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How to Download Video in Manual and Automatic Way

These days, Video Keeper is becoming popular with those who download videos online. It is said the tool has unique features that allow its users to get videos almost on all websites that most downloaders online are not capable of doing so. Also, the tool infused a new feature that can get videos in seconds. Without a lengthy and complicated process, Video Keeper can produce a high-quality output of videos downloaded online. The fact that it can multitask by downloading up to 20 videos at the same time, you can also make use of screen recording and converting capability of the tool as a bonus. To get deeper with the tool, you can read through the detailed review about it below. You can also download the tool by clicking the download links below.

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Manual way of downloading videos

One of the easiest ways to get videos is download via direct link. With Video Keeper's manual download you can now get videos by copying and pasting the link of the target video. This way you can directly get the video you watch by pasting it to the tool. To do so, please follow the steps below.

Step 1 Copy the link of the target video

First, go to any video streaming site. Find a video that you are interested in. The tool supports more than 1000 websites including social media platforms and video sharing sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Twitch, Vimeo, Liveleak and more.

Copy video link

Step 2 Paste the link

Next, launch the Video Keeper and head-up to the "Download" tab. From there, paste the copied link by clicking the blue "Paste URL" button. The video will then be added to your download queue.

paste the video link

Step 3 Check acquired video

After the video is downloaded, under the same tab, on the left section of the interface, click on "Completed." From that page you will see a list of videos downloaded, to preview the video using the built-in player of the tool, double-click the file name or right-click and "play."

check video downloaded

Automatic way of downloading videos

Another promising feature that will make your downloading experience more comfortable and better is by taking advantage of the automatic detection of the tool. It is a feature that does all the job for you. You need to search the video, and the tool will do the rest of the job for you. How is it done? Check this out.

Step 1 Stream a video

First, launch the application and click the “Detect” tab from the main interface of the tool. Then you will see a browser incorporated on the tool for you to directly search for the video. Go to the video source and play the video.

detect the video

Step 2 Enable auto-detection

Next, make sure that the "Enable Detector" is on by clicking it. It is located at the bottom left-hand side of the main interface of the tool. If you see the target icon, then click it. The video then will be added to the download queue and will be acquired in no time.

Enable detector

Step 3 Check acquired video

To check the status of the download and the completed ones, go to the "Download" tab and click on "Completed" from the left side of the interface. A list then will appear, to play the video double click the file name.

check video downloaded

Download Playlist from YouTube

As mentioned, the tool is a great multi-tasker. It can download multiple videos at the same time. You do not need to do it one by one. However, this only works for YouTube Playlist. To get videos on Playlist on YouTube, follow the guide below.

Step 1 Stream a playlist

Go to YouTube and visit the page where you can get the playlist you are looking for. Copy the link from the address bar.

copy playlist link

Step 2 Paste the link of the playlist

Next, go to Video Keeper, under the "Download" tab click the “paste URL” button to add the video on the download list. Another window will pop where you have to mark the videos with the “Check Mark” to download the videos you want to get. You can also select "Select all" if you want to get all videos on the list. Finally, click "Add to download" to add the video on the download queue.

get the video

Step 3 Check the acquired video

To view the video you just downloaded, under the same tab, click on the "Completed" and from there you will the video downloaded. To play the video double click the name of the file and the built-in player will do the preview.

download the playlist

Step 4 Extra tips

There is also another way to paste the link of the video just in case the "Paste URL" button is not working. Besides the "paste URL" button there is another download button, click that and you will have another field where you can paste the link. Please see the picture below for a better demonstration.

extra tips

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