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Expeditious Way to Download YouTube Video with Subtitles

download youtube video with subtitles featuread imageYouTube has conquered the online world as it takes the number one spot in terms of video-sharing platforms. It caters to an extensive database of videos in various genres. It allows users to access videos with a variety of informative, entertaining, and exciting material. YouTube acquires millions of new streamers from all around the world because of this. As a result, subtitles must be added to every YouTube video. In fact, subtitles help YouTube videos to be more accessible to a broader audience. It also encourages viewers to participate more actively in the YouTube videos they are viewing. Moreover, adding subtitles to YouTube videos improves the comprehension of its users. In line with that, we provided the best solution to save or download YouTube video with subtitles, just for you to enjoy them for offline viewing.

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Recommended Way to Save YouTube Video with Subtitles

Are you struggling to download YouTube video with captions? Do not stress it as we found the best solution to save YouTube videos with subtitles. AceThinker Video Keeper is an excellent video downloader, as it allows users to download any videos with subtitles. This tool grants users to download YouTube with subtitles embedded in different languages such as English, Chinese, Portuguese and more. Aside from YouTube, it also supports plenty of other video-sharing websites, including Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, and more. Not to mention it offers an easy download method; users can only need to copy the URL of the YouTube video with an embedded subtitle. Apart from that, it supports downloading high-quality videos in 720P, 1080P, and 4K video clips that are perfect on a large screen. Furthermore, it grants users to download YouTube playlist without worrying about the download speed. The tool adopted a multi-threading technology that grants users to download videos at the fastest possible speed.

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Step 1 Get the YouTube Downloader with Subtitle

This YouTube video downloader with subtitles is compatible with Windows and Mac. Tap any of the buttons provided above to download the tool. After that, click the installation package and finish all the installation prompts to save the tool. Once done, launch the tool to see the clean interface of the tool.

video keeper classic interface

Step 2 Copy the YouTube Video with Subtitle

Go to YouTube and search for any video you want to download with the subtitle embedded in it. After that, on the address bar, copy the link of the YouTube video file and go back to Video Keeper. Then, paste the link on the "Search or Paste URL" tab or simply click on the plus sign. The tool will automatically analyze the link, and it will show the video you want to download.

download youtube video with subtitles vk step2

Step 3 Download YouTube Video with Subtitles

Once the tool shows the results for your YouTube video, click the drop-down "More" button to access the option for format and quality. Next, select the quality and format for your YouTube video, then tick the box beside the "Download Subtitles" option. After that, select your desired language for the subtitle by clicking the drop-down option. Lastly, hit the "Download" button to save the video.

download youtube video with subtitles vk step3

Step 4 Play the YouTube Video with Subtitles

To access the downloaded YouTube video and subtitle, click on the "Downloaded" panel of the tool. Then right-click the video and choose "Play". Once the video starts playing, click on the "Caption" icon of the media player, and then click "Choose Subtitle." Next, select the subtitle you have downloaded then upon clicking, it will automatically be embedded on the YouTube video. To download YouTube video with subtitles embedded online free with this tool again, revisit the process above.

download youtube video with subtitles vk step4

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How to Download Subtitles and Insert to YouTube Video

For instance, if you already have downloaded a video and the tool you have used does not provide an option to download YouTube videos with subtitles. Worry no more as we got a solution for your problem. AceThinker Video Master lets you convert YouTube to MP4 with subtitles. Aside from MP4, it helps users to convert videos in various formats such as MKV, AVI, WMV, and more. Besides, it lets users edit the subtitle font style, size, and color. It can also convert audio in any accessible format, so you can play the file on any media player or share them on different platforms. With that being said, video and audio preset are provided for turning your source video into a transferable format for mobile devices such as Samsung, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry. Also, it lets users compress video for YouTube and other sites so users can easily upload or share them. In addition to that, it caters to advanced hardware acceleration and multicore processors for more convenient and faster conversion. Below are steps you can follow to download subtitles and insert them using Video Master.

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Step 1 Download the Subtitle using an Online Tool

Visit any YouTube online downloader with subtitles, then go to YouTube to search for the video you have downloaded. Ensure that the YouTube video you have accessed contains subtitles so the tool can extract and download a YouTube video with captions embedded. Copy the URL of the video file, then paste it on the "Search Tab" of the online tool, then hit enter. Choose the language you desired, then click on the type of subtitle you desired, and it will automatically be downloaded.

download youtube video with subtitles savesubs step1

Step 2 Get the YouTube Converter to MP4 with Subtitles

Hit any of the buttons above to get the tool compatible with your computer. Once the downloading process is done click, all the installation prompts to install the tool. After that, launch it, and you can access the tool's main interface.

videomaster interface

Step 3 Insert the Subtitle and Convert the YouTube Video

First, click the add files or you can just drag and drop the video you wish to convert. After that, on the right side of the video you inserted, click on the drop-down "Subtitle Disabled" option, then click the "Add Subtitle" button. Next, choose the subtitle you have downloaded, and double-clicking it will automatically be embedded on the video. The tool allows you to edit the subtitle color and opacity. Lastly, click the "Convert All" button to convert the YouTube video.

download youtube video with subtitles vm step3

Step 4 Play the YouTube Video with Subtitle

Once the YouTube to MP4 with captions method is done, the video file will automatically be opened on its file location. Next, right-click on the "Open with" button, then choose the media player you want to use. Finally, you can enjoy the YouTube video with subtitles.

download youtube video with subtitles vm step4

FAQs about Download YouTube Video with Subtitles

Is it possible to get YouTube subtitles?

Of course, it's possible, there are a lot of tools you can use online to download YouTube subtitles. However, some tools only download subtitles, and it can be a little annoying as they are littered with ads. The best tool you can use is AceThinker Video Keeper, as it allows users to simultaneously download the video and subtitle it for a more convenient downloading experience.

How can I make SRT files permanent in a video?

That's easy; you can use AceThinker Video Master to convert YouTube videos with subtitles. All you have to do is save or obtain the subtitle in SRT format and embed it into the video file using Video Master. As long as the video does not include any copyright issues, you can convert it into other formats and share it with your friends or on social media.

How can I make a video with automatic subtitles?

Downloading a video from YouTube will not automatically download the subtitle. Thus, you can use AceThinker Video Keeper Classic or any YouTube video downloader with subtitles to download the video and subtitle simultaneously. You can also use the AceThinker Video Master to convert the video and embed the subtitle.

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