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Top 3 Ways to Shorten YouTube URL You Can Try

feature shorten youtube url Today YouTube is among the most prominent video content platforms on the planet. While it allows everyone to create and post content of different categories, it also brings opportunities to share different types of content from YouTube to other platforms. An easy way of doing it is by sharing the YouTube video link on any platform. However, to maintain the structure and integrity of the text content, it is essential to shorten YouTube URL. Using a YouTube link shortener, you can make a short youtube channel link that can easily be a part of your blog posts, social media posts, and even chat messages. A temporary link is easier to share but knowing the right way to shorten the link is also essential. So, here we have our top 3 picks for YouTube URL shorteners.

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The first option and your best URL shortener for YouTube are Y2U, which helps you share long YouTube links into smaller ones. Those are easily shareable across different platforms considering their short size. Y2U is a web-based tool that enables you to convert your links into three forms: Short link, Concise link, and QR code with the link embedded. In this way, whenever you have to add a link to your Instagram bio, or you want to post the QR code, the experience becomes easier with Y2U.Y2U makes a fantastic choice with these features and benefits for all your YouTube link shortening needs. Y2U makes a fantastic choice with these features and benefits for all your YouTube link shortening needs. Y2U comes with several technical benefits for you that include:

  • It is a web-based platform, so you do not need to install any special software or application.
  • It works on browsers meaning that you can use it on any device of your choice.
  • Y2U is a free YouTube link shortening tool that makes it widely acceptable for everyone.
  • Here you can quickly get a YouTube link in the format and size of your choice.
  • Its user-friendly interface makes shortening your links more accessible than ever.

shorten youtube url with y2u


Next up on the list is Bitly. It is a rather famous platform because it is much more than a tool only for shortening YouTube links. It is packed with features and options for several other uses. Bitly is fantastic at analysis and tracking of the link that it shortens. Here you can get a complete report of the links and their performance across different platforms. Remember that the essential features at Bitly are free of cost. However, if you need the top-end features with all the options and benefits, you must pay for the platform. Even when some features of Bitly are divided into paid and free categories, it still brings you the best options to shorten YouTube channel links. Below are some of the best benefits Bitly brings for you:

  • Easy to use user interface makes shortening links easier for you.
  • Basic features are available for free, and paid features also cost very little.
  • For every link you shorten using this platform, you can analyze its performance by considering the popularity and number of clicks.
  • It helps keep track of all the links that you shorten here.
  • The web-based platform works across different devices and operating systems.

shorten youtube url with bitly


Another web-based platform that lets you shorten your URLs is RB.GY. It provides its features and services for free, but the paid services only cost as much as $9, which is easily manageable if you want the best features from this platform. One of the best things about this link shortener is that it brings special features for brands. Brands can make their own branded shortened YouTube links according to their domain name. Thus, those links will be more customized and bring better results. In this way, RB.GY brings much better outcomes for any brand's digital marketing campaigns and is considered the best tool to trim YouTube URLs. RB.GY also brings a ton of benefits for you, some of which include:

  • It helps you make your YouTube links attractive while shortening them and customizing them according to your domain name.
  • It is available as both free and paid versions.
  • Performs across different web browsers on other devices.
  • Helps increase click-through by 39%.

shorten youtube url with rgby


A shorter link will be easier to include for you. Similarly, it will be easier for the recipient to manage that URL. That's why you must focus on using YouTube channel link shortener tools. And, if you are looking for your best choices, you can try the three we discussed above for a fantastic experience. Imagine you are adding a YouTube link to a blog, sending one in a text message, social media, or post like Facebook. If that link is long, the whole text structure will be ruined for many reasons.

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Last updated on January 18, 2023

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