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How to Use AceThinker Video Keeper on Mac

AceThinker Video Keeper for Mac is a helpful and efficient tool to acquire videos on Mac devices easily. For our dear users looking for a guide on how to fully maximize the software, this tutorial will show and give you an understanding of its features and functions.

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Before anything else, you need to get the latest version of AceThinker Video Keeper for Mac. To get the installer, click the "Download" button presented below.

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Create free user account

In order to access the software, you must create a user account first. You may register via Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, and Gmail. Initially, you can register for a free user account to experience the software and discover its capabilities. Yet, as part of its limitation, you can only download videos one at a time. You may also utilize its conversion feature, but it will only allow you to convert 30% of the video. On the other hand, upgrading to its premium version comes with no restriction. Meanwhile, to start your free trial, you may follow the steps presented below.

1.1 Create user account

Upon launching the program, you will be welcomed with a pop-up sign up window. This usually appears if you are a first time user. To begin using the program, click on the "Log in & Sign up" button to proceed with the process.

create user account

1.2 Register email

If you are using the software for the second time or are a returning user, you may enter the program with the logins used before. For a first time user, click on the "Sign up" button below and register your account.

log in window on vk

1.3 Email verification

Next, click on the "Get" button on the sign-up panel and check your email. You should see a verification email containing the code you will use to activate your trial account. Then, copy the code and paste it into the tool. Click the "Sign up" button, and your free trial account will be activated instantly.

free account activation

However, users with a trial account have some limitations when using the tool compared to paid users. Free users need to click on the "Evaluate" button every time they open and use the program. You also limited the number of video downloads, and you can only record a maximum of 2 minutes. Nonetheless, you may upgrade to a premium account and use the activation code to enjoy all the features offered by the software.

Settings configuration

Prior to using the program, you may want to set some preferences in order for you to get the desired result. The program will allow you to modify various options including, download output folder, video quality, format, and so much more. For detailed steps, you may refer to the guide below. You may locate the Settings by clicking on the Ellipsis icon at the program's upper right-hand side. Under this section are Download, Format, and Convert options.

2.1 Download settings

Under the Download section, you are given the option to set the file location of the downloaded videos. You may also check and uncheck additional settings. On top of that, you can set the maximum simultaneous downloads according to your needs.

download settings vk on mac

2.2 Format settings

As for the Format settings, the tool enables you to modify the output format for both videos and audio files. Most especially, settings provided for the quality of the video, namely Full HD quality, HD quality, and Standard quality.

format settings on vk mac

2.3 Convert settings

Convert settings comes with the output folder medication. Along with that are the file location for the screenshots and some extra settings available by checking and unchecking them.

convert options on vk mac

Downloading guide

AceThinker Video Keeper for Mac comes with two effective ways of downloading videos. You may use the copy and paste method or use the auto-detect feature. For a clear understanding, below is a guide you can refer to.

3.1 Downloading videos manually

At first, you need to copy the link of the video from the site where you usually stream videos. Then open the Video Keeper and click on the "Paste URL" button at the upper left-hand side of the interface. Then the video will be added to the downloaded queue automatically. You may also do this with multiple videos allowing you to download multiple videos at a go.

downloading videos in manual way

3.2 Downloading videos automatically

If you want to download videos without the need to copy and paste the URL, then AceThinker Video Keeper is a great tool just right for your needs. To download videos automatically, switch tab to "Detect" and then use its in-app browser. Just type in the name of the video website where you want to download videos and then stream the video you want to acquire. Next, look at the bottom left side of the program and click on the "Enable detector" to allow the tool to detect videos from the browser. Once set, the playing video on the browser, the app will instantly start the download process. You may apply this method to almost all websites that host videos.

automatic downloading videos

3.3 Download YouTube video playlist

One of the most promising capabilities that this tool offers is its feature of downloading YouTube playlist. Here you may employ the manual video downloading method. All you need to do is copy the link of the YouTube playlist link and then paste the URL into the tool by clicking on the "Paste URL" button. A window will then appear, showing all the videos fetched by the tool. Just click on the "Add to download" button to download the entire YouTube playlist.

downloading youtube playlist

Video conversion feature

As we know, there are compatible formats for different devices. That's why the tool is integrated with video conversion function in order for users to play the video on any device. It has preset not only for computer devices but also for mobile devices like Apple, Samsung, HTC, and a lot more. To access this feature, be guided with the following instruction.

4.1 Access convert tab

First off, you need to switch to the Convert tab to go to the Convert tab. Simply click on the Convert tab, which is the third icon from the above option. Then, you should see various tools and options for your conversion needs.

4.2 Upload video file

Next, you need to upload the video you are trying to convert into other formats. Choose from your video folder which video you want to convert, then you may either drag the video from its file location or you can click the "Add files" button to upload the video into the tool.

uploading video file

4.2 Select video format and convert

Once the video is uploaded, click on the "Profile" section and you will be given different video formats. Just select from MPEG, WMV, FLV, AVI, MOV and other video formats. Under the Audio section, you can convert videos to MP3, WMA, M4R, AAC, and other audio formats. And if you want to play it on your mobile device, you can employ iPhone, iPad, Android, Sony, and other mobile formats. Once you are done selecting formats, just click the "Convert" button to finalize the process.

conversion process

Managing videos with library

Using the library of the tool, you will be able to manage all your downloaded videos by renaming and deleting. From the library, you are also given options to convert, play, and organize all the videos downloaded. For recent downloads, you can go to the "Completed" section from the left side menu.

rename video file

5.1 Rename videos: To rename a video, simply right click on the download video you are trying to rename. Then, from the menu list, select "Rename" and type in the video's name.

5.2 Locate all downloaded videos: When looking for a specific video that was downloaded earlier on, right-click on any video and select "Open Folder". From this folder, you can look for a specific video as well as permanently delete the unwanted videos.

5.3 Manage task list: If you want to remove the tasks that already done, put a checkmark that you want to remove from the list and then right-click on any video. Next, choose the "Remove Selected" option. Or, if you want to remove all the tasks from the list, you should select the "Clear task list".

Adjust language settings

If a non-fluent speaker of the English language, the tool provides an option that enables you to change the language. It offers support to over 20 languages. If you want to see how to adjust the language of the tool, there's a guide below you can follow. You may access the Language settings by clicking on the "Ellipsis" icon at the upper right corner of the program. Then, you should see the "Language" option.

Hover your mouse to the Language section and a list of languages will appear. Select your desired language available from the list, and you should see that the interface of the program turns into your selected language.

language selection

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