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How to Fix YouTube Video Black Screen with Ease

yt black screen issue featured imageYouTube is a well-known leading video sharing and hosting platform owned by Google. Most users are using YouTube to watch different videos, including tutorials, funny, educational videos, and more. Millions of videos are consumed by users every minute on YouTube. Also, most Vloggers are uploading their videos on YouTube to get more viewers or subscribers and earn money. While YouTube is reliable, you might encounter a YouTube black screen while watching videos on YouTube using your computer or mobile devices. No worries, that problem will only last for a couple of seconds, but it is bothering you anyway. This post will let you know some common issues with the YouTube video black screen and teach you how to fix this error.

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What Causes the YouTube Black Screen Problem?

Experiencing a YouTube video black screen is an issue that nobody wants to face. This problem is usual, especially if you are watching several videos on YouTube for the whole day. Mostly the cause why the YouTube screen became black is a browser error, connectivity error, app problem, or a hardware malfunction. We will provide some common reasons why you are getting a black screen YouTube problem.

yt black screen

  • One of the common causes for getting a YouTube black screen is that maybe the browser is not updated, and it does not support the new plugins.
  • Another one is that maybe the video that is uploaded by someone is deleted, or it might be not available in your country.
  • You might be using a YouTube app that is outdated.
  • You can check your computer's driver settings; it might be an error which the driver settings and system display are not updated.
  • Some of the third-party tools or extensions can also cause an issue.

Several Ways to Fix YouTube Videos Black

In this part, we will teach you how to fix YouTube videos are black problems. We can't avoid this type of question on YouTube due to many people using it. You may have run into a problem caused by an irregular intervals error filter in a manageable list that occasionally hides the media player instead of an ad. You may also encounter a no picture on YouTube issue while watching videos on YouTube. That being said, we will show you the best solutions to fix these problems.

1. Download Videos on YouTube Using Video Keeper

Basically, to avoid this problem, you can download videos from YouTube so that you can watch them anytime you want on your devices, such as mobile phones. However, you can't download all videos on YouTube because some don't have a download button. So with that, we recommend you to use the Acethinker Video Keeper. This is an all-in-one solution wherein you can grab several videos from different streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and more along with an HD quality. Besides that, you can save your videos for up to 4K quality if needed.

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2. Use Another Web Browser

Before you play any videos on your browser, check if there is an issue with it or not. It might be the problem; maybe running an old version or some unworking extensions cause YouTube showing black screen issues. Like for example, if you are watching YouTube videos on Chrome, then you can try it on Mozilla or Internet Explorer.

use other browser

3. Update the Web Browser

Of course, you have to use a stable and updated web browser to help you YouTube black screen fix. You have to update your web browser to avoid this problem again. There are different processes to update your browser depending on its interface. If you are using Google Chrome, you can go to its settings, select "Help" and "About Google Chrome, and check the available updates. From here, you can get the updated version of the browser.

browser update

4. Logout your YouTube Account

Another way to fix the YouTube screen turns black because there might be a problem with your YouTube account. You have to go to your account settings to check if all the options are correctly marked. To logout, you can hit the "Avatar" icon located at the upper right part of the screen and click the "Sign Out" button to log out into your account. Wait for a few minutes, then try again to log in to your account or play a YouTube video without signing in to your account.

account logout

5. Remove or Disable Browser Extensions

There are times that you saved a browser extension on your Google Chrome, such as a video downloader. However, most of them are restricted add-on that can cause YouTube only sound no video. With that, to fix it, you have to disable the extension on your browser to avoid a YouTube black screen problem. For you to do that, you can click the "triple-line" icon that you can see at the upper right part of the interface and hit the "Add-ons" options.

disable extension

6. Check the Internet Connections

Suppose you are experiencing a YouTube black screen and can't play a video on YouTube. In that case, there might be an issue with your internet connection. You can check the internet connection settings on your computer if it's working correctly or not. If so, you have to reconnect to a network or connect to another stable network. After that, you have to try again watching videos on YouTube.

check connection

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