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Full Guide in Saving YouTube Videos and Using YouTube Trimmer

feature trim youtubeYouTube is the most well-known among video-sharing sites, and millions of individuals contribute videos daily. If you're a YouTuber or a professional video editor, the one thing you must know is how to trim and download YouTube videos. Since you acquire most of your video content from YouTube, cutting and downloading YouTube videos are crucial parts of today's video editing. On the other hand, YouTube does not allow you to download its videos straight to your computer or laptop. So, before you can trim or edit any YouTube video, you must first download it to your computer's local storage. There are various methods for doing these tasks, including YouTube video cut and download. In this post, we will go through several tools for downloading YouTube videos and how to trim YouTube videos. Aside from that, most people find it tough to clip videos that they did not generate. That's why we will also go through trimming a YouTube video that isn't yours.

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Overview and Requirements in Cutting YouTube Videos

YouTube is the second most visited website worldwide, right after its owner, Google. It is an American online video sharing and social media platform founded by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim on February 14, 2005. YouTube has more than 35 billion total visitors globally who watch billions of hours of video every day. Due to the increasing consumer interest in video content, many content creators use YouTube to advertise businesses and goods. Besides, there are also a lot of YouTubers and professionals who earn money by creating vlogs and tutorials.

how to cut youtube videos

Creating videos is not easy as it seems. Many content creators undergo several editing and trimming processes to provide engaging videos for viewers. But to do that, they need to have a suitable YouTube trimmer to cut their videos. If you are also a YouTube content creator and wondering how to cut youtube videos online, we got you here. Proceed to the next section to know several tools that will help you trim your YouTube videos.

Two Methods to Download YouTube Videos on PC

Trimming videos is easy once you already have the video on your computer. But what if the video you need to trim is still on YouTube? As we all know, downloading YouTube videos on your local drive is not possible. That's why many video downloaders exist to help you download YouTube videos to computer. Hence, we will provide you with two of the best YouTube downloaders you can use.

1. Download YouTube Videos Using Desktop Software

Supported Sites: You can use this tool to save videos from various video-streaming sites. These sites include YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Vimeo, and other 1000+ sites.
Compatibility: Windows and Mac computers.

AceThinker Video Keeper Pro is a real game-changer for downloading YouTube videos online. This tool delivers a smooth download experience among users with its advanced multi-threading technology. Thus, you can expect a quick and hassle-free experience as it boosts up the download process 3x times faster than any other tool. Video Keeper can also acquire videos in various formats, ranging from SD to 8K ultra-HD video quality. Other than that, it can also download multiple videos and YouTube playlists in one go. Now, to give you more details on how this tool works. See the detailed steps below.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Install the YouTube Downloader

First, hit one of the download buttons provided above to get the tool's set-up file. After saving the file, install it on your computer. Once the tool has been successfully installed, launch it and explore the YouTube downloader.

acethinker video keeper interface

Step 2 Grab the URL of the YouTube Video

Open a web browser and use it to access YouTube. Once on the site, search for the video you want to download and play it. Right-click on the player while the video is playing and select "Copy video URL."

copying url of youtube video

Step 3 Paste and Download the YouTube Video

Now, go back to the Video Keeper and click the "Paste URL" button. Clicking that button will allow the tool to analyze the YouTube video link. After the link has been parsed, hit on the "MP4" button to start downloading the video.

pasting and downloading youtube video

Step 4 Open the Output Folder of the Video

You can check the download process of the video by going to the "Downloading" panel. But after the video has been downloaded, navigate to the "Downloaded" section. From here, right-click on the video file name and select "Open file Location."

output folder of the downloaded video

2. Save YouTube Video with an Online Downloader

Supported Sites: This tool lets you download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, TED, and more.
Compatibility: Almost all popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

If you don't want to use a desktop tool, an online version of the Video Keeper can take over. This browser video downloader allows you to obtain YouTube videos online for free. Yes, you can save unlimited YouTube videos you want without signing up and paying anything. Besides, Acethikner Free Online Video Downloader supports different download qualities, such as 240p, 360p, and 480p. The conversion process is pretty fast and easy. Furthermore, you can enjoy using this site as it doesn't have any annoying ads and pop-ups, unlike other free online tools. Follow the guide beneath to learn how to use this tool.

Step 1 Copy Video URL and Paste into the Tool

First, open a new tab and visit the YouTube site. Look for the video you would like to download. Play the video and copy its URL right above the browser's address bar. Once copied, go to the Acethinker Free Online Video Downloader official page. Paste the link in the empty rectangular box and hit the "Download" button beside it.

acethinker online downloader step1 process

Step 2 Select Preferable Video Quality

After the link has been analyzed, the online tool will show you a download button. Hit on it to get a selection of available quality outputs. Then, select video quality based on your preference by clicking the download button next to it. Once clicked, the tool will take you to the download page.

acethinker online downloader step2 process

Step 3 Start Saving the YouTube Video

Start downloading the YouTube video from this download page by clicking the three vertical dots menu icon. Then, hit "Download" from the options shown. After the video has been downloaded, go to your download folder to locate the video.

acethinker online downloader step3 process

How to Trim Videos with Best YouTube Cutter Online

After learning how to download the YouTube video, let's now talk about how you can trim YouTube online. To do that, we will present you with an online video trimmer that you can use to trim the downloaded YouTube video.

Supported File Formats: MP4, WMV, 3GP, FLV, AVI, WebM, and more.
Compatibility: It works well on popular browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and many more.

AceThinker Free Online Video Trimmer is the perfect YouTube online trimmer you can use. This web-based app allows you to cut any video part with ease. It supports drag-and-drop functionality to export the video you would like to trim. Here, you can also set the time to get only the desired part of the video. You can accomplish the overall process in a few clicks and seconds by following the flexible and simple interface. Furthermore, you can preview the edited video clips in real-time to ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome. Let's start trimming down your video by following the walkthroughs below.

Step 1 Drag & Drop the Video File

First, find the location folder of the video you want to trim. Click the video, then drag and drop it inside the white surface of the online tool. Once done, the tool will start uploading the video.

acethinker online trimmer step1 process

Step 2 Start Trimming the Video

After the video has been uploaded, use the slider to place where you want to trim the video. If you don't want to use the slider, you can set the beginning time and end of the parts you want to keep instead. Once all set, click on the "Start processing" button to proceed.

acethinker online trimmer step2 process

Step 3 Save the Trimmed Video

Wait a few moments until the video has been completely processed. Once done, you can save the trimmed video by clicking the blue "Download" button. There you have it, as easy as that.

acethinker online trimmer step3 process

Three Alternative Tools to Trim YouTube for Free

1. Clideo

Supported File Formats: 3GP, FLV, AVI, MP4, and more.
Compatibility: This tool works best on Google Chrome.

Clideo is one of the best video trimmers to cut youtube videos online. This free web-based service allows you to trim videos easily. You can import any type of file and trim them smoothly. Apart from the trim function, it can also convert the video and apply fade-in and fade-out effects. It's well-known among video editors for providing a wide range of effects. Furthermore, it is pretty simple to use, and even those with little prior knowledge can benefit from it. Aside from that, it provides a broad selection of formats to save the modified video.

User Guide:

  • First, find the video in your local drive. Once located, drag and drop the file on the online trimmer.
  • Next, start trimming the uploaded video using the slider or setting up the time frame. You can also add a fade-in and fade-out effect as you wish.
  • Once done, you can now start exporting the video. To do so, simply click the blue "Export" button. Then, download the trimmed video.

trimming youtube video using clideo

2. Microsoft PowerPoint

Supported File Formats: Almost all video and audio file formats.
Compatibility: Windows and Mac for computers, and it also has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation software app created by Microsoft. This application uses slides to deliver multimedia-rich information and makes large commercial presentations, basic instructional outlines, and much more. The user can also import other media into PowerPoint, such as pictures, audio, and video clips. Since this software is integrated with the other tools of the Microsoft Office suite, it can also be used to trim videos. Moreover, you can also add text along with the video you have uploaded. See the guide below to know how to trim YouTube in PowerPoint.

User Guide:

  • First, copy and paste the downloaded YouTube video on PowerPoint. Once pasted, click on the video and go to the "Playback" tab under the "Video Tools" section.
  • Select "Trim Video" from this tab to trim the video. You can set the video's starting time and end time or use the green and blue slider.
  • Once satisfied, hit "OK" to save the modification you made. You can now play the trimmed YouTube video and present it to your friends.

trimming youtube video using powerpoint

3. YouTube Trimmer

Supported File Formats: The tool uses embedded links of the YouTube video.
Compatibility: This tool can trim YouTube on iPhone and Android web browsers. It also works best on Chrome using a computer.

YouTube Trimmer is a comprehensive and straightforward online YouTube video cutter. It has a tool that allows you to trim or edit video segments from YouTube videos. One of its trimming features is the ability to go to the start and end of the clip for quick and easy video trimming. The tool also features a play and stop button that allows you to crop a specific scene from a YouTube video. Aside from that, it demonstrates three methods for sharing the cropped video link. These methods include copying the embedded code, using the URL or video link, and viewing the trimmed video on the YouTube site.

User Guide:

  • To begin, access YouTube Trimmer. After that, make sure to copy the link from YouTube and then paste it into the tool's search field.
  • Then, sit back and wait for the tool to evaluate the video. Once the link has been evaluated, use the tool's trimming feature to trim a specific segment from the YouTube video.
  • Since this tool can't save cropped videos for offline usage, post the trimmed video on your social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

trimming youtube video using youtube trimmer

Comparison Chart of YouTube Video Trimmers

YouTube Video Trimmer Watermark on Video Pros Cons
AceThinker Free Online Video Trimmer No Provides a quick conversion process. It doesn’t offer GIFs.
Clideo Yes It supports high-end security features. It has video export size limitations.
Microsoft PowerPoint No Good for presenting videos with texts. It doesn’t allow saving the trimmed video.
CRITERIA No Provides a great user experience. It creates issues during heavy usage.

Bonus Tip: How to Trim Uploaded Videos on YouTube

YouTube has integrated a video editor that you can use to trim or remove a section of your uploaded video. You can trim off the beginning, middle, or end of your YouTube video on a computer. It is not necessary to re-upload a video to cut it. Besides, the video's URL, view count, and comments will remain unchanged. In addition, take note that this feature is only available for less than 6 hours long videos. If you want to learn how to trim your video, watch the video below from the YouTube Creators channel.

trim youtube

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