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Want to Get FLVTO Alternative? Find It Here!

flvtoFLVTO is one of the most used online tools to convert MP3 with different operating systems, including Linux, macOS, and Windows. One good thing is that you can extract the MP3 from your favorite music video from different video sharing sites like YouTube. With that being said, you just need to give the link of the video and the tool will extract it an MP3 format instantly. However, multiple ads are popping on its webpage that may annoy you while converting the video file to MP3. Therefore, you need to look for other websites that can help you to convert video in MP3 format. Luckily, in this article, we gathered the best and reliable sites similar to FLVTO that can help you to save less hassle.

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AceThinker Free Video Converter Online

Why can it replace the original solution?: It enables users to convert multiple video files at the same time easily.

AceThinker Free Video Converter Online is a powerful alternative to FLVTO that you can rely on converting video files to MP3. You can convert a video file to multiple useful formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, MP4, MOV, and many more. Not to mention, this software can help you to save much time in streaming the output file in the iPhone, iPad, and Samsung devices. Aside from that, this software allows you to adjust quality output like its resolution, bitrate, channels, and more before converting. Also, it is composed of editing features that let you trim, cut, crop, change the converted video file before saving. One good thing with this online tool is that it works with different platforms, including Windows and Mac OS. Check the steps below on how to convert video files to MP3.

Step 1 Visit the AceThinker Free Video Converter Online

First and foremost, launch any web browser to visit the official website of AceThinker Free Video Converter Online. For the first time users, the tool will ask you to download its launcher. Once done, install it to save it entirely to your computer.

video converter webpage

Step 2 Upload the Video from Local File

To start, click the "Select files to start" button on its webpage to upload the video you wish to convert. Then, click the "Add Files" button on the lower-left corner to add another video file you want to convert.

add files

Step 3 Convert Video to MP3

After uploading the videos, click the "Pen-like" icon to configure the uploaded file, including its play speed, volume, and more. Next, click the "Format" button below to expand the format list and select MP3 audio. Once done, click the "Convert" button on the lower right corner of the tool and click "Ok" to the window that will appear to start the conversion process.

convert video

Step 4 Listen to Converted MP3

Wait for a few moments until the conversion process is completed. Then, click the "Open" button on the window will appear to locate you in the output folder. From the output folder, you can right-click the converted output and choose "Open" to listen.

listen to mp3


Why can it replace the original solution?: Aside from uploading videos from a local file and URL of the video, it allows you to convert videos coming from on your Google Drive and Dropbox.

Next is Online-converter, a multi-purpose free video converter similar to FLVTO that you can use in converting video files to MP3 format. Also, you can extract the audio file from video sharing sites like YouTube without downloading the entire video. Aside from converting videos to MP3, this tool enables you to convert files, including images, e-books, documents, pdf, and more. Despite the wide range of conversion, there are times that the Online-converter webpage is crashing for no reason while converting video to MP3 format.

Step 1 Go to the Official Website of Online-converter

On your computer, open a web browser and go to the Online-converter. Next, you can click the "Select target from" dropdown menu to select "Convert to MP3" to access its audio converter interface.

online-convert webpage

Step 2 Convert The Video to MP3 Format

From here, click the "Choose Files" button to import a video from your computer. And wait until the video is uploaded. Once done, click the "Start conversion" button below the uploaded to convert the video into an MP3.

add video

Step 3 Save the Converted Video

Lastly, you can click the green "Download" button to save the converted file on your computer. Go to the default "Download" folder of the browser on your computer to listen to the converted MP3.

download converted file

AceThinker Music Recorder

Why can it replace the original solution?: With "Schedule Task" feature, you can easily record an audio file from different video and music streaming sites with ease.

AceThinker Music Recorder is an excellent alternative to FLVTO in extracting audio of a video and saving it to an MP3 format. It is a fully-featured desktop software that is capable of recording any sounds on your computer or microphone in high quality. Don't worry about the unnecessary noises around you while recording the systems sound because it only records the audio coming from your computer. Aside from audio recording, this software allows you to download music from the internet with its built-in search engine. AceThinker Music Recorder is also composed of a built-in media player on its interface. With that being said, it made it easier for you to listen to the output recordings after extracting the audio from a video.

Step 1 Download and Install AceThinker Music Recorder

First, download the software by clicking one of the "Download" buttons below. After downloading, run the installer and follow the guide to install it on your computer. Then, launch the tool to access its main interface.

Try it for Free

music recorder interface

Step 2 Set-up the Initial Settings of the Software

Next, click the "Gear" icon on the upper right part and select "Settings." Then, a window will appear where you can configure the audio source, audio quality, and output format. After the configuration, you can click "Ok" to save the changes made.

set up

Step 3 Select Videos from Different Video Sharing Sites

Launch a web browser and visit any video sharing platforms like YouTube. From here, you can stream a video or a music track. After selecting a video from YouTube, go back to the software, then click the "Jack-like" icon and select "System Sound" to record the audio coming from your computer.

visit video sharing sites

Step 4 Record the Audio of the Music Video

Then, before playing the video, click the "Record" on the lower left part of the software interface to start the recording process. Once done recording, click "Stop" button on the lower left of the interface to save the audio.

record audio

Step 5 Listen to the Audio Recording

Lastly, go to the "Library" panel on the left part of the interface. Then, right-click the file name of the output and select "Play" to listen to the recorded audio file.

listen to mp3

You don't need to convert the audio recordings since the default output format of the AceThinker Music Recorder is MP3.
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