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downloadhelper-feature When it comes to downloading files, Video DownloadHelper is one of the quickest solutions to do so. It is a browser extension that only occupies very little space of your hard drive storage. The good thing about it is that it supports saving videos from 50+ sites, including Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. It automatically blocks ads appearing from the pages of the site and won't download them even detected. However, it still lacks other essential features like 4K video downloading. Also, the Chrome version of the extension could not Download YT videos. So, let's explore the best Video DownloadHelper alternatives to continue saving videos without any limit.

Video DownloadHelper Alternative Software for Windows/Mac

Although Video DownloadHelper only occupies a little space on your local drive, it still lacks other essential functions such as downloading 4K quality videos. If you want to achieve that, use Aqua Clip. It is loaded with several features, like downloading videos from over 100 streaming sites. In fact, it can even save multiple videos at the same time. Its unique function is the multi-thread technology that uses the entire bandwidth of your network connection and focuses on downloading videos. Continue reading the instructions provided to learn more about this Video DownloadHelper alternative.

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Step 1 Install the Video DownloadHelper Alternative

Access any of the "Download" buttons placed above to acquire the installer of Aqua Clip. Next, open the downloaded file to start the installation procedure. After that, open the installed software to get familiarized with it.

aqua clip main interface

Step 2 Download a Video

Open a web browser to start searching for an online streaming site wherein you'll get the video. Here, find the clip you wish to save and guarantee you'll get its URL. Then, switch back to Aqua Clip and hit the "Plus" button to analyze the copied link. If you want to choose the quality, click the drop-down "Download" button to select. Hit the "Download" button.

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Step 3 Play the Video

Wait and let the software finish the work for you. After that, right-click the video file and select "Play Video" to watch it. After it downloads the video, it will transfer to its "Downloaded" panel.

play downloaded video

Best Free Online Alternative to Video DownloadHelper

If you're looking for an online alternative for Video DownloadHelper, the is the perfect solution. Why? Unlike Video DownloadHelper, the online tool helps you Download YT videos without any limitations. In fact, it is also considered one of the best browser video downloader. Also it supports downloading from several browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and others. Whereas Video DownloadHelper is only available on Chrome and Firefox. Furthermore, it even lets you choose the video quality for up to 1080p if it is available.

Step 1 Access the Online Tool

You can directly access the tool's official page by only clicking the link provided in the description above. Next, open a new tab to visit any video streaming website you prefer. Search the video you need to download and copy its URL. Go back to the tool and paste it on the box provided and click the "Download" button beside it to continue.

atube alternatives fovd step1

Step 2 Select Quality and Download the Video

Give the AceThinker Free Online Video Downloader a few seconds and let it analyze the URL. After that, choose the best quality provided and right-click the "Download" video next to it. From the menu that will appear, select "Save link as..." and the process will start.

atube alternatives fovd step2

Step 3 Play the Video

Wait until the download process is finished. Once done, go to the designated download folder of your computer to find the video. From there, you can now play the video and watch it instantly.

atube alternatives fovd step3

Top 3 DownloadHelper Alternative Browser Add-ons

1. Flash Video Downloader

There is a way to download videos even without leaving the streaming site's page, just like Video DownloadHelper. In that case, Flash Video Downloader is one of the perfect DownloadHelper for Chrome that lets you save videos in multiple formats. It supports MP4, MOV, flash videos, WebM, and others. Also, it can even grab Facebook live videos within a few clicks. But here's the catch, since it is a Google Chrome extension, the tool will not let you Download YT videos and other clips that are protected by copyright.

video downloadhelper alternative flash video download

2. Ant Video Downloader

Another DownloadHelper alternative that also acts as a browser extension is Ant Video Downloader. This add-on is a free video downloader that grabs videos from multiple Firefox video websites. Aside from that, it can download videos up to 1080p resolution so users can get the full viewing experience. Additionally, it even lets users extract only the audio from a video. This action is necessary in case users want to download audio files from popular music videos. However, one major drawback of this Firefox add-on is accessing all users' data, even from other websites.

video downloadhelper alternative ant video download

3. Video Downloader professional

If you're looking for a minimalist yet powerful Video DownloadHelper Firefox alternative, try Video Downloader professional. The tool lets you download videos and save them for up to 4K resolution. Anyone won't have trouble using this since the extension provides a download button for every available video you can grab. Moreover, you can bookmark or add your favorite clips using its Video List function. This will act as your playlist so you can quickly organize and find the videos you want to watch. However, Video Downloader professionals could not download videos with copyright protection.

video downloadhelper alternative video downloader proffesional


Indeed, Video DownloadHelper provides essential functions to save videos with ease, and it is considered one of the best Firefox video downloader. However, it still has limitations, like it cannot Download YT videos when you're on its Chrome version. Luckily, those alternatives mentioned above definitely provide you with a wider choice. In that case, we can tell that Aqua Clip is the best alternative since it can grab videos from several sites and 3x faster than other tools. If you have any more suggestions, feel free to drop them below. Thank you!

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