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Download 9GAG Video: Top 4 Tools that You Can Try

feature download 9gag video While there are many social media platforms, 9GAG is the one that is usually used for sharing memes. It might be your top choice for finding the latest memes worldwide. However, when you want to share one of those video memes across different platforms, the experience will not be the same. It is because 9GAG has no video downloading feature, and mostly it shares the link to that video. So, you will need a 9GAG downloader to download your favorite 9GAG videos for easy sharing. If you search online for a 9GAG video converter, you will find many options, and here we have shortlisted the top 4 for you.

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Top 4 tools to download 9GAG video

1. AceThinker Video Keeper Pro

The first tool you can try to download 9GAG videos is AceThinker Video Keeper Pro. It is a dedicated tool made for PC, and it lets you download videos from over 1000 websites. The user interface is pretty simple, allowing you easily download any video you want.

AceThinker Video Keeper Pro

Download video from YouTube and more than 1000 video sharing websites at ultra fast speed.
  • It lets you download videos in HD quality
  • You can convert videos into MP3 using this tool
  • High-speed download with a single click
  • Customize video quality and file format according to your requirements
  • Preview video before downloading it
  • Supports VR video downloading feature
  • Quickly search your required video using links and keywords

Steps for downloading the 9GAG video

With all these features, you get a straightforward downloading process with AceThinker Video Keeper Pro. Below are the steps you need to follow to download your favorite 9GAG videos.

Step 1 Download & Install AceThinker Video Keeper on your PC

The first step will be downloading and installing AceThinker Video Keeper Pro on your PC. It is available for both Windows PCs and Macs, so you can easily download and install it on your device.

video keeper interface

Step 2 Paste 9GAG Video URL

Now go to the 9GAG website and open the video you desire to download. You will need to press the share button and the sharable link, copy that and paste it into the tool to search the video.

paste video link

Step 1 Preview video and set download specifications

After pasting the link, you will get a video preview shortly. You can check the video, and if it is correct, you can set your downloading specifications, including the resolution and video file format. With that done, you can press the download button present at the bottom, and the download will begin.

preview and download video


If you want to use an online downloading platform, it is a good choice because of its simplistic experience. The user interface is straightforward with some user-friendly features. One of those is the Paste from clipboard button that lets you paste the link directly with a single click. However, remember that it needs you to wait for 10 seconds before starting your download. FORDOWNLOADER also brings the following features:

  • Quick video conversion
  • Direct video sharing option across different social media platforms
  • Video thumbnail preview
  • download 9gag video with fordownloader

    3. SMSKULL

    With SMSKULL, you can download 9GAG videos in MP4 video format, and it lets you download videos of top quality. Here you can use 720p and 1080p resolution downloading features to get a crystal clear video downloading experience. SMSKULL also brings a relatively simple experience with those two steps for downloading, where you must paste the link and press the download button. One of the unique and amazing features here is that you can convert your favorite 9GAG videos into QR codes, resulting in easier sharing across different platforms.

    download 9gag video with smskull


    The last tool that we are going to discuss here is also an online website. DOWN VIDEO is one of your best 9GAG downloaders as it offers a free video downloading experience. Although there are no video resolution selection options, DOWN VIDEO is considered the best MP4 video downloader because it downloads your videos in an MP4 file format with the best resolution option available. Thus, that video supports most social media platforms and divides to play that video. Like many other online downloader websites, DOWN VIDEO also brings direct video sharing options, and the best among those is the QR code embedding option.

    download 9gag video with downvideo


    These 4 are your best options if you want to download videos from 9GAG in the best quality. You can easily download whichever video you want using the right tool to download 9GAG videos. Thus, your 9GAG video downloading experience will be much better as you can now share your desired videos across the platform of your choice. Posting or sharing videos as stories will also become better this way. So, make sure to select the right tool according to your device. For your Smartphones, you can choose online websites but be careful to maintain your online security and privacy. If you’re interested on other sites like 9GAG you can check this page.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Does 9GAG let you download videos?
    No, the 9GAG application and website allow you to save the images from this platform. However, there is no video downloading features.
    2. Can you download 9GAG videos on your iPhone?
    Yes, you will need a third-party tool/website on your iPhone, and you can easily download 9GAG videos.
    3. How to get the link to download the 9GAG video?
    Go to the 9GAG website/app and open the video. Now click on the share button and copy the link, which will be its link to download that you can use on the platform of your choice.
    4. Can you download 9GAG videos on your PC?
    Excellent tools are available on PC, like the AceThinker Video Keeper Pro that you can use to download 9GAG videos on PC.
    5. Is it illegal to download 9GAG videos?
    No, it is not illegal to download videos from 9GAG. However, downloading a video and using it for commercial purposes without the permission of the owner of that video is unlawful.
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