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Alternative Solutions for aTube Catcher on Mac

a tube-featured-image aTube Mac Catcher is a free application that can be used to download and convert videos from online video sharing sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube, etc. It allows you to save the downloaded online videos in an array of formats, including MP4, MPG, AVI, FLV, 3PG, etc. for playing on a wide variety of devices. However, it only runs on Windows PCs, and there is no aTube Catcher for Mac OS version. If you're using a Mac OS and want to get a Mac OS program, you should not miss it. Here the best alternatives that are even better than aTube Catcher for Mac are reviewed. Get one, and you won't be bothered by how to save videos on Mac anymore.


AceThinker Video Keeper

Suppose you are looking for a great alternative for aTube Catcher for Mac to downloading online videos. In that case, you should check out Video Keeper as your Mac alternative. You will be able to download and convert online videos from literally thousands of different sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. You will also be able to convert downloaded videos to the exact format you want and need. The built-in video converter supports several media formats like MP4, MP3, and more. Then, you can enjoy them on your portable device while on the go! Once you have downloaded aTube Mac Catcher for Mac, make sure you read through the guide to learn how easy it is to capture all your online videos. Video Keeper is an excellent platform so check it out!

Key Features:

  • It is equipped with a multithread technology that results in 3x faster downloading speed compared to others.
  • The software can download and convert online video for up to 4K quality in one click.
  • This Mac alternative can download and convert all the videos included in an entire YouTube playlist.

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Step 1 Install the Software

First, you need to download and install the app by on the download button for Mac below. Install the application, and make sure to follow the prompt correctly.

launch app

Step 2 Manually download

There are two ways of downloading videos using Video Keeper. The most usual process of downloading videos is by copying and pasting the URL of the video. Open your browser to copy the video URL from the link field. Back on the Video Keeper, under the "Download" tab of the tool, click the "Paste URL" button to add the video into the list of videos being downloaded. Your download will start immediately.

vk mac download step2

Step 3 Download using the detection

You can also download your online videos by using the fantastic detection feature. To download using it, please do as follow: from "Download," go-to "Detect." Then you will see a browser where you can directly visit the website. Turn on the detector by looking at the bottom left side of the interface. Click the "Enable Detector." Once this feature is "on," the video being played will be added to the download queue. Then it would help if you waited until the video is acquired. To check the video downloaded, from "Detect," go back to "Download." Under that tab, you will see some options on the left section.

vk mac detect step3

Step 4 Manage your downloads

Manage your downloads from the "Complete" tab. On the interface, you will see a list of all downloaded videos. Use the mouse to click onto the video, and a pop-up menu list will be shown with options like rename, share, play, and more.

vk mac play step4

Get Free Trial Now

Video Downloader Free Online

Suppose you need a quick solution to download online video clips. In that case, Acethinker Free Video Downloader Online will be an eligible one. This aTube for Mac alternative is also a free video converter capable of downloading videos from different video sharing sites and even from the restricted video sites. This tool is developed to be easy to use and faster to download videos. On top of that, it allows you to save videos in various formats. You can even download HD videos. To get started, you may refer to the steps below.

Step 1 Copy URL of Video

First of all, you need to visit the video-sharing site where you wish to download videos. Stream the video of your choice and copy its link from the URL box. Next, go to the official site of the Free Video Downloader Online. From here, paste the video link into the address bar provided above and click the "Download" button. This offers support to major web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.

paste the link of the video

Step 2 Select video format

Once the video is thoroughly analyzed, the tool will then show you a list of available formats. Select the format that suits your device from the options presented.

choose video to download

Step 3 Download the chosen video

Right-click the "Download" button associated with the desired format and select "Save Link as" from the drop-down menu. Then the download process should take place immediately. Once the video is downloaded, it will be automatically be saved on your computer's local drive.

save new york times video


These are the most sought-after solutions, and Mac alternative that sharp-eyed have an alternative choice of the aTube Catcher for Mac if you do not find the original program useful to your video downloading needs. However, these tools are very versatile, and you shall be sharp-eyed to locate the best application for yourself. For our recommendation, you should try out the AceThinker video downloading tool for this purpose. It is a professional program and video converter that will surely be helpful to all your video downloading needs. If you have better suggestions on aTube Catcher for Mac alternative solutions, or you found a different video converter, feel free to discuss it below.

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