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Best Ways on How to Share a Private YouTube Video

share youtube video featured imageYouTube has a feature which allows you to upload private videos. These private videos are not available for everyone to search and watch and are available to only a select few. The feature to upload private video on YouTube can come in very handy. You might be working on a secret project and want to share it with only a select few people. On the other hand, you might want to get an early review on a project from your close friends and therefore you decide to upload a private video. All and all, having the ability to upload a private video is very helpful. Knowing how to share an unlisted YouTube video can prove beneficial when you need it. Let’s take a look if you can share a private video on YouTube and if so what are ways you can share private YouTube videos.

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What is a Private YouTube Video?

A private video on YouTube is a video that is not searchable by everyone. If a video is uploaded as private it will not be generated in the search results if you search on YouTube. YouTube offers this feature to every user and you have the option to make your video private once you are done uploading it.

Step by Step Guide to Share a Private YouTube Video

Now a common question arises, can private videos on YouTube be shared? The answer to this question is Yes and we will let you know the complete step-by-step method using which you can share a private YouTube video. Now that we know what a private video is and why you might want to share it, let's take a look at the ways on how to share a private YouTube video. In this part, we will take an easy and step-by-step approach so you can easily follow. So let's begin:

Step 1 Go to Your Account on YouTube

How to invite someone to view a private YouTube video? The very first step involves visiting your YouTube account. There you will the option named “Upload Video”, click on this button (it will be located on the top right corner)

Generally speaking, YouTube offers two different interfaces for creators. One is “YouTube Studio” (it is the new one) and the other one is called “Creator Studio Classic” (the older one). You can upload a video using either one of these interfaces. For this guide, let’s use the “ Creator Studio Classic” method for uploading videos.

Click in the “Upload with Classic” button that will be located on the top right. After clicking, you will be rerouted to the classic editor uploading page.

YouTube offers different ways in which you can upload a video. You can choose between Private, Public, Scheduled, and Unlisted. From the drop-down menu select the ‘private’ option to upload a private video on YouTube.

share youtube videos upload

Step 2 Share the Video

Once you have chosen the private option, it's time for you to upload your video. Fill in the necessary content in the video description, things like title, tag, description, and any other requirements.

During the upload process, you will see an option of share at the bottom. Click on the “Share” button and a new pop-up will be shown. Now you can add the emails of the people with whom you want to share the video. After entering the email addresses, click on share and the video will be sent to the respective people

share youtube videos share

Note: Copying a video URL and sending it to anyone will not work. If you do so, the video will not play.

Step 3 Getting Sharable Link

If you have not shared the video during the upload but now want to share it, there is nothing to worry about because you can do so with ease. Just go to YouTube Studio>Videos>Click on the menu button and select "Get Shareable Link". Now you will have a link using which you can share your video with other people. This is it. As you can see, sharing a private YouTube video is simple and easy.

share youtube videos link

Downloading a Private Youtube Video

Sharing a private YouTube video is one thing but what if you need to download a private video? Are you confused? Well, no need to worry because we will show you some YouTube private video downloader you can use.

Browser Add-ons

There are several add-ons available online using which you can download a private video. You can use add-ons for Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. These add-ons are very efficient and convenient to use.

share youtube videos extension

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager or IDM is another great tool that can be used to download private videos. IDM is an old and time-tested tool and it offers you great options for downloading content.

share youtube videos idm


You can use YouTube to download private videos from YouTube. YouTube has a very good tool built in for downloading private videos but using this tool is only for authorized people. Any random person cannot download videos.

share youtube videos download

So in this guide, we took a comprehensive look at the ways using which you can share and download a private YouTube video. The methods outlined in this guide will surely help you if you are looking to share or download a private YouTube video.

Note: Please never try to download any content that you are not authorized to access. Doing so might land you in copyright troubles.

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Last updated on January 10, 2022

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