A Detailed Review of the Best Websites to Download Anime Raw

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feature download anime rawAnime, a style of animated entertainment from Japan, has gained a global following for its diverse themes and storytelling. Regular anime episodes are often translated into different languages through dubbing or subtitling to reach international audiences. In contrast, raw anime refers to episodes in their original Japanese language without any additional translations. This article focuses on delivering a list of websites where users can download anime raw episodes directly. These platforms cater to fans who prefer to watch anime in its original form, offering a range of popular series and episodes. Whether you're looking for the latest releases or timeless classics, these websites enable enthusiasts to enjoy anime in its authentic language and presentation.

Download Anime Raw (Platform) Website Link
GogoAnime https://gogoanime3.co/ Learn More
Nyaa https://nyaa.land/ Learn More
Shana Project https://www.shanaproject.com/ Learn More
AniWave https://aniwave.to/home Learn More
AniPlus https://www.aniplus-asia.com/anime-title/ Learn More
1337x https://1337x.to/ Learn More
AniRena https://www.anirena.com/index.php?t=10 Learn More
Erai Raws https://www.erai-raws.info/raws/ Learn More


Distinctive Feature: Its user-friendly interface sets it apart by providing an intuitive layout with clear categorization.

GoGoAnime is a popular choice for anime enthusiasts who want to download raw anime episodes directly from the web. This anime platform features an extensive library of anime titles, varying from the latest releases to timeless classics, and caters to diverse tastes. This release includes subtitled and raw formats, allowing users to choose their preferred viewing experience. In addition, GoGoAnime's high-definition video quality and clear audio ensure an immersive viewing experience, whether you're on a desktop or mobile device. Moreover, the website allows you to stream anime movies and shows. This provides users with an option to view anime in its raw format directly on the website without having to download the episodes.

gogoanime interface


Distinctive Feature: Its standout feature is its comprehensive index, which is continually updated to reflect new anime content, ensuring users have access to the latest episodes and series.

Nyaa is a haven for anime enthusiasts seeking to download anime raw clips or episodes. The site features a user-friendly torrent classification system that includes the Anime-Raw section along with five other categories. Anime titles are conveniently organized by their release dates, making browsing and finding specific series easy. As a BitTorrent website, Nyaa hosts a wide range of anime series. It caters to both popular mainstream and niche titles, from classic shows to the latest releases of 2024. With over one million daily visitors, Nyaa is renowned globally for its extensive collection of anime torrents. Whether you're into well-known favorites or exploring lesser-known gems, Nyaa offers a reliable platform to discover and download raw anime episodes effortlessly.

Shana Project

Distinctive Feature: Each anime displays the quality of the video, providing users with clear information to make informed download decisions.

Shana Project is next on the list of web download anime raw series, a dedicated platform that caters to the necessities of anime enthusiasts. This Anime torrent index contains various Anime Series, such as Demon Slayer, Fairy Tail, Naruto, and more, all in raw format. Shana Project also stands out for its meticulous organization and comprehensive information about each anime title. This includes the file size and subtitles. This attention to detail enables users to make informed decisions when selecting which episodes or series to download. Additionally, this platform prides itself on maintaining a regularly updated catalog, ensuring that the latest anime releases are available for download.

shana project website interface


Distinctive Feature: Its Anime theme search tool enhances search accuracy based on specific themes, ensuring precise results.

Distinctive Feature: Its Anime theme search tool enhances search accuracy based on specific themes, ensuring precise results.

AniWave is a simple platform dedicated to accessing raw anime through web downloads. Its raw media file section allows users to navigate and find desired anime series and movies with minimal text-based navigation. AniWave enhances user experience by offering an Anime theme feature, ensuring more accurate search results tailored to individual preferences. The download anime raws site covers various genres of raw anime, such as action, comedy, horror, sci-fi, and sports, catering to diverse tastes. Furthermore, AniWave boasts multiple servers like Vidstream, MyCloud, Filemoon, and others, facilitating hassle-free streaming options. While AniWave's collection of raw anime may not match Nyaa's extensive index, it is a viable alternative. If unable to find a specific title elsewhere, users can try their luck with anime torrents available on AniWave's AniDex.


Distinctive Feature: It has a comprehensive schedule and the option to download anime raw MP4 episodes, catering to dedicated fans seeking timely updates and quality downloads.

AniPlus specializes in anime series, boasting an intuitive interface for seamless navigation and quick access to episodes. Within its raw section, users can select from a vast array of episodes available for download, making it a prime source for anime enthusiasts. The site offers a well-organized list of anime titles, ensuring users can easily locate specific series. A search bar enables users to find anime that is not listed, enhancing accessibility. Further, AniPlus features a schedule of upcoming shows with episode numbers and release times, keeping users informed about new releases. However, full access to the site's content requires registration.


Distinctive Feature: It has a robust community and active user base, contributing to a constantly updated selection of anime raw torrents.

1337x emerges as a versatile platform for downloading anime raw episodes directly from the web. Known for its straightforward user interface, it facilitates easy navigation and efficient access to a massive scope of anime series. The site's anime section offers a diverse collection of raw episodes in various genres, such as Action, Drama, Comedy, Romance, and many more. Users can conveniently search for specific titles or browse through the extensive catalog to discover new anime series. Additionally, its "Top 100" section highlighting the most favorite downloads lets viewers stay updated with the latest anime trends and popular releases. An added advantage is the availability of detailed information, like file size, seeder/leecher ratios, and magnet links, empowering users to make informed decisions when downloading raw anime content.

1337x website interface


Distinctive Feature: Its decentralized nature and anonymous access make it a favored choice for users seeking privacy.

Another platform to download raw anime episodes is AniRena. This website leverages the power of peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing technology, allowing users to access a vast collection of anime series from other users. The site also has a clear categorization system that separates raw anime from subbed or dubbed versions, catering to the specific preferences of its audience. Besides, AniRena excels in providing a seamless user experience with reliable download options and detailed information about each anime series. Moreover, the file size details provided help users identify high-quality downloads.

Erai Raws

Distinctive Feature: It operates as a premier anime release group, offering direct access to movies and TV shows from the source.

Erai Raws is one of the top destinations for downloading anime raw files, although it also provides a wide selection of subbed and dubbed titles. Erai-Raws' torrents are widely distributed across various platforms recommended for anime enthusiasts, ensuring comprehensive availability. For a seamless experience without intrusive ads, visiting Erai Raws' source website directly is recommended. Upon registration, users can explore the website's extensive library through browsing options such as checking the release schedule, manual searches, and archival searches. Additionally, Erai Raws is known for its basic interface and efficient organization. This makes it easy for anime lovers to browse, search, and download their favorite series and episodes with minimal hassle.

Extra Tip: Factors to Consider in Choosing a Website

When choosing a website to download raw anime, consider the following factors:

  • Raw Anime Availability: Ensure the website offers a wide selection of raw anime episodes and series that cater to your preferences and interests.
  • User Interface: Look for a website with a user-friendly interface that makes navigation and searching for anime titles straightforward and efficient.
  • Download Options: Check if the website provides different download options, such as file formats (e.g., MP4) and quality settings, to suit your device and viewing preferences.
  • Additional Features: Consider websites that offer extra features like streaming capabilities, subtitle options, or community forums for discussing anime.
  • Popularity and Reputation: Popular websites often have a larger selection of anime and more active communities. Check reviews and forums to gauge the website's reputation among users.

factors download anime raw

Comparison Chart

Website Raw Anime Availability Additional Features Popularity
GogoAnime Limited Streaming, Subbed/Dubbed Versions Very Popular
Nyaa Extensive Torrent Index, Raw Anime Section Very Popular
Shana Project Moderate RSS Feed for Updates Niche
AniWave Moderate Anime Theme Search Growing
Website Raw Anime Availability Additional Features Popularity
AniPlus Moderate Scheduled Shows, Search Bar Growing
1337x Extensive Community-Driven Updates, Search Tool Popular
AniRena Limited Search Options, Active Community Niche
Erai Raws Extensive Direct Source Releases Popular


In conclusion, these top websites offer diverse options for downloading raw anime episodes directly, catering to different preferences and needs. GoGoAnime and Nyaa stand out with extensive libraries and user-friendly interfaces, while platforms like AniWave and AniPlus provide specialized features such as theme-based searches and detailed schedules. For privacy-focused users, AniRena offers decentralized access, while Erai Raws provides direct releases from the source. Whether you seek popular titles or niche gems, these sites ensure a rich anime experience in its original Japanese form, empowering fans worldwide to enjoy their favorite series conveniently.

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