new disc on the Disk Utility screen on the left panel. Delete your original DVD files from your OS.

macos step4

Step 5 Burn the content

Next, add a new blank and readable disc into your IOS system and select the picture of your new disc in the Disc Utility screen. Press the “Burn” button and select the “burn” speed. You can also choose to “verify burned data” if you wish.


Step 6 DVD available

Once the DVD is successfully ripped, the system will display a confirmation notification and you will have a fresh copy of your DVD available. To make extra copies of the same disc, save the Disk picture separately.

macos step6

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