How to Fix YouTube Showing Green Screen Problem

youtube green screen feature Sometimes when watching videos on YouTube, a green screen problem occurs, which is very annoying. It can disturb or stop you from watching your favorite music video, tutorials, how-to, games, and other videos with this error. There are lots of reasons why this problem happens when you stream a YouTube video. It can be an ISP problem or hardware issue. That is why we have searched about the YouTube video green screen problem thoroughly and found the best solution to fix YouTube green screen. Keep on reading below as we listed the detailed steps.

Reasons Why YouTube Loading Green Screen

Before we start discussing the solutions for YouTube showing the green screen, it is also essential to know its cause. There are many possible reasons why this issue occurs when playing YouTube videos. Now, read on below to see the potential problem issues.

1. Outdated Graphic Drivers

Since technology keeps on improving, online videos are also upgrading their quality. From standard 720p, YouTube videos now support 1080p, 4K, and 8K videos. That is why it is important to update your Video Card's drivers to play YouTube videos without a green screen appearing.

outdated gpu

2. Web browser not updated

There is news that most web browsers rely on HTML5 and do not support Flash Player anymore. Outdated browsers can disturb playback functionality. HTML5 will start adopting the new functions of every video playback on YouTube. Once you have updated your web browser, you can easily download html5 video.

outdated web browser

3. Untrustworthy third-party software

Sometimes, third-party software can be the cause of green screen issues on YouTube. It is because of the risk they bring to your computer or other devices. The worst example of third-party risk is the network intrusion that can heavily affect streaming videos on YouTube.

untrustworthy third party apps

4. Corrupted video when streaming

Corrupted online videos occur when there is a problem with your internet connection. It will not stream the video properly or show a green screen on YouTube since it relies on the internet. Online videos can be lost, damaged, or not playable when you tried streaming them on a slow internet connection.

corrupted youtube video

How to Fix When YouTube Sreen Goes Green

Now that we know why the YouTube screen goes green, let's try some hacks to avoid green screen issues on YouTube. It can fix the problem and help you save more time before you start doing tricky troubleshooting steps.

User guide

  • Try playing YouTube videos to other web browser.
  • Make sure to close other tabs before you start streaming YouTube videos.
  • Clear all cookies and browser cache on your device.
  • Make it a habit to check updates on all web browsers you use.
  • Restart your computer if YouTube green screen problem occurs.

If the user hacks above don't work and still seeing the green screen on YouTube, it is best to troubleshoot your computer. Since this problem is strongly related to your computer's hardware and software, try applying the guidelines below.

1. Stop using Hardware Acceleration

Hardware Accelerations means your computer uses your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) instead of your CPU to play online videos. However, not every time GPUs can render videos from a webpage. It can affect your computer's performance and experience a green screen on YouTube or other video-sharing websites. To disable Hardware Acceleration, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1 Disable Hardware Acceleration on Chrome

First, open Google Chrome and click the "Menu" button at the browser's upper rightmost part. Then, go to "Settings" and go to "Advanced." From there, scroll down to the "System" section and uncheck the "Use hardware acceleration when available."

disable hardware accelerator chrome

Step 2 Disable Hardware Acceleration on Firefox

For Mozilla Firefox browser, click the "Menu" button at the top right part of the browser and go to "Option" and then "General." Then, scroll down to find the "Performance" and uncheck the "Use recommended performance settings." The Hardware Acceleration choice will appear after that. Just uncheck the "Use hardware acceleration when available" to finish.

disable hardware accelerator firefox

Step 3 Try playing YouTube videos again

Close your web browsers after you do these steps on either Chrome or Firefox. Then, go to YouTube and play the video again and see if the problem has been fixed.

disable hardware accelerator play

2. Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

Suppose the YouTube screen turns green again after you disable hardware acceleration. In that case, it is best to try updating your GPU driver. It is because old NVIDIA or AMD GPUs cause the problem with playing videos. To know how to update your respective GPU, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1 Go to Device Manager

On the "File Explorer" folder, right-click on "This PC" and choose "Manage." Once in Computer Management, go to the "Device Manager" section to find all your computer drivers. From there, see the "Display adapters, right-click on it, and select "Update Driver."

update gpu step

Step 2 Restart your PC

Lastly, click the "Search automatically for updated driver software" to start updating your GPU driver. When done, restart your computer to apply the updates on your GPU. After that, go to YouTube and try playing the video that has a green screen issue again.

update gpu step1


Disabling hardware acceleration and updating the GPU driver should have a fix when the YouTube video is green. They are the primary reason why this issue is happening. If the problem is not yet fixed after doing the steps above, it is best to contact professional support. It is also helpful to check if your Graphics Card is compatible with your computer. Bottleneck PCs can have problems rendering and playing videos.

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