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How To Easily Create Your Own DVD Name/Title List

videostudio-featured"I'm looking for a way to create customized DVD title menus, step-by-step so you can start right away. I'm attempting to rip a DVD with a menu so it looks more official. I'm not a tech-geek and I would like to try a DVD ripper that lets me make my own DVD menus without the fuss. Could you suggest a good yet easy to use DVD menu developer for my Windows PC if there is one out there?"

That is a query that a user asked on a relevant tech support forum and similar questions like these are found all over the web. If you also wish to be able to create DVD menus for free, read the rest of this report on how you can do it. In this report, we’ll show you an easy yet expert-looking

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How to Create Personalized DVD Menu with VideoStudio

A DVD Menu is the first window watchers will see once they enter a DVD disc. It's not just a typical aspect of the watching experience, but it also indicates the tone or type of your DVD. It shows the user a fast and simple way to explore DVD disc contents and see the files they wish to view. You can use VideoStudio to make a preferred DVD menu you like. Follow the steps below to start.

Step 1 Download VideoStudio

To download VideoStudio editing program on your Windows OS, install and launch the installation archive above. Proceed with the steps appearing on-screen to finish the installation.


Step 2 Burn to Disc

Once your Video is done, head to the "Share" tab in VideoStudio interface and press "burn to disc". This will reveal a DVD list/menu where you can build menus and add enter your own titles.


Step 3 Set-up chapter parameters

The first thing would be to create our chapter parameters by choosing the option "Add/Edit Chapters". You may slide the scrubber across the video to the area you want to add the chapter parameter and then press "Add Chapter". Another option is to allow the program to automatically pick chapters through clicking "Auto Add Chapters". Do the same step until you have entered all your chosen chapter parameters and hit OK. To erase any undesired chapters, hit the "Remove Chapter" option or if you wish to erase all chapters click "Remove all chapters". Once your desired chapters are there, hit "Next" to proceed.


Step 4 Prewatching and choosing a menu theme

The next thing will be to choose a theme/template from the DVD menu. Browse through the available choices and pick the one that fits your preferences. You may preview the final DVD menu by hitting “Preview”. To personalize your text, double-click on the text in the preview screen.


Step 5 Personalize menu items

To make personalizations to DVD menus, choose the "edit" section. There you can add custom music, switch background pictures, enter menu motions, and other options. Important: Adding motions makes the file size larger. Inspect the disc space usage sign and the Required menu space attribute to ensure that the size of the file is within the required limits of your chosen output format.


Step 6 Begin burning files

After your DVD menu and chapters are finalized, hit the “Next” button and enter your DVD disc into your burner and click “Burn”.


Alternative DVD Menu Creators You Can Use

1. VobBlanker program

VobBlanker is our list of suggested programs as it makes our list look great. However, it scores at the 10th position because it’s not commonly used or designed to be used as a DVD creator. It’s a more specific program that is ideal for VOB format videos. This format tends to not be supported by the majority of DVD makers and therefore you can use VobBlanker to tackle VOB files. It tackles them pretty well and will easily convert them to DVD without any hassle from your part. Needless to say, this features a "create" menu which is necessary for checking your VOB files.


2. Win X DVD Author

A nice piece of software that will enable the user to make DVDs of professional grade, with various choices for titles, subtitles, menus and other extras. WinX DVD achieves all these without bothering the user with a complex user interface which is a big plus. The only reason it doesn’t rank in the first place in our list is because it’s a tad harder to use compared to our first choice and also, doesn’t work on iOS devices.


3. DVD Styler

DVD Styler is an especially great pick if you truly value your DVD menus. This is because contrary to other DVD makers on our list, the program allows you to set-up professional-grade DVD menu themes. DVD styler offers some pre-set choices which will make your DVD menus look professional level regardless of your technical skill level. Some programs of this kind may offer better general value, but DVD styler is a game-changer for menu items.


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