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The Quickest Way to Download YouTube Long Videos

featured image download long videos from youtube Ever wondered if there's a limit for how long the video duration for YouTube? The answer is a quick yes. According to YouTube's recent update, the maximum file size is 128 GB or 12 hours of video length. Before people can upload longer than that, there is even a YouTube video that reached more than 500 hours of playtime. On the other hand, I can tell you're looking for a step-by-step tutorial or trying to watch a full movie if you're searching for YouTube long videos. Typically, you need a fast and very stable network connection so the video will load without any buffer. In case you could not rely on that, the best solution is to download long videos from YouTube. Read on, and we'll teach you the fastest way to do it.

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The Fastest YouTube Long Video Downloader for Win/Mac

Suppose you want to download YouTube videos longer than 2 hours or above. In that case, the best tool to help you do that is AceThinker Video Keeper. Why? The software can focus all of your network connection's bandwidth and solely use it on the download process. Furthermore, it has a built-in browser that lets you play or save long YouTube videos automatically. Video Keeper also allows you to download several YouTube videos at once. It can even save all the videos included in a YouTube playlist quickly. Moreover, it automatically downloads long YouTube videos to MP4, so it can be played on almost any device. Besides YouTube, Video Keeper also supports grabbing long videos from other sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and others. The tool can also convert YouTube video to MP3 longer than 2 hours so you don't need an extra tool to save music on your computer.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Install the Long YouTube Downloader

Get access to the tool by hitting the "Download" button above that suits your operating system. Launch the installer package file and follow the prompt carefully to save it entirely on your Windows or Mac computer. After that, launch it to access the tool.

vk interface

Step 2 Download Long YouTube Videos MP4

Next, open a web browser so you can visit YouTube quickly. Search for the long video that you want. Copy the URL from the address bar and go back to Video Keeper to paste it on the URL bar. Once the long video is analyzed, click the "MP4" icon to download it.

vk download long youtube

Step 3 Check Download Process

Usually, it will take several minutes to download long videos. To check that, go to the "Downloading" to see the process. You can pause/resume it anytime you want.

vk check download

Step 4 Play the YouTube Long Video

Once done, the long YouTube video will transfer to its "Download" panel. Go there and right-click the file name, and select "Play" to watch it immediately. Choosing "Open File Location" will launch the output folder.

vk play long youtube

FAQs About YouTube Long Video Downloading

How can I download Youtube long videos with 2 hours of length higher?

That's easy with AceThinker Video Keeper. The tool is equipped with a multi-thread technology that focuses all of your network's bandwidth on the download speed. As a result, it will accelerate the process for up to 3x faster compared to other software.

How long will it take to download a 2-hour length YouTube video?

There are a lot of factors to consider, like your network connection's speed, video quality, and others. But in optimal condition, Video Keeper can save YouTube long videos in less than 15 minutes.

Can I download YouTube long videos on my phone?

Yes, you can. The YouTube app itself lets you download some videos, but it will be saved on the app's cache, not on your local phone storage. If you want it to be saved on your phone, try 3rd party video downloaders like Videoder (Android) or Documents by Readdle (iOS).

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