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How to Utilize the Built-in Detector to Grab Video Automatically

Acethinker Video Keeper continuously delivers significant changes for its users. It incorporates an advanced feature that would make your downloading experience more comfortable and faster. With Video Keeper's new built-in detector, you can now download videos while watching it. The tool can detect the video you are watching and adds it to the download queue for offline viewing. You won't have to do anything, sit back and relax while waiting. Before the movie or video ends, the video will be saved straight right on your PC.

On top of that, it can download a maximum of 20 videos simultaneously. Through the use of the tool's built-in browser, you can open as many tabs as you please, open a new site, and play videos to download them. Now you won't have to worry about being restricted to whatever website you might visit, for it supports thousands of them. To show the credibility and reliability of the tool, we will get a video from

Step 1 Download and install the program

First, download the program from the official website of Acethinker or use the short-cut download buttons below to acquire it directly. Then follow the setup wizard until the app is launch.

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Step 2 Locate detect tab

Once the app is launched, go to detect tab. Next, use the built-browser to search for the target video sharing site and search for the video. As mentioned a while ago, you can open as many tabs as you can. See the picture below to see what it will look like.

Search for video

Step 3 Enable auto-detector

Moving on, the next thing you have to make sure is to enable the auto-detector. Although upon installation of the app, the detector is enabled by default, it will still depend on how you set the permission during the installation process. The detector is located at the bottom left-hand side of the interface. If you see "DISABLE DETECTOR," it means it is "on"; otherwise, it is off.

Enable detector

Step 4 Check downloaded file

Search for the target movie or video, play it that way it can be recognized. To check if the video is successfully detected by switching tabs from "Detect" to "Download." From there, you will see the download queue. Also, if you want to check successful downloads, under the same tab, look for "Completed."

check download file

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Last updated on November 15, 2022

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