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YouTube Search Not Working? Top 6 Ways to Fix it on Browser

feature youtube search not working It's not easy to grasp why technology isn't working exactly the way it does every time you interact. Sometimes, several users could face the YouTube search bar not working, negatively impacting its overall performance. The YouTube search not functioning is a frequent issue whether YouTube users use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or any other browser. There are a variety of situations that can cause abrupt crashes YouTube searching bar is not functioning, buttons are not working correctly, or the video is not downloading for an interminable duration and then not being played. In some cases, the video's loading process could also be affected by different buffering processes that can alter how the videos are presented. It may be impossible for the video to load completely on YouTube in extreme circumstances. What can you do when you face such issues? The first step is to identify the root of the Youtube search not working issue and determine the most efficient method to resolve the problem. Find out more and learn how to fix YouTube search issues that don't work.

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My YouTube Search Isn't Working – Here Is Why!

There are many causes to explain why the Youtube search button not working. Sometimes YouTube yend to have errors especially when it is outdated and it causes a lot of problems such as YouTube autoplay is not working.The reason could be spelling mistakes, too-long search terms, deleted videos, or a weak internet connection, and these are all minor causes. The main reason that the YouTube Search bar's not working could be due to one or more of the following:

  • Restrict mode is enabled on YouTube, and it can cause glitches in the search function.
  • Specific Settings or Programs block search.
  • Antivirus and Firewall can stop YouTube from searching at times.
  • JavaScript or any Browser problem can also lead to this issue.
  • The YouTube search function is down.

How to Fix YouTube Search Not Working on Browser?

1). Clear Your Browser's Data

Many users have reported "Youtube app search not working" This section will explain removing cache and cookies from Chrome. Adhere to the steps if using other browsers such as Firefox and Safari.

Here are the steps to remove the cache and data from Chrome.

Step 1 Open Settings

Click the three vertical icons in the upper left corner of the Chrome interface to launch the Chrome menu. Click on the More Tools option on the Chrome menu. Then, select to select the Clear browsing history option.

open chrome settings

Step 2 Clear Data

You will be offered a new window that says Clear browsing data. On this page, you have to:

  • Change onto the Advanced tab.
  • The time period you choose to set as all time.
  • Check that the checkboxes in front of the history of browsing, Cookies, and other data from the site, and caching images and other files are made.
  • Select the "Clear Data" button

clear data

After clearing the cache and cookies from Chrome, go to the YouTube page on the web to search for the YouTube video to determine if the problem "Youtube search problem" is resolved.

2). Try Incognito Mode

If the issue continues, try opening the browser in a private mode. Also, try the incognito mode option in Chrome as an example. It's easy to open Chrome and then hit the Ctrl + Shift + N key combination. There will be a window appearing (like the image below). Open the YouTube website using the window. Try looking for a video to determine whether the YouTube search functions again. If you're using Firefox, you can follow these instructions to enable incognito mode within the browser.

incognito mode

3). Check If the JavaScript is Enabled

JavaScript is a programming language that allows users to create dynamic web pages, and it permits users to include special effects on the web page.

To activate the JavaScript plug-in in the Chrome browser:

Step 1 Open settings

Select the Menu icon located in the top right corner of the screen. Click on "Settings."

open settings

Step 2 Open Site Settings

Select "Privacy and security" and choose "site setting."

select site settings

Step 3 Allow JavaScript

Scroll down to the menus and hit "content."Make sure to set the JavaScript option to "allow."

allow java script

4). Try Turning Off Hardware Acceleration

If certain software applications transfer some tasks to specific hardware inside the device, the hardware is well-equipped to perform the tasks. It is turned on by default to increase the quality of the playback. Sometimes, however, it's at fault for the YouTube search bug. To disable it;

Step 1 Open Settings

Start your browser and click on Settings from the menu icon located in the lower right corner.

open settings

Step 2 Disable Hardware Acceleration

Scroll down, click "system settings," then choose the system on the page. Click the "use hardware acceleration when available" button to disable Hardware Acceleration.

disable hardware acceleration

5). Update the Browser You're Using

Before closing, explore all possibilities. The condition of your browser needs to be taken into consideration. A browser that is not up-to-date is probably the reason that is causing your YouTube search not to function correctly.

To update your Chrome browser:

Step 1 Open Google Help

Hit the menu button, move down until you see the "help" option, and then hover the cursor over it. Click on "About Google Chrome."

open google help menu

Step 2 Update Chrome

The browser will upgrade itself if it's out of date.

update chrome

6). Use Some Other Browser

The best way to resolve the YouTube searching function not working" on your PC is to switch to a different browser. If you're using Chrome, you can change to an alternative similar to Firefox. Visit the YouTube web page using the alternative and see whether the issue goes away.

different browsers

In Summary

There are multiple ways to solve this YouTube problem with the search function. It doesn't matter if you're accessing it via your browser or the application; these suggestions will help you solve the issue that has caused your YouTube searches not to work. Try one or more of these methods today, and let us know which one proved to be more beneficial for you in the comments section! If you already tried everything and it’s still not working on your end, you can just check this article for the best YouTube alternatives.

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Last updated on June 24, 2022

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