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10 Best Performing Facebook Video Downloader

best Facebook Video Downloader Facebook is one of the applications that kicked off this social media generation. With millions of users present on it, Facebook has loads of content on it related to whatever you want to find. There are thousands of videos present on this site that include comedy videos, informative videos, car videos, game reviews, mobile reviews, and much more. It often happens that a person comes across a video that they find interesting, or they enjoy a lot so they want to download it, if you are one of those people and are looking to download a Facebook video, you have come to the right place as we will be introducing you to the best Facebook video downloader with which you can download videos from Facebook with ease and with high download speeds.

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Best Desktop Facebook Video Downloader for Windows/Mac

AceThinker Video Keeper is the best Facebook downloader for you to download your videos from the internet. It can download videos from all the major social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube among many others. It is really simple to use for the average user and you can download your video in just a couple of clicks. The downloaded videos are also secure and will not harm your computer. In addition, Video Keeper is one of the best Facebook video to MP3 tools as it allows you to extract audio from a video.

Special Features

  • Fast download speeds
  • Completely safe from viruses
  • Allows you to download in bulk
  • Download with the help of just one click
  • Allow you to preview your video before you start downloading it
  • Downloads videos in the best quality available
  • Available on windows and apple operating software
  • Allows you to download from over a 1000+ websites on the internet

After reading all these features, we are sure that you would want to download the best Facebook video downloader for PC and MAC devices. For your ease, we will be giving you download links and guiding you step by step as to how you can download your videos from Facebook. Please click on the link below that is relative to the kind of device you are using to start downloading the best Facebook video downloader.

Try it for Free

Once you have clicked on these links, the download will start. When the download gets completed, click on the icon and the installation wizard will pop up, click on install to install the software on your device. After installation, choose one of the methods below and follow it thoroughly to get your downloads started.

If you want to keep using AceThinker as free software, you can continue doing so but you will only be able to download three videos in a day. We will recommend that you download the pro version. This can be done by clicking on upgrade to pro-option, which can be found in the upper right corner, select one of the pricing plans and after you have made the payment, you will receive a code in your email, copy that code, and open AceThinker, click on the three lines next to upgrade to pro and enter the code into the space that appears, now you will be using the pro version.

Method 1. Download Facebook Video by directly Pasting the Video URL

Step 1. Copy the Link of Facebook Video: Copy the link of the video that you are looking to download, and then, paste it in the space provided on the main screen of the software and press enter.

method 1 step 1

Step 2. Paste and Preview the Facebook Video: The software will analyze the link and provide the video to download. As the software comes with a built-in media player, it will then let you preview the video.

method 1 step 2

Step 3. Select the Format and Download Video: If you want to download it in MP4, please click directly on MP4. However, if you want to select the custom options, select More and click Download on the required option. In this way, the video will start downloading automatically, and when it gets completed, you can find it at the pre-selected download location.

method 1 step 3

Method 2. Download Facebook Video by using the Search Function

Step 1. Search the Required Facebook Video: In this step, you will need to search for a name or anything related to the video in the search bar and see the videos that pop up there.

method 3 step 1

Step 2: Use Filter Function and Preview the Video: You can use the filter function to customized navigation, and once you’ve found a target video, preview to make sure that it is the right video you’re looking for.

Method 3 Step 2

Step 3. Download Facebook Video in the Required Format: Then, again select the required download option as discussed above and the download will start. And after completion, you can find your video in the downloads tab.

method 3 step 3

Method 3. Download Facebook Video by using the Built-in Browser

Step 1. Open Facebook in the Sites Section and Log-in: In this method, you will download Facebook using the built-in browser of the software. First of all, you have to open Facebook from the Sites section in the left toolbar of the program.

method 2 step 1

Step 2. Navigate the Particular Facebook Video: Now, you’ll need to search for the required Facebook video that you want to download using AceThinker Video Keeper. Once the video opens, simply click on the Download button located at the bottom right side of the video.

method 2 step 2

Step 3. Select the Required Format and Quality: Upon clicking the Download button, a list of download options will appear. You need to select the Mp4 or Mp3 with the required quality and your Facebook video will start downloading to your computer.

method 2 step 3

Best 5 Free Online Facebook Downloader

Now, if you don’t want to install any third-party software to download Facebook videos, next we will be introducing you to the best Facebook video downloader online options available out there.


Fbdownloader is one of the best Facebook video downloaders online available to you. Just open it, paste the link of the video and press enter, it will download your video in MP4 quality. You can download videos in SD or HD quality and can even convert videos to MP3 format.

fb downloader

You can use this as a website or as a chrome extension. It works really well if you are using chrome on windows or android. The process to download is same that you open the website, you paste the link of the video, and press enter, and the video will start downloading automatically.

fb down

This website works on almost all devices, it works on Windows, MAC and Linux as well as on android and apple mobile phones. It allows you to download videos in HD quality but there is only one download format in which you can download your videos, MP4. If you want to download your video in any other format, you can use the other tools that are available in our list.

i downloader co

FB Video Saver

FB video saver is another safe and reliable tool that is available to you for downloading your Facebook videos. It also enables you to download live videos from Facebook, after the live stream has ended. It has fast download speeds and an easy-to-use interface. Just paste the link of the video that you want to download in the space that is provided, and press enter, the video will download automatically, and you can find it in your downloads folder.

fb video saver

Frogjet Video Downloader

This is one of the best sites to download Facebook videos. It requires you to copy and paste the link. It can download videos in high quality, as well as downloading live videos and downloading videos in bulk at the same time. It has high download speeds, and it is completely free to use and compatible with most browsers.

frog jet download

Best 2 Browser Extensions and Add-ons to Download Facebook

Social Video Downloader

Social Video Downloader is another great extension for you to download your videos from. It is completely free to use and does not require any kind of registration. You can download in SD or HD quality and the files will be stored in M4 quality. You can download the videos by copying their link and pasting it in the space provided on the social video downloader and clicking enter. The videos will download and can be found in your downloads folder.

social video downloader

Video Downloader for Facebook

Video Downloader for Facebook is a good add-on for downloading Facebook videos; you just have to open the video, then proceed to open the extension and click on download there and it will automatically detect the video open on Facebook and start downloading it. After it has been completed, you can find it in your downloaded folder.

video downloader for facebook

Best 2 Facebook Video Downloader for iPhone/Android


This is one of the easiest apps to use to download your videos from Facebook on both android and apple. It has a built-in browser that you use to log onto Facebook and download your videos from there. You can download in HD quality as well as downloading videos in bulk. It has a clear and simple interface, so it is really easy to use for the average user.


Any Downloader

Any Downloader is another great application if you are looking to download your Facebook videos on Android or Apple. It can also be used as a private Facebook video downloader, but you have to log in to your Facebook account using the built-in browser. The downloads are available in SD and HD quality and can be downloaded in the MP4 format which is supported on both Android and iPhone.

any downloader apple

The Final Verdict

We have introduced you to multiple ways in which you can download your Facebook videos whether you are using a windows device, a MAC or an Android or an iPhone. The best option to download these videos safely and in an efficient manner is by using AceThinker video keeper.

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