The Best 4K YouTube Video Downloader For Android Reviewed

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4k YT video downloader for androidWatching YouTube videos is a good and entertaining way to pass the time. Especially when you have a fast and stable Internet connection, you can stream the videos smoothly, even in Ultra HD quality. Whether you’re watching gameplay videos, vlogs, film series, or music videos, it is satisfying if the video has a clear resolution. But what if you don’t have a reliable Internet connection? What can you do? You can always download the YouTube videos you want to watch smoothly, even if there’s no Internet connection. However, only a few downloaders allow downloading in Ultra HD quality. Even the YouTube mobile application only downloads videos in 780p and higher if you have YouTube Premium. Fortunately, you found this review that lists 4K YT downloader for Android. Please proceed to read the review to find out more about them.

Review of Top-Rated 4K Video Downloader for Android

If you want to movies or any YouTube video, it is better to download 4K YouTube videos Android. So, here are some of the best downloaders that can download videos in 4K Ultra HD quality.

1. Aqua Clip

Distinct Feature: Aside from YouTube, it can download from over a thousand websites.

Price: The personal monthly subscription is $12.95.

The first 4K YT video downloader for Android is Aqua Clip. This downloader is the best for users who like watching and downloading videos from different websites in 4K quality. Aqua Clip also has remarkable download speed and can finish downloading videos in Ultra HD despite its size. Aside from downloading in 4K, users can also flexibly customize their download quality in 1080p, 720p, and more resolutions. Users who download videos also don’t need to worry about intrusive adverts. Even with the free version of Aqua Clip, advertisements are strategically placed and do not block the screen. Finally, the tool allows users to preview the YT videos before downloading them to check if they got the right one.

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acethinker Aqua Clip for android main interface

You can use this app to download YouTibe videos for your Android device. Check this link to learn more about this process.

2. YouTube Premium

Distinct Feature: Since YouTube is also a video-sharing platform, it has its own library of content and videos.

Price: The subscription is $11.99 per month.

Downloading YouTube videos are also possible using the mobile application of YouTube. However, YouTube 4K video downloader for Android only works if users are subscribed to its license YouTube Premium. Without a subscription, users can only download up to medium video quality. This is the best solution for the user group that doesn’t want to install a third-party app to download Ultra HD YouTube videos. However, when downloading through the YouTube application, the downloaded HD videos are only playable through YouTube’s video player. The downloaded video is also not shareable on another device. But because the file is downloaded on the app only and not on the local storage, it takes up less space than when using other downloaders.

download using YouTube

3. VidMate

Distinct Feature: The tool has a Top Site and Top Downloads tab for video recommendations.

Price: The ads are a little intrusive but the app is free.

The third 4K YT downloader Android is an app that maintains its server only through advertisements and donations, VidMate. Although the application is free, it can download videos in 4K Ultra HD quality. Aside from YouTube, it can download movies on Android, most of which are Hindi and Bollywood movie sites. Users who enjoy watching those types of movies will surely like the application. Security is also no problem with Vidmate since the ads are safe and free from malicious malware. The tool also does not tolerate illegal downloads and pirated content, so users and the application are safe from bans. Finally, the audio of downloaded videos using Vidmate is decent for a free application.

watch malayalam movies online with vidmate

4. Videoder

Distinct Feature: Copying a link to videos from supported sites will trigger Videoder to show a pop-up download button.

Price: The monthly license is $4.99.

Another YouTube 4K video tool APK is the downloader known for its smart link detection, Videoder. The tool is best for users who like to save time with smart link detection. It allows them to download the videos immediately after copying the URLs of supported videos. A batch download is also possible with Videoder, so you can save time downloading YT playlists in 4K quality. Since the application is also paid and requires a monthly subscription, no popups and advertisements exist. Usually, ads will annoy the users, but not with Videoder. Moreover, users can see if they have failed downloads since the tool has an Interrupted tab. The tab lists the downloads which encountered a problem during the process so users can check them.

videoder main interface

5. NewPipe

Distinct Feature: Supports multitasking while playing the 4K YouTube videos.

Price: It is a free downloader.

The following 4K YT Video downloader APK for Android is NewPipe. It is a tool intended by the developers to look like YouTube and give the users the same feeling and experience. However, the tool has better-downloading capability since downloading in 4K is possible even with a free version. Downloading YT videos with NewPipe also produces playable video files on other media players. Moreover, the downloads in NewPipe are also transferable to other Android or other types of devices. NewPipe’s media player is also optimized to work on multitasking screens. So, it best fits the user group who likes to watch while doing other tasks on their Android phones.

newpipe download interface


Distinct Feature: This browser-based tool can Download YT 4K videos without installing the application.

Price: It has popup ads but it is free.

Aside from downloaders that need installation, there is also an online 4K YouTube video downloader for Android. is a free service website that can download 4K videos from many supported websites by getting the URL of the videos. Despite being free, can download in 4K as long as the original video was also uploaded in 4K. If the YouTube video is uploaded with only 1080p or 720p quality, then the downloader can only download in that resolution. Finally, can also be installed as a browser extension for faster downloads. Users can directly Download YT videos while browsing if the tool’s extension is installed. It is helpful for users who want direct video downloads from the browser without downloading any app.

savefrom to download instagram videos

7. InsTube

Distinct Feature: The tool can encrypt and protect downloaded videos using its built-in locker and password.

Price: Free but with ads.

Another free 4K downloader for Android is InsTube. It is the best tool for users who like its built-in locker's protection and keep a private video gallery. InsTube can also download from 100+ streaming platforms besides YouTube, which all support up to 4K Ultra HD resolution. However, the problem with InsTube is that it can't pause or stop a download after it starts. Users can only wait for the download to finish and ensure not to lose Internet connection to avoid glitches and hitches. After all, it is a free application, so some of the app's features are not yet developed.

instube main interface

8. KeepVid

Distinct Feature: The tool is proven to have the lowest rate of hitches and glitches on downloads.

Price: The tool is $29.95.

The last 4K downloader Android is a flexible app that works on Android devices and browsers. KeepVid can download 4K YouTube videos through the Android application or its service website for faster direct downloads. The tool also has a free version, but only the licensed version supports downloading in Ultra HD quality. Moreover, the free version contains lots of ads and popups, which can be removed by buying the premium version. Finally, aside from downloading videos, the tool can also edit video downloads and add subtitles. Users that enjoy watching YT videos with subtitles are the best match for this tool.

keepvid online tool

How to Download 4K Video with Aqua Clip for Android

Now that you know the different 4K downloaders that you can use, it’s time to learn how to use them. Here are the simple steps to download with the best 4K Video downloader for Android. Follow them to download 4K videos on Android.

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Step 1 Paste the URL or Browse YouTube

After downloading and installing Aqua Clip, start by pasting the YouTube video URL or use the built-in browser. You can open YouTube by clicking the YouTube logo below and browser what you want to download.

step 1

Step 2 Enter Download Mode

If you used the URL of the YouTube video, you can directly click the Download button below to enter download mode. But if you chose to browse, use the search bar above to search for the YouTube video you want quickly. After displaying the results, go into Download mode.

step 2

Step 3 Start Downloading the 4K YT Video

Finally, you can start downloading the YouTube video in 4K Quality. If your preset setting is to download videos in 4K, click the lightning button for instant download. If not, customize the download quality by dropping down the Download button. Start the download after customization. You can manage your downloads through the Downloading and Downloaded tabs.

Downloading the 4K YT Video

Comparison Chart and Conclusion

4K Downloaders Size Supported Formats Supported Platform/s
Aqua Clip 110 MB MP4, MP3, and M4A Android, Windows, and Mac
YouTube Premium 255 MB OGG only Downloads are supported on Android only
VidMate 25 MB MP4 and MP3 Android
Videoder 50 MB MP4, MP3, and M4A Windows and Android
4K Downloaders Size Supported Formats Supported Platform/s
NewPipe 10 MB MP4 and MP3 Android None MP4 and WEBM Android, Windows, Mac, and Browsers
InsTube 10 MB MP4 and MP3 Android, Windows, and Mac
KeepVid 50 MB MP4, MP3, and WAV Android, Windows, Online Browsers and Mac


There are a lot of different 4K video downloader for Android, each with its own unique quality. However, Aqua Clip is recommended since it supports most websites, formats, and platforms. It is the most flexible among the downloaders and can download with commendable speed.

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