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Get the Best MP3 Rocket Alternatives for Mac

alternative featured MP3 Rocket is a LimeWire-based file-sharing network that lets you download, watch, and listen to movies, music, and other media files. This tool is a web-based app that can quickly access search engines and shows a list of torrent files, downloadable music and films, games, and more. It is beneficial when you find exciting music and want to download them as soon as possible. You can leave the MP3 downloading with this tool and do different things. However, MP3 Rocket is no longer available due to the program being canceled. Don't worry because we are going to show you the best MP3 Rocket for Mac that you can use. Read on to see all of them.

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Music Recorder - The Best Alternative to MP3 Rocket

Distinctive Feature: This software can identify music automatically with ID3 tags.

AceThinker Music Recorder comes first on our list because it can record and download any music on Windows and Mac for free. This tool can record audio in its highest quality. It also has a built-in search browser wherein you can look for your favorite music and download it easily. Another good thing about this tool is that it allows you to download or record a piece of high-quality music to listen while offline. Managing your music library is so easy with this tool because you can put a Title, Artist, Album name, Year, and Genre on a recorded song. To know how to use this tool, you can follow the steps below.

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Step 1 Download and Install the Music Recorder

You can download this tool by clicking one of the "Download" buttons above. Then, launch it and follow the steps on installing the tool on your computer. After installing, open it to get familiarized with the tool.


Step 2 Start recording audio

Next, play any music on your computer that you want to record. Then click the "Record" button at the lower leftmost part of the tool to record it. You can also plug in an external microphone and include it if you are making a video tutorial. Once done, click the "Stop" button at the left bottom corner part of the tool to end it.


Step 3 Listen to the downloaded MP3

Once done, all the audios are saved to its output folder. Go to the "Library" tab beside the record button to see all the MP3 files. You can listen to them by double-clicking a file.



  • It can download any old or new songs quickly.
  • It allows you to record both System sound and Microphone at the same time.

  • It can only download one audio at a time with its free trial.

Wondershare YouTube Downloader for Windows and Mac

Distinctive Feature: It has an exclusive multithreading accelerator that can boost downloading up to 3X faster than the other tools.

Wondershare YouTube Music Downloader is another tool that you can use to download MP3 on Mac because of its combined features. Since YouTube is one of the primary sources of music, you can save them in a MP3 file format and listen to it on your computer or even you're. You can download MP3 files by merely streaming them because this tool detects any YouTube videos playing on your web browser. Besides, you can do manual download by copying the link of the YouTube video and pasting it on the tool to analyze it and for you to be able to download it in MP3 format.



  • It can download MP3 files from 100+ audio sharing websites like MP3Skull, YouTube, Zing MP3, and more.
  • It can extract the audio from the video and save it to MP3 format.

  • Does not allow you to edit the downloaded MP3 file.

Online MP3 Rocket Alternative

Distinctive Feature: It offers a very intuitive user interface that can literally record system sound and music in a single click.

AceThinker also has another tool that can record audio without installing any software on your computer, and it's called the Online Audio Recorder. Although this tool cannot download MP3 files, it can still help you have MP3 files by recording any sound coming out of your Mac computer. What makes this tool your best online audio recorder is its ability to capture any music with just a single click. Imagine having all the new music that you heard on the net that you want to listen to while offline with the help of this tool. Besides that, like in AceThinker Music Recorder, you can organize your recorded audio by putting titles, artists, album, Year, and genre. For you to start using this tool, we listed the steps below.

Step 1 Visit the official website of Online Audio Recorder

On your web browser, go to the official website of the AceThinker Online Audio Recorder. Then, click the "Start Recording" button on the main page of this tool. For starters, it will ask to install a launcher that would only take a few moments to do.


Step 2 Begin recording audio

Before you start recording, you can select the audio output by clicking the "Speaker" icon at the lower leftmost part of the tool. You can choose from System sound, Microphone, or both to record. Then, click the "Record" button in the middle of the tool while the audio is playing to start recording it.


Step 3 Play the recorded MP3 file

Once done recording, click the "Stop" button at the lower middle part of the tool to end the recording process. Then, click the "Recording list" button at the lower rightmost part of the tool to see all the recorded audio. From there, select the audio file, and click the "Play" button to listen to it.



  • The recorder can capture any music from popular streaming apps like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and more.
  • It also offers a built-in media player so you can open the recorded files instantly.

  • You have to upgrade to its pro version before you can automatically identify ID3 tags.

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