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Troubleshooting for Auto-Detector Not Working

"Hi, over a week ago, the auto-detection feature of Video Keeper works without a problem. I did not change any settings, yet this morning I tried to download videos on YouTube, not letting me. I can only download the video via copy and paste of the link. I prefer using the detector because it is more convenient. I need to have this working; I am trying to download a playlist. I need help. I hope you guys can fix it asap." We appreciate you for reaching out and bringing this matter into our attention. Before we introduce deeper troubleshooting, I would like to verify if your YouTube account is logged-in while downloading? If not, please try logging in first before attempting to download. On the contrary, if your account is logged-in, please check settings on the tool. You have to make sure that "decrypt HTTPS traffic" is checked. Please see the detailed instruction below to be guided.

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Decrypt HTTPS traffic

From the tool's interface, click the "ellipsis" icon (Three dots) located at the upper right side. Next, choose "Settings"> "Download"> and finally tick the checkbox where it says "Enable advance Detector (support HTTPS)."

Decrpt the sit

Make Sure Detector is On

By default, the auto-detection is "ON" upon download. Yet, you have to make sure that it is on before downloading.

At times a firewall can cause the problem. Make sure to add the tool to the "While List" of the firewall so it won't restrict any activity done by the tool.

detect the video

Alternative Way to Download Playlist from YouTube

Aside from the auto-detection feature, you can use the URL to get a playlist on YouTube. Instead, go to "Download." You have to ways to do it. Before pasting the link, you must copy the link to your clipboard. Then click the "PASTE URL" button, once the tool detected that it is a playlist, it will show you a window where you can choose "Select All." From there, all videos will be downloaded. Video Keeper can only simultaneously download 20 videos at the same time. If exceeded, it will be buffered until the first 20 videos are finished. The other way is by using the "Add batch URL" button beside the paste URL button. Just paste the link of the video and all videos will be downloaded in no time.

Playlist download.

Video Keeper Does Not Work With Non-YouTube Sites?

What may cause the tool not to download from a non-YouTube site? One reason is that the Kernel Version that you are using is not supported. All you have to do is change it. How? You can use a third-party app or use the one built-in by Video Keeper.

Switch browser

Change Kernel on Video Keeper

From the address bar of the main interface under the "Detect" tab, click the "drop-down" button to change the Kernel. See the photo below for a clear demonstration.

switch kernel

Third Party App: User-Agent Switcher Extension

Make sure to use Chrome since it is designed to work only with this browser. Next, from the extension bar, click the "User-Agent Switcher extension" to choose the correct platform and then copy the video link to download it.

switch extension

These two procedures given are applicable on all sites that does not work.
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Last updated on November 21, 2022

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