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Best 6 YouTube to WebM Converter and Downloader to Try

youtube to webm featureDid you know? The founders of YouTube - Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim were former PayPal employees? They aim to give everyone a voice and let them show the world by sharing videos. The site already has 5 million active creators who share various contents to satisfy the viewers' needs. And to fully access them, you should download them and save them to your device. Meanwhile, to watch them in high quality and conveniently on any device, your video should be in WebM format. In connection with this, let me show you some of the best YouTube to WebM converters you can use to download videos from YouTube to WebM effortlessly.

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What is the WebM Format?

WebM is a royalty-free and open-source format perfect for online streaming. Introduced by Google, this is an audiovisual media file format currently available under a BSD-style license and compressed with the VP8/VP9 video codecs and Vorbis/Opus audio codecs. What makes it different among other media configurations is that videos having this type of format can play smoothly for offline viewing on any device, including smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. That's why many users love to download videos in this format. Hereto, it's best to use tools like YouTube to WebM converter. With this, below are software and online tools that may help you out on downloading YouTube videos.


Best 6 Tools to Download YouTube to WebM

1. Any Video Converter

Another tool that lets you download YouTube videos to serve as a WebM converter is Any Video Converter. Powered by NVIDIA NVENC, AMD AMF, and Intel QSV Hardware, this tool will give you a quick and extraordinary downloading experience. As true to its name, it allows you to download any videos from popular streaming sites other than YouTube. Likewise, it supports both Windows and Mac OS.

any video converter interface


  • It can convert digital files to various formats, including DVD Disc, 4K UHD, and other video files.
  • You can directly edit and play your downloaded clips with its built-in editor and media player.

  • They are always asking you to buy the Any Video Converter Ultimate Version.
Choose the best device for your file before downloading or converting the video to make sure that it will play.

2. VideoProc

Once tagged as the king of YouTube to WebM converter, VideoProc can't be out of our list. Powered by Quicksync, AMF, and NVENC encoders, it enables you to convert and download YouTube videos in no time. Besides WebM, it also supports other video formats like MP4, WMV, MOV, M4A, and more. The first two tools mentioned, this tool is also available for Windows and Mac OS. And with this tool, you can modify the video/audio codec, frame rates, and even compressed large-sized videos.

video proc interface


  • It offers necessary editing tools, like cut, crop, merges, split, trim, add subtitles, watermarks, filters, denoise, and many more.
  • It can also serve as a screen recording tool.

  • The free trial only lets you process a 5-min file, and you can only have access to its essential functions as a downloader and converter.
To fully enjoy this full-packed video downloading and converting tool, buy its licensed version.

3. X2convert

Not a fan of downloading additional software to help you out with your video saving needs? Then, try X2convert as your online WebM converter. You can use this tool with no installation and registration needed. This converter-downloader app only requires you to extract the URL from YouTube and paste it on the bar designated on its link⁠ - as quick as that. And notably, it has an intuitive and straightforward interface that is best for beginners to download videos in the highest resolution and audio quality.

x2convert interface


  • It lets you download unlimited YouTube videos.

  • Too many ads on its site.
For a faster download process, add "X2" between youtube and .com on the search bar. Doing this will direct you to the X2Convert interface.

4. YouTube Video Downloader

For another web-based downloading tool and WebM converter, you can turn to YouTube Video Downloader as an alternative. This tool helps you quickly save your favorite YouTube videos in 1080p HD resolutions for offline viewing using the copy-and-paste method. Also, it supports more than 800 various video streaming sites. And besides WebM, you can also download videos and convert them to MP4, 3GP, MOV, and more.

q youtube video downloader interface


  • You don't need to register before using it.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  • There will be instances that it can't download videos due to copyright issues.
Directly download the video on YouTube by adding "io" before For example

5. YouTubNow

Similarly, YouTubNow also works as the other video downloaders already mentioned above. It works without any registration. Its interface will make you excited as it already offers its primary function for WebM download. Using this app will help you download quality videos and audios from YouTube to WebM, MP4, and MP3 in different resolutions and bitrates with ease. And amazingly, you can download as many videos as you want with no restriction using any browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

youtubnow interface


  • It lets you instantly share your output on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and more.

  • You can't configure its bitrate and framerate.
Alternatively, you can download YouTube videos by changing the word "youtube" to "youtubnow" on the search bar. For example

Comparison Chart of YouTube to WebM Converters

Tools Is it has a mobile app Can I extract audio alone? How much is the premium version? Best for? Can I download YouTube Playlist?
Any Video Converter Available Yes $39.96 (Lifetime) for Windows or $54.95 (Lifetime) for Mac Beginners, Educators, Gamers, live enthusiasts, Sports lovers, etc. Yes. You can add multiple links to download.
VideoProc Not supported No $29.95 (Personal Annual), $37.95 (Personal Lifetime), $57.95 (Family License) Commercial ad studios, freelancers, and home video editing. Yes. It allows you to do so.
X2convert Not supported but you can download using your mobile browser. Yes No fee since it's a web-based tool. Only those who just want to download videos or extract audio. Not supported.
YouTube Video Downloader Not supported but you can download using your mobile browser. Yes No fee since it's a web-based tool. Only those who just want to download videos or extract audio. Not supported.
YouTubNow Not supported but you can download using your mobile browser. Yes No fee since it's a web-based tool. Only those who just want to download videos or extract audio. Not supported.
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Last updated on September 6, 2022

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