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How to Fix DVD Player Not Reading Disc Problem Effectively

dvd player not reading disc Have you experienced watching in your living room where everyone has already set everything up for a movie marathon-snacks, good drinks, and surround music but suddenly your DVD player does not read disc? It kills everyone's excitement, right? Maybe it's about time to check your player why it's not functioning well. Or maybe there is something wrong with the disc. To help you out, here are the whys of what causes DVD player to not read disc and the hows to troubleshoot DVD player not reading disc issue.

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How to Fix DVD Player Not Reading Disc Problem

1. Clean the Dirty Disc Tray

If your DVD player not reading some discs after several tries, obviously it's not because of the damaged disc, but it's your player. However, before deciding to bring it to the electronic service for repair, you may want to try checking its disc tray because it might just need cleaning. Although there are cleaning kits like canned compressed air and cleaning discs available in the market, not everyone can access it. As an alternative, here are the steps you can do to clean your disc tray manually:

dvd player not reading disc 1

  • Test its open and close functions. If the DVD tray is not running smoothly, there might be foreign objects inside that damage every disc you are inserting. For you to know, dust may also be the reason why your DVD cannot read the disc, mainly if it's covering the disc lens.
  • Leave the DVD tray open by pulling off all the connectors. In this way, you'll get full access to it.
  • After opening, check if there are unnecessary objects in the tray. If you find any, use tweezers or anything that can pick that debris up - carefully.
  • Ensure that it's free from any object, damp a piece of cloth (much better if you use a microfiber cloth) on a small amount of alcohol or water, and carefully wipe away the dust in the tray and the censor.
  • Before closing the disc tray, let it dry first to avoid moisture formation. And once dry, you can now close the disc tray, re-plug your player, and insert a new disc and wait until it plays.
You may also consider cleaning all your DVDs with a cloth dampened with alcohol or a small amount of water. Be sure that you let it be completely dry before inserting it into your player. Chances are, your DVDs are also full of dust, making it hard for your player to read it. And if they are already full of scratches, consider replacing them.

2. Clean the Dirty Player Lens

There are times where your DVD player is not working well, and out of frustration, all you can irritatingly ask yourself is, "why does my DVD player not read the disc.". And even after you keep trying to insert all your DVDs, your player keeps on displaying, "No Disc Error." This is indeed a problem - what causes DVD player to not read disc. But stop panicking, try these steps, and enjoy your movie marathon right after.

dvd player not reading disc 9

  • Check if the disc is placed appropriately on the tray.
  • If you are done cleaning the tray but still it's not working, it's about time to do a deep cleaning. That means you also have to clean the sensor or the lens of your player.
  • To start, remove the lens cover carefully using a screwdriver. And you will see a camera-like lens inside.
  • Use a microfiber cloth damp with isopropyl alcohol and carefully wipe it onto the lens. Once done, leave it until dry to make sure that there will be no moisture inside.
  • After cleaning, you can now assemble it again and try placing a disc to check if it can already read your DVDs.
To know how to fix a DVD player not reading the disc carefully, stop using a cotton swab as its roughness may cause scratches to the DVD, and it might not be read by your player correctly. You can also purchase lens cleaner available in the market for a more comfortable and safer lens cleanin

Tip: How to Rip DVD to Video for Easier Playback

At some point in our lives, we have owned DVD players from top brands like Dell, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Philips, JVC, LG, and more. Sadly, many people have stopped using and purchasing DVD players, because streaming videos are more convenient now with laptops and Smart TVs. Meanwhile, if you still have unused DVDs at home, consider retrieving your files now using AceThinker Video Master Premium.

This software works best when it comes to video DVD ripping. Through this tool, you can already play your video saved on DVDs on your digital devices. Also, it allows you to share it with video-streaming platforms in whatever formats applicable. This feature is essential, especially today that DVDs are no longer hitting the market. More so, it also supports different top electronic (Smart TV, cellphone, and laptop) brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, and more. With that, here are the steps on how to rip your DVD and how to repair DVD player not reading disc.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Download and install

Click the download button provided above. Then, select the appropriate tool for your operating system. After that, save the downloadable file and run the program. Finally, you can now use the app after launching it.

dvd player not reading disc e

Step 2 Insert DVD

Once the app is launched, you can now insert the DVD into your laptops or PC. Then, go back to the Video Master Premium and click on the "Ripper" button. Next, you will then see a "Load DVD" or the "Plus" sign and click either of them to import your file. Once the file explorer opened, look for the hard drive found by your device found. Lastly, click "Open."

dvd player not reading disc 16

Step 3 Rip the Video

After you imported your file, choose your desired format on the drop-down menu at the app's top-right corner. You will see various audio and video formats from here. Next, select your devices from the list. After that, your file is now ready for the ripping process. Then, click the "Rip All" button and wait for the completed video ripping process. Finally, save the video on your PC so you can now enjoy your video files from your DVD with any portable devices you want.

dvd player not reading disc d

Step 4 Playback the DVD Video as You Like

To test whether your file is okay, you can view it by clicking the "Folder" icon on the app. Then, a file explorer window will open. From there, you will see the list of files you converted. To play, either double-click the file or right-click and select the "Play" button.

dvd player not reading disc 15

If you want to make more changes to your video after ripping, you can click the "Tool" tab. From there, you can enhance your video, edit the file's metadata, create GIF from your clip, compress your video, and make 3D video.
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Last updated on April 26, 2021

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