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How to Find and Recover Deleted YouTube Videos

recover deleted youtube videosYouTube is without a question, one of the most popular video sharing sites around. Many individuals gather on YouTube to upload their videos and see if it will go viral over the internet. Some even make it their source of income because of the advertisements that YouTube gets. No wonder why many people are creating their own YouTube Channel and upload all kinds of videos, from music videos to product reviews, to vlogs, video of all sorts. As a YouTuber, as most people on the internet call them, it is hard to lose all the videos on a YouTube channel due to accidental deletion. Not only the time spent making that video gone, but also the potential of losing subscribers. But before worrying, read on to learn different ways to recover deleted YouTube videos so as to get back the videos.

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Recover Deleted YouTube Videos Using an Archiving Website

There are multiple ways to recover, deleted or lost YouTube videos. One is by using the URL of the deleted video and using an archiving website to recover it. Here are the detailed steps to recover deleted YouTube videos with URL.

Step 1 Get the video link

Go to YouTube's official website and log in to your account. There, look for the email about your videos, look for the data of the deleted videos. After you opened the right email, look for the URL of the video, and copy it.

log-in to youtube

Step 2 Go to the Archiving Website and paste the video link

Open another tab and open , from the homepage, type in "" on the search bar. Next, paste the video link you copied earlier to the search box and click "browse history".

paste the link

Step 3 Click the Exact Date

Once the browsing history is on the screen, click the date when you uploaded the video that you want. All the videos that were uploaded on that date will appear, now choose the right video and download it to restore the removed video.

select the video

If you have the YouTube video URL, you can download deleted YouTube video with the help of a video downloader software.

Use Disk Recovery to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos

If the mentioned steps above is somewhat complicated to understand, you can always use a recovery tool to restore any deleted video from your PC. Even if the video has long been deleted from your PC device, recovery tools can still recover deleted YouTube videos. AceThinker Disk Recovery is the perfect tool to recover lost or deleted YouTube videos. It is a simple yet powerful tool that can restore lost videos in a short amount of time. Here are the steps on how to recover deleted YouTube videos using AceThinker Disk Recovery.

Step 1 Download the recovery tool

First of all, you can click the download button below to get the right version of this YouTube video recovery tool according to the operating system you're using. Once the downloading and installation are done, launch the program.

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Step 2 Select the Videos option

The software interface is as below. Since you're looking for a video, simply click the "Videos" option and click "Next" to proceed.

recover youtube videos wit disk recovery

Step 3 Scan the PC device and restore the video

Next is to choose the location that the tool will scan, click "Recycle Bin" since the video has been deleted from the PC and click "Next" to start the scan, the scan will take a few minutes depending on the volume of deleted items and will notify once done. After the scan, the list of recovered videos from the recycle bin will appear and just choose the right video that you need and click "Recover" to choose where to save the video.

choose the location

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Retrieve YouTube Videos with Backup

Backing up YouTube videos and other file is not commonly practiced by most PC users. However, over the years, this process proved to be beneficial for lots of users because they are sure to retrieve files in case something happens. This is also applicable for YouTube videos since nothing beats accidental deletion other than a good backup. There are plenty of ways to keep a copy of your backup, like storing them on a USB flash drive. Also, you can use a cloud storage service like Google Drive to store your YouTube videos just-in-case of an emergency.

backup videos

Contact YouTube Help Support

If things are not going as planned, and all methods failed, then you can seek help from the support team of YouTube itself. The website has a dedicated team who will answer queries and provide solutions, like retrieving YouTube videos. There are two ways to contact YouTube help support, and one of them is by sending an email. Get the email address of the YouTube support desk and raise your concerns to them via email. Another viable option is by calling their customer support hotline if you have the means.

youtube help support


If being a YouTuber is your passion, and source of income at the same time, it is devastating to lose the video you have on your channel due to accidental deletion. The worst-case scenario is that video is the one with the most number of views. On the other hand, it good to know that there are certain ways to recover deleted YouTube channel videos. There is the web-based approach with the use of a URL or link, and the easier and faster way which is using AceThinker Disk Recovery. This tool is indeed the perfect tool for your YouTube video recovery needs. It's also recommended that you download YouTube videos in case you can't find the video any more.

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Last updated on January 10, 2022

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