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Top 10 Sites Like Yesmovies for Streaming Films Easily

yesmovies-homepageAre you looking for a site where you can watch tons of movies and TV shows online? There are a lot of them. The internet is an ocean of information where you can find almost everything, including free movies. Among them is Yes! Movies. It is one of the most popular portals for the latest movies, documentaries, and TV shows. You can watch all you want without limitation since the site is free. Also, there is no need to register an account to maximize it fully. Moreover, there are numerous of them that provide the same service and offer support for mobile streaming. That is why we listed some of the best alternative sites like YesMovies that you can consider visiting.

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Best 10 Websites Like Yesmovies to Watch Movies Online

1. 123Movies

123movies is one great site to watch the latest and the hottest movies. This site does not store movies on their system, instead of linking them. You can say that it is safer to watch here than those Torrent movie sites. Besides that, the site updates daily as long as there is a new movie release in theaters. However, expect that there will be a lot of cinema copies for newly released ones. Soon, once HD is available, it will be updated to the newest and better version of the movie. Hence, downloading movies here is a lot easier. That is the reason why it is considered a good YesMovies alternative. On this list, you can see123movies alternatives and Sites like Yesmovies.

123movies main site

2. ConTV

Next is, ConTV. It is another website like YesMovies, where you can stream movies online without paying. This site is available worldwide because of its flexibility when it comes to supporting. This site can also be viewed and mobile devices, consoles, and of course, desktops. Also, this site is best for comedy and gaming. It is similar to movies and the 123Movie site in providing services. However, this is concentrated more on Anime Episodes. You can find almost all Anime shows with English Subtitles, and some have English Dubs. How about downloads? Is it easy to download videos here? Well, I can, yes, if you are using a reliable downloader. Later on, a tool that works with this site correctly will be introduced for your convenience. All in all, the site is competitive enough to be considered as a good alternative. For Anime lovers out there, this is an excellent haven to watch your favorites!


3. MovieWatcher

If you're looking for a YesMovies alternative that streams the latest movies, try MovieWatcher. The video-sharing website is famous for its high-quality film that it even streams them in BluRay resolution. It has a section for the most viewed movies, so you can check the trending and up-to-charts films you don't want to miss. Besides films, you can enjoy several TV series with complete episodes that you surely want to binge-watch.

moviewatcher interface

4. Primewire

One of the most famous sites like YesMovies is Primewire. The website is perfect for avid fans of TV series. Primewire uploads the latest episodes of an ongoing TV series hours or days after its official release. Here, you can watch several originally produced movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others. In fact, you can even watch them for up to 720 resolution. However, since you can access all of its features for free, expect that you will redirect to a new tab when you try to play a video first.

primewire interface

5. PopcornFlix

As its name suggests, you just need to prepare your snacks or popcorn as this site will provide the movies for you. PopcornFlix is one of the sites that have the most extensive collection of videos. One reason for it is that the site has been running for several years as of the writing. Besides the new arrivals of the latest movies and TV episodes, you can also watch eye-opening documentaries. It ranges from critical topics like politics, environment, and others that viewers can surely learn from.

popcornflix interface

6. Rainierland

Another excellent YesMovies alternative is Rainierland. The site has a "Requested" section wherein the movies or TV episodes asked by avid users were all placed. Here, you can find any random suggestion that you might want to check. Aside from that, Rainierland allows you to add movies to the Watchlist and access it easier later. Furthermore, Rainierland has a VIP version that promises you can enjoy advanced services. It is a desktop app containing no ads, and movies will load faster than the free site.

rainierland interface

7. PutLocker

You can also give PutLocker a try. It is a reliable video-sharing platform to watch and stream your favorite movies without the registration needed. On this site, you can explore more movie genres like Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi, thrillers, Sport, Fantasy, and many more. Moreover, these movies are arranged in neat categories allowing you to find the videos you like to watch quickly. As you browse through the site and hover your mouse over a particular movie, you will know about the film's background, such as the quality, duration, and IMDB rating, before watching the video.

main interface putlocker

8. Solarmovie

Solarmovie also has broad categories to offer its viewers. Like most of the previously mentioned sites, it allows visitors to stream movies without sign-up constraints. With its IMDB list, movie lovers are pleased because it will enable them to watch almost every newly released video. Although there are popups and ads, they rarely appear to have an uninterrupted viewing experience. No wonder it has the most popular among other movie sites.

solarmovie main page

9. Yify TV

When it comes to YesMovies alternatives, you may also consider visiting Yify TV. It allows you to watch full-length movies with excellent video and sound quality. You can find all films compiled by main categories such as Ratings, Top IMDb, and much more. Along with that, you can also find the movies based on the year they are released. It means you can quickly look for the video you are searching for. Alternatively, there is a search bar at the top right corner of the page to watch movies instantly.

yify tv main interface

10. YouTube Movies

Yes, you got it right! YouTube now has a specific section for Hollywood and blockbuster movies. The difference compared to other sites is that this section is not for free. You have to purchase the films in exchange for a permanent copy and 4K resolution streaming. In case you don't want to pay a single penny, you can use the normal function and search for any full-length movie uploaded by a random user. Here, expect the quality would not be that great, and it might get deleted anytime.

youtube interface

How to Download Online Movies with Video Keeper

In any chance that you want to download each movie that you watch from these sites, that is possible. You need a tool that can download videos or movies from sites like these. Yes, there are online downloaders available online. However, these sites do not work with movie sites because they are encrypted. Only a few third-party apps can work, like AceThinker Video Keeper. An automatic detection was infused to download videos from restricted sites. That means you can download almost all sites using this tool. It can also download videos using different video-sharing sites like Youtube, Vimeo, and social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. On top of that, a screen recording capability and a converter are added. Everything you need is here. Video Keeper is just easy to use; follow the steps below.

Step 1 Download and Install the App

To start your free trial, use the download buttons to get the application. Choose the right platform and install the app by following the installer wizard. Also, make sure to register an active email address to maximize it fully. To set your expectations, you can only download one video simultaneously under a free trial as part of its limitation.

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Step 2 Download Using Automatic Detection

The first way to download videos is by using the auto-detection feature of the tool. All you have to do is go to the "Detect" tab and use the built-in browser to directly search for the website. In this case, we will go to 123movies to demonstrate the process. Stream for the movie; make sure that your internet connection is stable so that the tool can detect the video accurately. Once recognized, it would be added to the download queue. If the video is not detected, please make sure the "auto-detection" is on, located at the bottom left side of the interface.

Vk auto detection download

Step 3 Check Acquired Video

All videos downloaded from the same tab are found under "Download" than "Completed." To play the video, double-click the file name, and the built-in player will play the video.

check downloaded file

Tip: The other way is by using the URL of the video. Though this does not apply to movie sites, this is good to info. It works with less restricted sites like YouTube. Similar to online downloaders that you see online — usually those open sources like social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, community video sharing sites like Youtube, Vimeo, and a lot more. From the interface, click "Download," then paste the URL by clicking the "Paste URL" button. The video will then be downloaded.

manually download it

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