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Review for the Best YouTube Downloader for Mac

record youtube mac feature YouTube is a top-rated video streaming site best for watching different kinds of videos like tutorials, vlogs, sports, cartoons, educational, music, and more. It can give enjoyment to viewers who watch their preferred videos online for free. Also, YouTube can be shared on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Reddit, Tumblr, and other websites to show a video to your friend. Although you can watch videos on this platform for free, it does not allow you to download videos whenever you want to watch them offline. Just in case you want to watch videos anytime you want, we recommend you to use the video downloaders written in this article to help you download YouTube videos with ease.

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Why to Download YouTube Videos on Mac?

Since most videos from YouTube have copyrights, it does not allow viewers to download their videos quickly. There is still a way to get all your desired videos from YouTube and use third-party video downloader software. All of the tools that we will show in this article are available on Mac OS so that Mac users can take advantage of it. Take note that using third-party tools to download videos is against YouTube's terms of service. There are also many videos like Royalty-Free Music if you are grabbing videos and using it as background music.

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With that being said, you can find lots of video downloaders quickly. By downloading videos from YouTube, you can watch your favorite music video or cartoons from YouTube if you have a slow internet connection. However, not all video downloaders work best for Mac, making Mac users struggle to get what they want.

Therefore, we have searched and included all the best YouTube downloader for in this article. Just keep on reading below to see all of them.

Top 5 Best YouTube Video Downloader for Mac

1. Acethinker Video Keeper

System OS: Windows/Mac
Distinctive feature: AceThinker Video Keeper has a built-in search browser that allows you to watch and download videos easily.

Are you having trouble searching for a great Mac YouTube video downloader that can get videos conveniently? Worry no more because we would proudly introduce to you one of the best Mac video downloader. It is one of the best free YouTube video downloaders for Mac because of its multi-thread technology. With this, it focuses all of your network's bandwidth on the downloading process resulting in a faster speed. Also, it enables you to save a YouTube playlist with a single click, which helps you collect the music video of your favorite artist.

This tool on your Mac can help users as students study more about their subject or course. They can watch the downloaded videos from YouTube, such as demos, how-to, or tutorial videos whenever and wherever they want. On that note, you can follow the steps below to start downloading YouTube videos using Video Keeper on your Mac.

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Step 1 Install the Video Keeper to your Mac

To download the AceThinker Video Keeper, click the second "Download" located above to acquire the installer built for Mac. Then, run the downloaded file and follow the steps on installing the software on your Mac. Once installed, open the Video Keeper to see its interface.

vk mac interface

Step 2 Start downloading YouTube videos

Next, open Safari and visit YouTube to look for the video that you want to download. Copy the video link, then go back to the tool and click on the "Plus" button next to the search bar. After that, hit "More" to select any video quality and click the "Download" button to continue.

vk mac download

Step 3 Watch the downloaded YouTube video

Once done downloading, go to the "Downloaded" panel, right-click on the downloaded video, and select "Play Video" to watch it. You can also double-click on the video to play it automatically.

vk mac choose quality

If you want the audio from a music video on YouTube, you can still use the AceThinker Video Keeper to extract it. First, just copy the link to the music video and paste it on the search bar. Press enter, then click the "More" button. From here, choose the quality among the audio format which is MP3. Finally, click the "Download" button to extract the audio.

  • Supports downloading videos from over 100 video website including Vimeo, Facebook, and others.
  • It has a search bar that you can use to find videos without opening a web browser.

  • It can only download 3 videos at a time on its trial version.

2. iTubeDownloader

System OS: Mac
Distinctive feature: iTubeDownloader can integrate with a web browser extension to detect the video and send it to iTubeDownloader to download it.

iTubeDownloader is one of the best YouTube video downloader for Mac that can get video from YouTube up to 4K resolution. This tool supports multiple downloads at the same time. Besides, it can download an entire channel or playlist on YouTube with a few simple clicks. All the downloaded videos on iTubeDownloader are transferred to iTunes. Also, it supports downloading extremely smooth 60 fps videos on YouTube. However, iTubeDownloader charges $8.99 for its activation code, but students can get a 35% discount. Thus, you can still use its free trial to download YouTube videos.



  • It can optimize the downloaded videos for multiple devices
  • Lets you choose your preferred video format before downloading

  • Doesn’t allow you to transfer downloaded videos over WiFi

3. MacX YouTube Downloader

System OS: Mac
Distinctive feature: MacX YouTube Downloader can automatically add downloaded videos to the iTunes library.

Another excellent and free video downloader is MacX YouTube Downloader. It is one of the best youtube downloader apps for Mac that can download videos and music from 300+ online sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, Facebook, Dailymotion, and the likes. This tool supports downloading videos in MP4, WebM, FLV, and other popular formats. It can also get videos from 720p up to 4K resolution on YouTube. Besides, MacX YouTube Downloader can multi-thread and download a batch of videos, which allows you to download them simultaneously. With this tool installed on your Mac, all the YouTube content videos can be yours instantly.



  • It can share downloaded videos with anyone easily
  • Can download multiple YouTube videos for free

  • Sometimes shows download error

4. Airy YouTube Downloader

System OS: Windows/Mac
Distinctive feature: Airy YouTube Downloader can extract MP3 audio from a video.

When your internet tends to be slow or a problem with streaming video on a browser, a handy video downloader will come into play. We are going to use the Airy YouTube Downloader. It allows you to save and store videos from YouTube to your Mac device in high-quality resolution. As long as you have downloaded your preferred video on YouTube, you can watch them offline. Airy can download age-restricted or private videos on YouTube as long as you have logged in to your account. Another good thing about this tool is that it can save YouTube subtitles for you to understand the speakers from the video properly.



  • It can work with a browser extension for downloading YouTube videos
  • Supports different video format and resolution

  • Does not allow you to choose the bit-rate of the video

5. YTD for Mac

System OS: Windows/Mac
Distinctive feature: YTD for Mac is using the latest IDM Cracks for unlimited YouTube videos.

YTD for Mac is one of the fastest YouTube downloader for Mac. Plus, it allows you to get videos to HD quality in different video formats. You can also get videos from dozens of video sharing sites. You can download videos from YouTube via the URL of the video. As a default video format, YTD downloads YouTube videos in MP4. However, YTD can still help you to convert the videos to your preferred formats to play on your iPad, iPod, iPhone, PSP, Android phone, and more. With the help of this tool, it lets you watch YouTube videos anytime and anywhere you want.



  • It has a video editing tools
  • Allows you to download the audio track of the video

  • Doesn’t have customer or technical support

Identifying the Best YouTube Downloader for Mac

First of all, YouTube downloaders should get YouTube videos directly on your computer. But there are also other capabilities a video downloader should have. With all the free youtube video downloader for Mac, some developers improved their software and put other features for users. On that note, we made things easier to know what are the Best YouTube Downloader for Mac should be.

Things to consider:

  • A YouTube downloader must allow you to convert downloaded videos to different video formats like MP4, WAV, FLAC, AVI, and the likes.
  • It should be compatible with iTunes and other Mac applications.
  • Must allow you to choose the video quality and resolution when downloading videos.
  • The tool’s interface must be easy-to-use or understand.
  • Specific downloader programs must update their software to fix bugs.
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Last updated on April 28, 2022

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