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vidmate alternativeNowadays, there are many rising streaming services for both videos and music. The possibilities are limitless with the wide selection of sites and platforms, each with its wide selection of songs and videos. However, these video and music streaming platforms require an Internet connection to let you watch and listen. But what if you are offline and don’t have any connection? How will you be able to watch and listen to your favorite entertainment? The solution is to download the content you want so you can play them anytime. But not all streaming platforms allow users to download their content, so sometimes, you will have to use a third-party app that supports downloading from your favorite sites. An example is VidMate, a video, and music downloading tool. Curious? You will pick up a lot more about the tool by reading this article, and you will also discover more VidMate alternative.

What is VidMate?

Prominent Feature: Produces downloaded video or music with crisp and clean audio.

Price: Free, but sometimes ads can be annoying.

The tool VidMate is a downloader that can download videos and music from different websites, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Dailymotion. Despite the application being a great downloader, it is free because it maintains its server through donations and advertisements. Users can download many movies and songs using VidMate due to its wide selection of websites. Hindi or Bollywood movies are the most prominent in VidMate since it supports many sites that offer them, which is why the tool suits those who like them. However, the only limit is that pirated videos or unlawful distribution are frowned upon by VidMate. You can’t download illegal videos using VidMate, as it is also its way to protect their domain from being banned or tagged as malicious. But don’t worry, as there are lots of VidMate similar app you can still use to download what VidMate won’t let you. You will learn more about those alternatives in the following sections.

vidmate main interface

The Best Alternative for VidMate

Prominent Feature: Supports downloading audios and videos from over 1000 websites.

Price: $12.95.

The best VidMate alternative for Android is Aqua Clip. Aside from the tool supporting downloads from a thousand sites, it also supports many download formats. Users can download the URL they get from the streaming platforms in MP3, MP4, M4A, and even 3GP and FLV formats. The best fit for users who have multiple devices, such as Android and iOS devices, so they can transfer and play the downloads without a problem. The tool also offers a much faster download speed, made possible by high-edged servers and connections. But, aside from the download speed, what’s also remarkable about the tool is that it supports batch download, saving the users a lot of time. Below is a step-by-step Aqua Clip usage guide.

Download for Free

Step 1 Choose Your Streaming Website

When downloading using Aqua Clip, you will first have to select the video or audio sharing platform that you want to browse. The website you pick will open in the built-in browser of the alternative to VidMate.

vk step 1

Step 2 Search What to Download

Depending on the site that you selected, find the search bar, then type in what you want to download. You can save much time through this instead of manually browsing the websites. After searching for the video or music, you want to download, tap the Download button centered at the bottom.

step 2

Step 3 Download Your Video or Audio

For the last step, you can tap the Start Download button at the lowest part of the screen. It will start the download of your video with the quality and file format you selected. The video download will be finished in a while, and you can now play it offline.

Download Your Video or Audio

Other Downloaders Like VidMate

Suppose you are still not contented with the first two tools and want a different tool to download movies and music on Android, continue with the article. Below is a list of other apps similar to Vidmate.

1. NewPipe

Prominent Feature: It will keep playing your videos even if there is another application running in the background simultaneously.

Price: Free.

Another VidMate alternative APK is the NewPipe application. It is a multipurpose downloader and player of music and videos. Since the tool is designed to resemble the famous video-sharing platform YouTube, it gives off a similar experience. However, watching and downloading with NewPipe is not as full of advertisements as YouTube is. Users can find this tool a very effective alternative to VidMate for them if they hate annoying ads on YouTube. Moreover, this alternative does not consume much data on your Android device or Internet bandwidth. The tool also values the privacy of its users, so the app does not ask for suspicious app permission after installing them.

newpipe download interface

2. KeepVid

Prominent Feature: It has the lowest rate of glitches and hitches on its downloaded content.

Price: $29.95.

Another VidMate substitute app is free software that still supports downloading in 4K high definition quality. So, if users want a free 4K downloader, KeepVid is their appropriate downloader tool. Aside from the Android app of the tool, it also has a browser version that allows downloading from there directly. However, the tool has many annoying display ads, but you can get rid of them by buying the premium version. If you choose not to buy the premium version, you don’t have to worry about the ads since they are safe. Lastly, what makes the downloader even more unique from the other downloaders is that it has its video editor and subtitle maker within the application.

keepvid online tool

3. InsTube

Prominent Feature: The videos and audio can be protected using a password and the tool’s built-in locker.

Price: Free.

InsTube is also a perfect replacement for VidMate. Although the website currently supported by the tool for download is 100 only, it makes up for its commendable speed. The tool also supports downloading both video and audio to your Android devices. This is a perfect tool for users who want to download and keep their multimedia files locked from other people. Moreover, the hundred supported websites are not the final sites that the tool will support. InsTube has a site resource bookmark that allows users to suggest which website the developers should consider by leaving a bookmark. Finally, the downloader has a built-in video and music player where users can play their downloaded content.

instube main interface

4. Snaptube

Prominent Feature: Managing the videos and audio even before the download process is finished is possible.

Price: Free.

The last Vidmate alternative in this list is a tool that suits those who can’t finish the download they need in one sitting. Snaptube is a video and audio downloader that allows users to pause and stop their downloads but will still be able to resume them later. No problem will arise and corrupt the video and music file that users will download. Also, aside from the average quality of videos, Snaptube offers downloading in QHD and UHD video quality. However, the source video should be uploaded in those qualities for Snaptube to download them in the same quality. But the final cons for this product is that it can only be installed via a third-party installer, so users will have first to allow app installation from unknown sources.

snaptube main interface

Comparison Chart

Downloaders Download Speed Size Supported Platforms
VidMate Fast download 25 MB Android
Aqua Clip Super fast download 110 MB Android, Windows, and Mac
NewPipe Average download 10 MB Android
Downloaders Download Speed Size Supported Platforms
KeepVid Average download 50 MB Android, Windows, Online Browsers and Mac
InsTube Fast download 10 MB Android, Windows, and Mac
Snaptube Fast download 40 MB Android

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