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GetFLV for Mac - Download Videos on Mac OS X

illustration-getflvGetFLV is a tool specifically designed for computers which can aid you in grabbing videos from a wide range of video hosting webpages such as the popular Dailymotion, YouTube or Vimeo websites. Furthermore, this great tool makes it possible for you to have the conversion of the videos that have been downloaded to make the fit to the mobile device you are using to watch them anywhere and anytime eventually. Unfortunately, these tools' price has been increased, causing a problem because you can't use it on a Mac computer. That is why many of the users are looking for alternatives to have their favorite videos downloaded from the online source. In this article, you can see the best recommendations for an alternative to GetFLV for Mac that can be used fast and easy.

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AceThinker Video Keeper

When it comes to one of the best GetFLV Mac alternatives publicly available on the market, you have to check out the AceThinker Video Keeper is a mentionable and highly popular solution. This tool is very versatile, and it can help you with batch downloads that lets you download multiple videos from those, as mentioned above, popular hosting webpages, like YouTube. Furthermore, you also have the chance to convert the clip previously downloaded to any standard video format, making it compatible with mobile devices, tablet devices, and so on. In case you wish to have a try at this tool, check the steps here.

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Step 1 Download and Install the Program

In the first place, you can commence with downloading this tool from below, where you can see the orange buttons, and afterward have its installation. Once you finalized its activation, search for your favorite videos for downloading.

download video with vk on mac

Step 2 Download Using Detect

When you arrive at the tool's interface, you can directly copy and paste the URL of your video of choice into the Detect tab, where the program will seek the footage afterward, so you can press the Download button once it found your content. Later, you can see your new download in the "Completed" tab.

detect video

Step 3 Check the Video

After completion of downloading, you can navigate to your newly saved file under the Complete button on the left side, where you can choose to convert your file to load it into the conversion tab and manage them from different aspects. However, generally, these videos are already saved in FLV format, so you are ready to go and watch your download directly if you wish.

convert video


OnlineConvert is an online app that is able to grab, process, download or even convert any files that you otherwise would wish to grab with GetFLV. This GetFLV alternative is a great website that many people use, which allows for multiple video downloading. It provides options based on the video file types that are available in a wide range. Once you have downloaded a video clip, you can easily save it in the preferred format to your local drive.


Media Converter

Another mentionable tool for serving as a great program like GetFLV on Mac is the IceCream Media Converter that has been on the market for quite some time and serves as an excellent choice for converting videos that are trusted by many people. The tool is always up to date, making people love it to their hearts. It gives a pleasant and straightforward downloading and conversion experience similar to GetFLV, accompanied by a great and easy to navigate interface where you can surely pick the options of your desire for personalized video grabbing to the extent of your wish.



Zamzar is an additional mentionable online solution that can be used as a worthy GetFLV free alternative when it comes to downloading as well as personalizing the video what you have chosen. Zamar is a versatile website-based tool that allows you a free and relatively easy downloading process and a flexible conversion option. You can select a range of media formats for converting the grabbed videos. Therefore this tool serves excellent, with one significant limitation: you cannot download videos directly from it; only send your converted file to your email.



SaveTube is another website that is an important GetFLV alternative with similar working functions offered on this tool as the ones mentioned before. Therefore it is also a functional choice in case you have a better preference towards this solution. The program is available on the site directly. Consequently, it is universally accessible without downloading, just after having a stable internet connection, whether it is visited from a Windows or a Mac computer. Instead of FLV format, however, this tool focuses its conversion feature on the AVI format that is more compatible with many devices and is a good final format output choice.



As you can see, nowadays, there is a wide variety of tools that offer similar or even better service characterized by the usage of GetFLV. However, these tools apply to different circumstances, and to maximize your efficiency, you have to handpick the one that suits you the most. In either case, we recommend that you look at the AceThinker solution as it is very professional in the field, and you will indeed have a great partner at hand that can serve all you wish for when it comes to a GetFLV substitute.

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